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Terribilis Est Locus Iste

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This Place is Terrible

Chocoatl is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor which is a requirement for the consumption of dimethyltriptamine to be orally effective. These components are ayahuasca and that is what the cult nxivm uses. Humans are a common source for dimethyltriptamine. Theres a freshness time limit for human derived DMT where adrenochrome is apparently infinitely storeable.

This is directly relative to adrenochrome. Ever wonder why the elites are obsessed with real chocolate? Now you know, too.


It is not coincident to see cocoa prices faltering since Trump, Q and the whitehats began gearing up attacks on the epstein/maxwell childporn ring. The media is hellbent to make it look like a sex ring. It isn’t. It’s a satanic pedophile blood drinking adrenochrome network that goes way back to the satanic panic of the 80’s and beyond.

The shocking clincher; Amazing Polly figures Les Wexner IS Micheal Aquino, possibly, maybe.

I used to think I was atheist. But how could anyone not be against this evil empire that farms children from kidnapped women to then torture them for their adrenochrome and sell it to rich assholes who know its a fountain of youth serum. Like Phillip.

There is a conundrum in the world right now regarding the catholic churches burning around the world.


It’s a bit like orwellian doublespeak here because the Vatican is a huge cornerstone of this evil empire globalist bankster cabal that IS the satanic childstealing pedo sex blackmailing mossad operation. So, cry me a river when I see the churches burning down right? Don’t forget that Obama’s Michealle was watching Notre Dame burning not too long before these ones (11 in 2 months mid may to mid july).

It’s obvious to me that communists are destroying the statues but maybe those are also representatives of the satanic network. The qanon thing is very interesting since all this is unfolding.

When I discovered Q I thought it was disinformation. I had never actually watched the Plan to Save the World until recently because someone said JFK Junior was still alive and was actually narrating this video.

I will wholeheartedly join with anyone who says this. I love the idea that this evil empire is about to be defeated. I want to join the fight TBH. Where the hale do I sign up?


Fuk them, is how I see it. Why are we cooperating with any of it?


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