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IPO of the Number of the Beast?

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An article from the internet caught my attention.

This corporation is related to the Digital Angel Corp. which may or may not have been the parent of Verichip. As biblical prophecies like this come to light I can’t help wonder whether perhaps they are scripts as in programmers script like Javascript. Are the roots of this human chipping experiment even deeper than Revelation 13. Scripture that has yet to come to pass and that is prophesied. An End not so much foreseen as steered towards that can also be supported by channeled belief is not only desired but also possible. If they can control what we think we believe then that belief can cause change over time that furthers their control of what we think. A recursive loop. Dedicated to an end goal. Our plan is so pathetic compared to theirs. We wait for a messiah while they build up an unstoppable technocracy. I pity the human doings we are producing now. Our future is bleak.

The problem is our human potential. Their problem and our problem. Theirs because they can’t contain people who are of higher and maximized potential and ours because we want to achieve that and generally can’t. Theirs because smart people can potentially see what they are doing and ours because we generally can’t see what they are doing. That’s where their attacks against us are aimed and that is what we need to reclaim. Invent some mind virus that undermines their ability to hide along with some new financial system based on human potential and free education for anyone that contributes. When our bread and butter is based on what we can do for a society that rewards us with more potential then civilization will flourish. Then it would all be worth it, we would be worthy and life would be worth living. As it stands I’m not so sure.

I am quite certain the stock in this company is going up so is it wrong to take advantage of this knowledge. No. They do it. All the time. Occasionally a scandal breaks and a tentacle of the octopus stirs up some froth. Like Enron. Heres the link I found when trying to find the book The Octopus.

If Iron Maiden‘s the Number of the Beast and Two Minutes to Midnight are the current themes we got to watch out because their next big hit was Bring Your Daughter to the Sacrifice.

Any one corporation that makes the claim that it can make a billion dollars in its initial year either knows something you don’t or knows something else you don’t and it’s assured all the contracts in the future because of this initial financial monopoly. There is no other name for the operator of the devils business any regulation manipulation is desirable and possible if not already set up. So morality aside here is a company thats going to make a gazillion dollars and your opportunity to cash in on it is timely. It only IPO’d last month.

If they have no trouble getting cash why are they going on the market? Maybe to distract us? To keep their con going where we are allowed to buy into it thinking we’ll get a piece of the action? I wonder.

Or maybe its a giant satanic multigenerational experiment designed to see if we can produce an antichrist out of our own fears.

Time will tell. Soon. Until then check your business dealings with the question, “Are you a reptile?” and don’t tip unless you learn something.)


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  1. […] See the news at Verichip the first one being the glucose monitoring chip and the second being the Nasdaq reply – indicating the shortage of investors ;). I guess not too many people read my article IPO of the Number of the Beast. […]

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