What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Ego Egregore …set?

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The (Ego is Egregore) idea explains a lot of anomalies for me. All those reasons that were never explained properly to my inquisitiveness can now be used as support for my new theory. In another light you could say that I am scrying for peer review, prove that I am wrong to your own satisfaction. Beware of the limits that you impose upon yourself and the deflection imposed on you by others. There is a cause to your ignorance and Bruce Lee knew it too. I could write an entire article on the things you need to look out for. So, if I am wrong I need to know. Everyones time is important.

To know the depth width and breadth of the conspiracy is entirely impossible. The branches are all juicy. And the misinfo is in. The media has stepped up the assault on us incrementally since it’s inception – as if it was created with a knowing purpose. Edward Bernays is a clue along with Memetics and the entire Counter-Culture, Tavistock and Stanford. UFOs and Satanism, their ideas, are so well developed they are hard to analyze. Bernays is just another iteration of something that Goebbels was also. Another indication of the far, far, far reaching plan.

There are switches inside of us. Switches that can be operated externally so we can be exploited and used. The broken foundation of our civilization is there. Fear is the most obvious switch, but there are many more.

Before we are born our parents are already affecting us. What they ate made us too. Especially the mother. So I might add that I hope they weren’t bad. If they were politically active or in prison are both strikes against your future spiritual well being. The assault on humanity may have affected your parents ability to produce offspring, but if you were lucky your parents were connected or informed in some way.

So out you popped. Screaming.

That magic is real can be expressed in a babies cry. Try it. You first need to know what it is you want. Then let ‘er rip. I don’t know if that was magic that they were after at the Esalen Institute, but a video I watched showed some mighty strange and similar behaviour. Anyways if you keep it up eventually someone will come to take care of you. Don’t miss what I’m saying. The truth is like a finger pointing away to the moon. If you only look at the finger you’ll miss all of the heavenly glory.

The very first mind control is about how we get brought into the world. The spanking, the gawking and mummy hugging, the booboodada cooing and some scary people too. This is when is human being. How long it goes on for is always different but usually the kid comes around. And this is the peer control. This point which Don Juan refers to and where even Einstein imbibed his mother’s milk. Our labels are heavy weighted anchors. But by far the singlemost detrimental factor is vaccination. Mercury (videos) is a heavy metal that happens to do permanent damage immediatley to the nerves.

Would it pay to go back in time and tell your mum how to program humans? Wouldn’t matter anyways – she is preinclined to do what comes naturally like survive and eat and work and feed the baby and worry, worry, worry about where’s the money. Especially now-a-days since she’s been told to get rid of her boyfriend or husband and give it a go all by herself. It’s soon to be all about giving your kids up right away. It’s a Brave New World and 1984 is the old days already.

But that’s the them; the truth is all about you. Your perspective. The perspective that is gathered and presented by your body to your self. Information gets filtered through your brain and after being labeled, fit into categorical containers and stored abstractly you are then able to make decisions based on those memories. Our sub-conscious handles the rest and it’s not lost. The purpose of flooding with information is to reinforce false memories – and this is where memetics comes in handy. Memetics to program egregores.

So, I think your-self is egregore. (You mamma is pretty hot tho hehe). Self is Ego – Ego is self and these are not body nor spirit. That’s the Trinity. People are body, spirit and Ego together. The spirit is immortal while the body is the mortal corpus. The Ego is egregore held together by the bodyspirit along with the collective force of the other Ego’s and other bodyspirit’s in their personal social network.

Is the obvious extension to the Ego, Egregore, … set? Gregarious. Thought I knew what that word meant. Sure seems like a right fit to me.

This is the 11th article in the series already. Sorry to post it here out of place but it’ll all work out in the end. I’m thinking about it but everytime I get too serious I get writers block. This one is in tune with now and so the last ten posts will be coming up shortly.


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