What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

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That iMusic is no longer on the plate for the future is one possibility of the current privacy battle. The Public vs. Music Industry battlefront is having a convulsion. A workable model was hijacked by Apple with the iPod system. The workable model being that the public is willing to pay a reasonable amount on a per song basis. The hijack being that Apple privatized it. Now you need the proprietary player to play any music you bought and the DRM infected files are useless otherwise. An ideal system would eliminate the middlemen, take my money and produce music. The internet is phasing out the need for old style factories to produce the distribution. We don’t even need warehouses, so the only workers left actually working are the musicians and programmers. All we’re seeing now are the dying throes of a hideous juggernaut. An egregore that needs to be exsanguinated. There was no democratic movement to bring it in there should be no democratic movement to get it out either.

The Music Industries immediate problem is how to not die. Their current base of control is fraudulent. Do I need to describe it? No. You know. Do you or did you ever really like the music that the radio stations always blare? Do you know why they always repeat the same songs over and over all the time with no letup throughout history? It’s about mind control, it always has been and you know that too. The convulsion is happening because the Music Industry can’t stand sharing. They are furious that they aren’t raking the top off that cake too. So the apparent act of giving in to the logical freedom of the standard of MP3 is a direct attack on Apple and the iPod way. It’s just a matter of time before they regroup and resume their assault on us. Here is eMusic. I just found it says it uses an Indie Business Model which just might be the system I like.

The book The Elixir and the Stone by Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh shows not only that the Music Industry is influenced and influencing us by Magick but that the origins of Rock and Roll is literally from the Voodoo. In the movie O Brother Where Art Thou some of the scenes mirror Robert Browns at the Baileys Crossroads. The myth goes down the same path as in the Devil Went Down to Georgia. The control connection is still secret but if you know the myth then you know the devil made the deal at the Baileys Crossroads. So it would strike one as connected when you see where the physical location of this Crossroads is in relation to the Whitehouse and Pentagon. So here a connection of mind controllers, music makers and magic users.

And from the Freemason on the layout:

Washington, DC A secret satanic plot revealed? Between 2/19/07 and now this link was removed. This juicy info from the bibliography;

What may be the first of these accusations appeared in “Freemasonry: [Is it] Satan’s Door to America?” by J. Edward Decker, founder and International Director of Saints Alive in Jesus, in his undated newsletter, Free the Masons Ministries, possibly printed in the late 1980s. This included a map of Washington. D.C., with a pentagram overlaid on the streets. In 1991, Ron Campbell, director of the Jeremiah Project, claimed that the four cornerstones of the District of Columbia, laid with Masonic ceremony in April of 1791, revealed a sinister conspiracy, and that the design of the city’s streets revealed Freemasonry’s “bizarre pagan beliefs.” Richard Hoagland, author of “The Monuments of Mars and other books on an alleged Masonic/NASA conspiracy, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan in his October 17, 1995 address to the Million Man March, David Bay, Director of Cutting Edge Ministries in N. Attleboro, Massachusetts and David Icke, among others, have all claimed that the street plan, or at least the architecture, of Washington DC proves a masonic conspiracy.

Some interesting thought branches off there.

Imagine if you will a collective idea that may have entire generations focussed on a shared goal. What is egregore? That which comes to life from collective idea. A concept that is so much more possible if we can grasp the other normally obtuse ideas of the collective unconscious, synchronicity and intent. Memetics is the study of Memes. Are egregores just really big memes? Are gargoyles a mind virus?

This egregore idea seems alot like a chicken and egg thing to me. Neither which first nor explanation. Did the Music Industry infrastructure appear overnight or is the current state the result of natural democratic process? It never evolved, see, because the democratic process is imposed from the outside. An innocent but dominant mind controller clinging to power or is it just the remnants of well laid old plan having too much steam left from its success to just fizzle away? Maybe we should just kill it to gain experience. There are many more egregores to be murdered before humanity can save itself. The big question now is – How?


Written by sugamari

March 16, 2007 at 8:26 pm

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