What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Questers Wave Theory

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The reasons for the existence of the UFO phenomena among other topics covered in this video: Terence McKenna – Shamanic Approaches to the UFO covers so many points it would be hard to summarize. I was shocked to rediscover his assertion early in the video about a subject that I’m on – Egregore. By not naming it by name even though coincidentally mentioning Synchronicity in the same statement I’m not dead certain it was egregore that he was talking about. He also brings up Collective Unconscious and more politically how the Scientific Dictatorship keeps the any and all parts of the truth under wraps. The Logos is also touched on later in the video which is also not mentioned by name. This guy can stand back to analyze from all sides and we can all learn from that. The good thing is most of his views are in the public record the bad of course that he won’t be contributing anymore. I don’t think there are any conspiracies surrounding Terence Mckenna or his death but he plays a lead role in this article. I mean his story should open this article as the footing from which to launch my next tirade.

Peter Robbins Presents ‘Orgone Energy, Wilhelm Reich and UFOs‘ 1 hour 10 mins or so. So, WOW! I’m seeing major connections from this video. Not the least of which the Fifth man may have been a woman. Einsteins Secretary! The whole Wilhelm Reich story is the part I’d like to put here in this blog or as much of it as we can.

Nikola Tesla also attracted the attention of the authorities was exploited by them and left to die in poverty. Anyone that knows the Tesla story knows his place in the universe and how it was questioned then to such an extent that his life was ruined. What I want to present in this article is the whole Tesla Story. The Missing Secrets Of Nikola Tesla – P: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Viktor Schauberger Great I was able to find the video I’m thinking about here – Extraordinary Nature of Water, Schauberger Water Vortex Nature Another amazing connection to the UFO story can be seen on examination of this whole story as well. The record shows a similar pattern from another time and place but still within our dimension. He knew and met Hitler, trusted him with phenomenal ideas and after having been betrayed and relegated to obscurity the focus became withholding the info from the public. His water implosion concept and vortex power ideas were heresy even then. His work proves several methods of free energy from water.

The story of David Bohm perfectly fits the context of this article and presents the state of the connection between physical and spiritual realities. His theories of Implicate Order and Fragmentation show a correlation between those normally mutually exclusive subjects. His work connects science and religion on levels that have yet to surface.

Royal Raymond Rife cured cancer and built a machine which the FDA also said was bunkum without proving while banning and confiscating like in communist countries.

Hans Jenny father of Cymatics studied wave phenomena. Just by that he must be included. You can see here a physical connection between shape and sound: resonance 2 3 4. Topping all this off is his claim that properly annunciated through his Tonograph machine an Ancient Hebrewic Aleph physically forms itself.

Here the Reubens Tube experiment shows another connection of sound and physical reality. Wave phenomena is where all the action behind the scenes is. What we see is nothing in comparison to what they know. Schlieren photography to Schumann resonance to Prandtl-Galauert Condensation to Bose-Einstein Condensation Wave phenomena are as engrained in our reality as gravity. There are even Gravity Wave theorists disturbing the status quo. Here’s the Hutchison Effect and John Hutchisons own website. Was this how the pyramid builders moved those impossibly large blocks? It’s the Angels Don’t Play this HAARP and E.L.F. stuff YOU need to worry about and the Chemtrails What is wrong with our skies? Global Warming, Peak Oil, Bird Flu, Mad Cow and all the Wars on Crime Poverty Disease Drugs and Terror are all invisible enemies that don’t even exist. The real war is on us and it always has been.

The Fibonacci Set plays as a big of a role in Elliot Wave Theory as it does in our physical reality. The Golden Rectangle and Golden Spiral more than just pleasing to the eye they are very magical. The Pentagram and the Golden Ratio are just other ways to envision the same phenomenon. When you see a graphical representation of the Fibonacci Sequence you might be witnessing the hand of God.

The Bible Code Theory is Fibonacci, Wave Theory and other patterns applied to the Kaballah. The movie Contact offers me an excellent opportunity to introduce Carl Sagan as well as the concept of the code in the hardware. I think that the Kaballah is as physical of a representation that man could have made of the Logos. And that the Bible is further mistranslation of that and filtered down even worse from the Babylonic split. Funny how the Davinci Code roots as shown in the book Holy Blood and the Holy Grail have such physical and geographical connections. See Henry Lincoln‘s exploration of Rennes-le-Château and area. Then, since we’re on the topic of giant leaps and amazing connections, look at Richard Hoaglands work on the Face on Mars and the Layout of Cydonia and comparisons to the layout of Washington, D.C. Michael Hoffman has a theory about Twilight Language and Mystical Topography about which I can’t seem to find much more than a hint of but that would play a leading role here. The Temple of Horus layout is the layout of a simple Computer CPU no uncertain modern artifact. The pyramid code and Carl Munck to the Atlantis Blueprint with Colin Wilson and Rand Flem-Ath show deep encoding. The video Secrets of the Incas – War Against Time shows the Nazca Lines and a gigantic hidden pyramid of a mass 3 times that of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Michael Tsarion has a video here – Subversive Use Of Occult Symbolism in the Media Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 In here I learn that it was Jack Parsons that designed the Pentagon. Of all people that is just downright bizarre. High priest of the Ordo Templi Orientis friends with L. Ron Hubbard and Aleister Crowley he was also an explosives expert and rocket pioneer. Co-founder of the JPL which changed its name from Jack Parsons Lab to Jet Propulsion Laboratories in order to keep the acronym. But the JPL themselves minimize his role significantly in their own history as recorded here.

And in the existence of ideas like these lies support for the programmability of our very reality. Now you as intelligent seeker are empowered to be a reality hacker. Try not to hack us out of existence.

Once you’ve gotten all of this in your head as one big picture I won’t have to explain anymore the theory ought to present itself.

So it seems I have the 5 pillars of reality pinned down to these: Synchronicity, Collective Unconscious, Prayer Power(includes intent, willpower and Will-to-Power), The Logos and Egregore. This means any individual can guide his/her own fate through the collective power of any god that his/her group believes in via the existing common, hardwired communication system. Implicate Order, Memetics and the Logos are some of the tools. This power is expressed in us all the time. The power of disbelief is the same as the power of belief thus when pitted one versus the other its the dominant will-power that counts which really has nothing to do with whatever the topic is. And the confusion in our world is an extension of this thought. Emotional loose cannons firing off gazillions of rounds a second. The Discover Interview: Marvin Minsky hints to this direction could our civilization be artificial? Are our limiting behaviors artificially imposed from outside. And if so then by whom? Marvin Minsky’s own website here.

(I am so thankful to the Thothweb here for turning us on to these videos. Google and YouTube for hosting and Wikipedia too for defining it all.)


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