What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Terrific Convergence

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So when I saw Dr. David Kelly in the media July 17, 2003 I knew right away that they were lying. Then as the real story attempted to come out it was forced back down yet again. Lies, lies and more lies and then came the Hutton Inquiry. Wow! What did you think of that? By this time I was beginning to conclude that the real conspiracy view of history was more than just authentic and Stranger Than Fiction but that the Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction too.

Our doubts about Dr Kelly’s suicide Guardian 2004

Paramedics query Kelly suicide Telegraph 2004

The David Kelly Story: Turning Murder into Suicide

July 17 in History

1763: John Jacob Astor Germany, richest man in US, banker/fur trader. – Nope no conspiracy there.

1934: Donald Sutherland Canada, actor (M*A*S*H, Body Snatchers). – Nope no conspiracy there.

1996: TWA Flight 800, a Boeing 747 bound for Paris, exploded and crashed off Long Island, N.Y., shortly after leaving John F. Kennedy International Airport. All 230 people aboard were killed. – Nope no conspiracy there.

1990: Hussein’s Revolutionary Day speech claims Kuwait stole oil from Iraq. – Nope no conspiracy there.

1989: Paul McCartney releases “This One”. – Nope no conspiracy there.

1984: Soyuz T-12 carries 3 cosmonauts to space station Salyut 7. – Nope no conspiracy there.

1980: Ronald Reagan formally accepts Republican nomination for president. – Nope no conspiracy there.

1976: 21st modern Olympic games opens in Montreal. – Nope no conspiracy there.

1974: John Lennon is ordered to leave the US within 60 days and killed December 8, 1980 a day after the anniversary of the Pearl Harbour attack. – Nope no conspiracy there.

1968: Beatle’s animated film “Yellow Submarine” premiers in London. – Nope no conspiracy there.

1959: Dr Leakey discovers oldest human skull (600,000 years old). – Nope no conspiracy there.

1955: Arco, Idaho becomes 1st US city lit by nuclear power – Nope no conspiracy there.

1955: Disneyland, created by Walt Disney, opens in Orange County, Anaheim, California. – Nope no conspiracy there.

1954: Construction begins on Disneyland. – Nope no conspiracy there.

1952: Jack Parsons dies at the age of 37 in a mysterious explosion in his home laboratory in Pasadena. – Nope no conspiracy there.

1946: Resistance leader Mikhailovich executed by Tito regime. – Nope no conspiracy there.

1945: Harry Truman, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin meet at the beginning of the Potsdam Conference, which will determine the details of the Allied occupation of Germany. – Nope no conspiracy there.

1944: Port Chicago Naval Magazine Explosion, 1944 California during an ammo shortage. 322 dead – Nope no conspiracy there.

Witnesses said that a brilliant white flash shot into the air, accompanied by a loud, sharp report. A column of smoke billowed from the pier, and fire glowed orange and yellow. Flashing like fireworks, smaller explosions went off in the cloud as it rose. Within six seconds, a deeper explosion erupted as the contents of the E.A. Bryan detonated in one massive explosion. The seismic shock wave was felt as far away as Boulder City, Nevada. The E.A. Bryan and the structures around the pier were completely disintegrated. A pillar of fire and smoke stretched over two miles into the sky above Port Chicago. The largest remaining pieces of the 7,200-ton ship were the size of a suitcase. A plane flying at 9,000 feet reported seeing chunks of white hot metal “as big as a house” flying past.

1917: The British royal family changed its name from the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor amid anti-German senitment during World War I. – Nope no conspiracy there.

1942: 3′ of rain falls on Pennsylvania, flooding kills 15. Estimated 87.5 cm (34.5″) of rainfall, Smethport, Pa. (state record) – Nope no conspiracy there.

1861: Congress authorizes paper money. – Nope no conspiracy there.

Revolution Day/National Day (1968) guess which country. – Nope no conspiracy there.

Constitution Day for which Korea? North and South? – Nope no conspiracy there.

I think we should declare this day an Interational Holiday in honour of Dr. David Kelly. We’ll call it Dr. Manchuria Day! Somebody ought to give him some credit. Wow! I thought Dr. David Kelly was a respected British scientist. So I find it strange that the BBC wouldn’t have noticed that he died on this day.

That’s alot like these other two British Journalist’s noted on this page here reporting on the collapse of the Solomon Brothers Building 20 minutes before it actually collapsed. When I watched this I remembered the story where FEMA was all set up for a major disaster the night before with hundreds of bodybags in a school near ground zero. That story was live on Art Bell shortly after. Oya, that reminds me of this site 9-11 Anomalies. And remember the Lone Gunmen Pilot episode aired March of 2001. You saw that right? Well maybe you ought to watch Terrorstorm then and Loose Change 2 or 77 Mind The Gap.

September 11 In History

1789: Alexander Hamilton was appointed the first Secretary of the Treasury.

1922: British mandate of Palestine begins.

1930: Stomboli volcano (Sicily) throws 2-ton basaltic rocks 2 miles.

1936: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt dedicated Boulder Dam (now Hoover Dam) in Nevada.

1941: Charles Lindbergh, charges “the British, the Jewish & the Roosevelt administration” are trying to get the US into WW II.

1941: Pentagon Ground Breaking
– Designer Jack Parsons Died on July 17 1952!
– Dec 7 1941 Pearl Harbor less than three months later was shown to have been an inside job. False flag operations were called for in the plan called Project For A New American Century. PNAC Check it out. Members included Rummy and Danger Dick. Not to mention Operation Northwoods.

1946: 1st mobile long-distance car-to-car telephone conversation

1960: The 17th Olympic games close in Rome

1962: The Beatles record their first songs for the music label EMI: “Love Me Do” and “P.S., I Love You.”

1964: George Harrison forms Mornyork Ltd music publishing company.

1967: US Surveyor 5 makes first chemical analysis of lunar material.

1971: Former Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev died at age 77.

1973: Chile’s Socialist president Salvador Allende dies during a military coup led by General Augusto Pinochet and supported by the United States.

1988: Peter Tosh reggae singer shot dead at 43 in Jamaica.

1998: The U.S. Congress releases the report of special prosecutor Kenneth Starr, which details President Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual misconduct and accuses the president of perjury and obstruction of justice. – And here is the synchronistic connection to Vincent Foster. Or signaturistic maybe.

2000: Freedom Speech Bush Sr. Quotes NWO!

2001: 911
Two hijacked commercial jets were crashed by terrorists into the north and south towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, causing the collapse of both towers. A short while later, another plane was crashed into the Pentagon, and fourth into a field near Shanksville, Pa.
Pentagon Rising From Ashes in 24/7 Repair Effort Phoenix Group coincidence.

I’m not sure if thats the same kind of complicity as Terry Nichols is pointing out but you know it’s related. You know it’s related because the company that was hired to clean up the mess in OK City was the same company that was hired to clean up the NY City disaster. Would you find it strange if that company was a DEMOLITIONS company(I got to check into this)?

Anyways, what I think you ought to know is Who Ordered the Assassination of Dr. David Kelly?

Vincent Walker Foster, Jr. (January 15, 1945 – July 20, 1993) fits right into this story. I think he got it inside the Whitehouse. Kenn Starr is like Lord Hutton: part of the Revelation of the Method. Fitzgerald who I thought was doing so well seems to be heading towards that class. He’ll have controlled the law aspect of Bush’s reign until the end and then declare it was all some kind of misunderstanding. Then after Temporary runs away to his retreat in South America, Deflectacutor will maybe make a little noise then quietly blend back into the environment. Then when the steams blown over he gets his Sir or Lord or Commander of the New World Order or more likely the next available Supreme Seat. Or maybe even a really good paying job like advising the Pope. (That has got to be the centuries most kick-assed rumour; Kissinger advising the Pope. Hahaha! OMFG!) Making headway is their motto. The end justifies the means I mean.

Is this Failure of the Public Trust another Revelation of the Method. That’s how that works. The issue gets all muddled by the media then the truth gets slipped in with the junk just as you’re dismissing it all as either too confusing or too stupid. If this Revelation is revealing anything its that we’re in for smooth times until shortly after the next president has taken the reigns of power. Surely Hillary in this scenario. Then whammo! A big unbelievable type of disaster, totally out of control and escalating of course from what we’ve had is going to be blamed on the current boogeyman. Then it’s Revelation 13 just like they plan. Then the plan calls for open borders and microchips for everyone then the vaccines and the prison camps. Then according to the Revelation of the Method an insider perhaps held up as an example is gonna get it and it will be even more obvious who was behind that. Then we’ll be so shocked by the government brutally murdering one guy that we failed to see that they just killed a hundred or a thousand or a hundred thousand times as many just a short time before. I guess that’s what Hoffman is saying. The truth is stranger than fiction. Art imitates life.

It’s They Live in The Nightmare on Elm Street in the Matrix or worse. While the Manchurian Candidate’s, the other Manchurian Candidate’s and the Candidate’s all live on or near Arlington Road all we get is The Omen about the Messenger From Hell. What the Bleep Do We Know about how Made Men use the Power of Altered States from the Serpent and the Rainbow to Close Encounters with the Third Kind? It’s the Wizard of Oz meets Forrest Gump in the Secret Garden while Waking Life discovers the Illusionist is real and there is a Sentinel. It’s Nowhere Man near as far as 16 Blocks or 9 1/2 Weeks. Neverland Not Only… But Also Exorcist Conspiracy Theory. The Philadelphia Experiment was The Arrival. All the President’s Men, Brotherhood of the Rose, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Brotherhood of the Raven and other Tear’s of the Sun it’s not the Enemy of the State. It’s Siege of Firebase Gloria and you’re It. You’re Gloria. Langoliers vs. the Believers. The Aliens aren’t Coming to America or even Enemy at the Gates. The Terrorstorm is an Invasion of the Body Snatchers and it’s more like the Hidden than Invaders from Mars or Taken. Not Dawn of the Dead or Day of the Dead but From Dusk Till Dawn and Army of Darkness. Think Poltergeist, The Ninth Gate and Prince of Darkness; the Devil’s Advocate can be a real Hellraiser. The Gods Must Be Crazy; it’s like Snakes on a Plane! We got to use Wisdom to change the Color of Money and put them Under Seige.

Mock my words.


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