What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

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So I’m nearly finished reading this book:

Satan’s Government by Michael Lucas and have a few things to say about it. First of all he admits his Cristian viewpoint, so there are a lot of assumptions made on the readers part and the authors part. For any kind of thorough analysis this viewpoint needs to be considered and it is a triumphant attempt at explaining the problem. This book offers an excellent insight as to how the psychology of religious deflection might work. There are points here where you can see that the author is limited in his exploration because of his belief that God is there and is going to do something. I wonder what this guy is up to right now? I may be wrong but I don’t think God is going to do anything. Especially resurrect his Son who probably isn’t even his and tell him to save our sorry asses.

I disagree with some points of the narrative. He insists on being the author which kind of sucks but I don’t want to criticize. I won’t share his view on the computer revolution perhaps because I am younger than him, know how to use them or know how they work even though I have found a satanic connection in the origins. My biggest problem of all is his “Jesus Blinder’s”. We have to motivate solvers to the problem, and waiting for that Messiah is going to get us all in trouble. And that is exactly the purpose of this memetic construct. While we wait they get the free upper hand. The Second Coming is as big a scam as any they pull on us. These players (the THEM in the conspiracy scenarios) operate invisibly at the forefront of time operating unhindered by the system which has us trapped in the past. Literally.

One of the major scams the government is pulling on us is by time-shifting the blame for their mistakes. Here is how it works: Lets say the government sterilizes certain people during the 1950s as part of a eugenics effort. This is obviously evil. But the perpetrators are never held to account. Fifty years later, the government pays out compensation to those who were sterilized. When the government pays out any money for anything, it eventually has to come from the taxpayer. So therefore the responsibility for the government’s mistake gets paid for by the taxpayer.

They cause change in accordance with their willpower (the definition of Magick by the way) that the masses cannot detect until some time has passed. Like the exposed breast at the previous Superbowl halftime show. Then if we want to cause any kind of change we are mired in the depths of bureaucracy. So, we are able to analyze until a problem presents itself, but any solution is wedged in time and until we (the Good) start acting on their plane (the players) by retaking control of the public reactive principles they will continue their unstoppable advance. In other words we got to plan to do good in the world and act on it even if it means war.

Here is another excerpt from the book:

We suppress the unhappiness and we may even resort to medical drugs to help us to cope, but this only suppresses the symptoms of the problem and does not deal with the cause, which is the simple fact that modern industrial technological life is deeply unfulfilling and destructive to the human spirit. The human spirit needs to be outside, surrounded by green plants, clear flowing water, and fresh air. The human spirit needs to feel unconditionally loved and accepted by family. The human spirit is crushed and destroyed by preoccupation with debt and money and office politics. The human spirit needs to feel regular sexual gratification free of guilt and shame. Life as it was to be in the garden of Eden prior to man’s fall from grace.

The Garden of Eden?!?!? Do you know where that is?

You people have got to wake up and try to remove your blinders. By no means do I assume that all of my blinders have been removed. There will always be room for newness. I regret having been spiritually set back and wonder if some of it is permanent. Start with fresh clean unadulterated human beings and let them be human with each other and observe their offspring after several generations. I assure you the natural state of beingness is good. That all humans are inherently good. Left to their own devices. We’ve been infected by civilization. A malevolent society is poisoning us if not the molders of civilization and modelers of society, as we call them, themselves. Why would I justify their existence by saying we need controls when its not even true. That’s what you say isn’t it? That we need controls? They say that. That and the ignorant masses need to be guided. And we believe them. And, they tell us, they deserve the position because they are the elite. What’s funny is that the we actually believe this. Is it just because we are the ignorant masses?

I’m concerned about the base requirements for any solution as they seem to need a complete destruction of civilization in order to come about. The point is that is also the end goal of the power elite. To understand where I’m coming from read Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. Actually now that I mention it you got to read that book because it is as accurate a prediction of the future as Orwell’s 1984. It’s the truth that Hitler wouldn’t have wanted to leak out before he was able to do it. The problem is that we would agree; we would jump into the fire to get enlightened. The crux of my problem is this then if people are so stupid as to help them build this immense machine of totalitarian slavery why would I concern myself with their future wellbeing. It’s one thing to be ignorant but it is stupid to be willfull about it. It amounts to involuntary manslaughter on all your parts. Hitler’s Germany was smiling with pride even though some knew that they would eventually need to perish to help purify the race. But wait, does reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion make us stupider or smarter? Does eating the apple from the garden of Eden set you free?

We are told that if we love this present world we are an enemy of God:

4 You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God? Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.

James 4:4

The above scripture tells us that we are not to put our faith in the system of this world.

Well I quote this to show the mistranslation possibilities. I see friendship with the world to maybe equal worship of the earth and that equals paganism which is an enemy of God. But the Catholic Church’s God. And we all know that Paganism didn’t write the bible or translate it. This script was written for anyone who might be thinking of defecting from the new religion of Christianity. And I suppose that “friends of the world” were not the ones burnt at the stake during the Inquisitions. He either has Jesus Blinders on or he’s lying which still cannot be ruled out.

This book is only intent on pointing out the total failure of our present system to address the needs of humanity, and to refocus the mind of the reader on God as the one and only source of salvation.

If the last bit there said – and to refocus the mind of the reader on solutions – then I would not have to warn you about his bias.

Therefore, the notion which has been propagated since the renaissance, that science is challenging the existence of God, is a Satanic concept, introduced to lead man away from God. And this concept in our day has its fulfillment in the notion that we either turn to God for answers or we turn to science. But even the most brilliant scientists, at the completion of their journey, will find God waiting for them at the end of the equation.

Yes it is a Satanic concept. Science does challenge the existence of God as it was supposed to, but wait-a-minute, I have personally established earlier that evil is suppressive and is earmarked by its non-proliferation of information. Anything that stops me from gaining my human potential is evil. Simple. And God is not a he or even any kind of monotheist. Sorry. Since secret societies, religions and cults main point of interest is always a trickle of information then they are all inherently evil. From my perspective anyways in case you needed to know it since I believe God is everything including myself. Cast no seriousness aside, God is far from rational and that is what makes Science it’s enemy. Science is grounded in rationality and by extension is limited to exploring only that which can be explained or might be explained. But what about the phenomena that is the unexplained? The so-called psychic mysteries that permeate our very civilization. UFO’s, Bigfoot, Chupacabras, the Mothman, Loch Ness Monster, it goes on and on. The pyramids, Stonehenge, Nazca Lines, Easter Island all physical mysteries. Or newer mysteries like electricity and electro-magnetism or look up Bose-Einstein Condensate. We seriously can’t explain half of the things we take for granted. Consciousness. Love. Life.

Whats indicative is the fact that the establishment is so established and the very mention of anything irrational can get you a lobotomy. Still. But I don’t think it’s irrational to think that the establishment may be so established because it has had many chances at reestablishing the establishment. In fact not to stray too far but after seeing the video on the Chaco Canyon Mystery I can see scientific evidence that this theory may be fact. And this other one about the Incas you may have seen already is about another mysteriously collapsed civilization. All seeming to have some kind of interconnected origins as if there were intercontinental passenger ships fifty thousand years ago. And there is proof which the scientific establishment denies.

I think irrationality is part of the creative spirit and needs to be nourished. Our multi-dimensional attention span is what is under attack and that’s where God can be found. And St. Michael. And Lucifer. And where angels, demons, fairies, leprechauns, self dribbling machine elves and maybe even aliens exist. The theory that the alien invasion is historically based and might originate on Earth might be supported by the experiments and observations of Straussman and his book DMT: The Spirit Molecule. They are working very hard to keep us from seeing any of this. Technology is advancing faster and faster.

Worlds Tiniest RFID Chips now in Dust Form.

Nick Begich; Are You a Manchurian Candidate?

When the mind is distracted on the conscious level by entertainment, then it relaxes its defenses, so that the subconscious portion of the mind is open to suggestion. This is the very basis of hypnosis – simple relaxation of the mental faculties.

Regarding the stuff that they can use to further enslave us, even the advance is advancing. Towards the Dec 23 2012 Mayan Calendar End of Time Date that some people speculate might be some kind of time machine anomaly fixation point singularity or something like that.

Who is behind this alien life promotion? While we are being made to believe that the government is hiding evidence of alien contact, I suggest that the opposite is the case – that the government has manufactured the alien story and wants us to believe that it is hiding evidence, in order to create interest in the subject and to set us up for the scam of the century.

I agree with this point too and the elite is behind it. I recently heard another alien theory. That the hollow moon (yes it rings like a bell for an hour or more when smacked with comets or experiments) is not only artificial but is an alien base. We can’t see the other side of it. Including the one in a billion chance that the moon would be naturally placed at the exact distance to perfectly obscure the sun during an eclipse there are more strange things about the moon than we even know. Who Built the Moon? Mars/Moon/Ancient Sites Connected

Once he’s done pointing the finger away towards God then he lays the next blame to the government. The invisible enemy signature of a mind control operation. Like the wars on crime, drugs and terror which can be seen to be psychological warfare. The establishment loves a patsy and in this case it’s the government. I agree wholeheartedly with his statement that the individuals serving this system are innocent – but I extend that with – until proven guilty because a lot of them do know. And another signature in the “pole” the guy obviously knows how to spell that. It looks like a purposeful mistake – another mind control tactic. The flags are getting red now.

But his conclusion is the ringer.

The author reminds the reader that when it comes to guns, as with taxes or any other laws, Christians are obliged to abide by the laws of the land, as the bible makes plain:

1 Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.

Rom 13:1

The author condems violence of any sort, including violent rebellion against the government.

The Bible states plainly that Christians are not to take any kind of violent course of action, but rather are expected to trust God to deliver them from the evil present order.

So, not only does he try to pacify his audience by insisting that God is going to do something like bring his son back from the past, but he is also stating here directly that the force of authority is not to be questioned. I gave the guy chances. There is no doubt now about the agenda of this author. The question is whose side is his God on? It’s just a psychological steam blow to pacify anyone who thinks no one else knows. A religious psy-op to confuse any Christian truthseekers who might be looking outside the bible for guidance. I know there are smart Christians but are they all corrupt?

This book needs to be read regardless just because of the ground he covers and some of the connections that he shows. Truthseeking is something that we all have in common and good people give information freely. The hidden agenda is something else that we are all a part of and when it comes to the conspiratorial view of history it’s dichotomy. Divide and conquer. A scene from the movie Made Men where the lead James Belushi goes on about choices helps show the confusion imposed naturally by false dichotomies.

What are Good and Evil?

And God said, “Let there be typing.”


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