What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Its Not So Bad We Can Hack It

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I have had a lot of arguments with my dad since way before I can even remember. Some won some lost. Sometimes he wins by aggression alone. The other day I blew my top because he dismissed out of hand my suggestion that the English might be drinking tea for no other reason than that it is high in Fluoride. Absolute nonsense he says and with a wave of his hand tried to end it. Maybe if he followed through with another idea or anything else at all I would’ve gone with it. But since he obviously doesn’t know where I’m coming from for the background I’ll make this post.

…on Fluoride. Here is a comprehensive open letter on this very subject. I could quote from it but its pretty complete.

Fluoride is found naturally all over the place but in small amounts. It doesn’t break down too easily similar to Nitrogen and is very hard to dispose of.

What is also freaky about fluoride is how gets absorbed from the soil into certain plants. Tobacco and Tea notably suck up more than the other plants do. A leading expert in the field is Dr. Joseph Mercola. The public opinion of Fluoride is not neutral; most people think it’s O.K. Nazi chemical giant I.G. Farben used it experimentally on their imprisoned Jews in WWII where it was also discovered to pacify. And since then the subversive use of Fluoride against the population has been increasing. I have to assume that there is an hidden agenda. How else to explain the crazy way it was introduced politically to the water supply everywhere. It was obviously mandated from above and most politicians obeyed without question. Every city and town that got Fluoridated got it from left field. It was a total surprise attack on an unwitting public and all with little or no repercussion. You know why? Pretty sly of them to distribute it first.

It also has efficacy as a flux. Two more secret words for the collection. Meaning in general that Fluoride helps other chemicals do alternative chemistry within the body with alternative results. Secret behind the scenes type stuff. Examples of the kinds of chemistry I’m referring to are seen in these two examples. Sodium Nitrate, found in packaged meat as a preservative, undergoes a chemical change after it has been consumed and turns into the carcinogenic Sodium Nitrite. Did you know that the chemical constituents of Aspartame are only safe to consume if it is NOT heated above 30 degrees. Beyond that aspartame changes or reacts into three distinct poisons. The mainstay for hypnosis is passivity so the reactions can even transcend the physical. Lead and aluminum are incriminated accomplices. Metals are known to impede spiritual growth.

Some factories producing Aluminum products were also producing massive piles of Fluoride and other chemical derivatives. These same people were already putting Aluminum Dioxide (Here is a recent Canadian patent for an antiperspirant – nope no aluminum there) in underarm deodorants and in toothpaste before they got our leaders feeding it to the public in the water supply. And, like Lead, Mercury and Aluminum, Fluoride is coming at us from multiple vectors. Lead is in our older piping and was in our fuel as an additive, the Mercury in vaccines is known as Thimerosal and Aluminum is in our cookware, canned beverages and underarm deodorants. Fluoride is disseminated though toothpaste, underarm deodorants and drinking water. If you get all the needed Iron required for normal function from cast Iron cookware then how much aluminum do you get that way. Alzheimer’s has always been associated with aluminum. An all out assault on our spirituality.

So after searching for Nick Begich I found out he is the President of the Lay Institute. News to me this. I thought it was a joke at first, finally a leader for so many Laycows! Well, it’s Lay as in Frito-Lay; corporate control on another blabbermouth. There are some great looking articles in there. I got to look into that site good now before I judge it. So, Dr. Leonard Horowitz isn’t the only scientist that might know any of this. Dr. Julian Whitaker has The Lowdown on Aspartame. A video, Sweet Misery, should be free to watch on the net somewhere. The gradual fight to get it out of water supply is slow to start New Mexico is the front runner in US … Mission Possible is probably the best activist point on the case. Now you know.

So if tea is one type of plant that absorbs the most fluoride and fluoride has been shown to have pacifying effects and the controlling elite manipulate their unwitting subjects through nefarious means and the oppression is older than the hills then how far of a cry is it.

And it’s all about the far cry.

The worst is way past that, and we can’t even imagine most of the stuff up to and including the far cry. I mean there is a point in all of us that stops believing and anything that has been said up to that point gets excluded with the whole thing. The engineered psychological slide effect is like an avalanche in some people. It was designed to take the whole meme down with it. People believe what they want to believe, whether that is good for them or not. The problem I have is that it’s not good for me. The people who are aggressive in their contention are actually focusing intent against an aberration they somehow perceive as a threat. And sometimes the effect is lasting. It’s magic. It’s powerful and like a ship with no captain at the helm it can be dangerous. It is totally out of control.

And here’s the idea that the energetic dynamics between people are mutually entrancing. The pin holding the matrix together. It may be that the EGO alone holds other EGOs to the agreed-to version of reality. This is the shell of the matrix. This is why the hermit monks are able to attain enlightenment when they seclude themselves away from civilizations and still others can be shocked into it. It’s why the elite like to hoard us into cities and keep us focused on living it up and having a good time. Satisfying the EGO is agenda number one with the Masons next to giving charitably to needy foundations. It can explain the overt homosexual agenda and the obvious degradation of moral standards from Holystaff – I mean Hollywood. Our education system is so broken it defies all explanations otherwise. The list goes on and on. If I said that’s why we got beer then that would make us all world’s biggest party poopers.

If culture is like an operating system then dichotomies are like memetic bits, memes are like primitive programs written in Logos which is like a programming language running in the Collective Unconscious which could very well be just like a computer. If you think I’m inventing this stuff; it’s not my idea it’s the truth. Culture as O.S. is from Terence Mckenna who claimed the same; it’s existing information. If Horus was Jesus, as some scholars speculate, then is this the temple of Jesus? Or is it just the layout of a CPU? And it’s not just a layout, it’s a computer activated by water. The Sphinx knows. I got to mention Hermes-Thoth, the Book of the Dead, the Temple of Solomon and the Holy Grail in this context all as articles of programming. Also figure in Da Vinci, Nostradamus, Einstien, Jung and Tesla and the other giants of science for having tapped into this existing information as the programmers. Programming us is as simple as controlling our culture and the memes in it.


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