What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Scrying for Shakin’ Makers

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The Virtual Reality movement had the steam taken out of it some how and the funders of science played a major role. Timothy Leary spent the last years of his life as the authority on V.R. and I consider it very coincidental that he was the leading authority on LSD back in the sixties, i.e. at the beginning of Consciousness Research. Terence Mckenna also died at precisely the prime time that he could have injected life into the movement. Another giant coincidence is the name of an ancient godlike serpent spelled backwards, Nagas, were the very reptilians he mentions as being us in his series Cosmos. I am at liberty to mention also James Burke and David Icke as notable and still living public figures connected to this article. And Chomsky and Minsky as more non-connected connections.

Alphaworld became Active Worlds around the end of the millenium. Blaxxun, Cosmo Player and Cortona sure are strange names for the major players considering the circumstances. I mean specifically that the Temple of the Sun, an occult order that was forced underground by the public outcry in the 20’s, and the Black Sun are Illuminati artifacts, conspiracy connections. The advances are still happening but much slower now than they were because there was funding initially. But as usual with breakthroughs of this nature the government might deem it necessary to black book it where the funding doesn’t stop but the public image disappears and the research goes underground. If that happened then who knows where the state of the technology really is. Just think of all the mind control applications they could make. Why would they want to keep that secret?

Since the VR movement was very quickly coming to be out of control the global elite had a big problem. It’s the missing link that we gamers are still plagued with to this day. Getting inside the game enough to be convinced that it is real; the new Turing Option. The scientists that would be working on this stuff need funding. To get it they have to submit proposals to government or other funding institutions so the funders know what they are working on. Not a far cry to assume they stopped funding because the proposed mechanic would reveal too much to the layperson about the thin fabric of reality that we wrap ourselves with.

Where virtual reality is concerned with giving away only so much to the user until he is convinced of the virtues being touted, reality converges on us in a bombardment of sensations which are then filtered down to manageable chunks of processable information. The VR field was moving in that direction too and would have made unimaginable leaps forward if those aforementioned giants of science didn’t die so early and the steering funders weren’t so concerned with the fate of the state.

The current state of VR is as stale as anything in the world of the almighty digit. The atrophy is intentional and the future is bleak. The internet as given to us was an outgrowth of a military requirement. It didn’t just evolve to what it is now. It was funded to be what it is. Is it so surprising to find the CIA in the roots of Google. The games still make progress. Breakthroughs happen at a steady rate but I’m suggesting that the growth is being slowed intentionally. Just because it would reveal too much liberating info to the masses.

Multiplayer Online Gaming is where V.R. progress has stalled due to commercialization. Now you get the Satanic theme of DOOM? The Sims phenonmenon was massive not-VR. The Second Life phenomenon is not-VR too. Another iteration of not-VR, World of Warcraft is huge in scale and playability. And the look of the upcoming SPORE is so impressive I’m literally scrying for more. But they are all still missing the immersion that doesn’t even seem to be under consideration any more. Like where did the drive go that made such great games as Operation Flashpoint, Battlefield and the ingenuity behind counter-Strike:Source. Game after game I could name and you would still find incomplete renditions of virtual reality. Where are all those crazy guys with the helmets and the head mounted displays? This reality won’t ever come now because the scientists have all left.

I bet you they are all working on Web2.0 and that is the focus of the new funding. Well that’s where all the action is anyways…


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