What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

The Effluent Society

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Dependence allows for the transfer of synergy from the people to the elite. Money buys financial independence, but true freedom cannot be bought. It is only in their interest that we see freedom as buyable. To slow them the most we just need to see freedom for what it really is: FREE! Then our chains of dependence will crumble. They like to fool us into thinking we’ve sold it or given it away so that when they take it from us we’ll think there is nothing to lose. They also let us give it to them so we can try to buy it back later. Then, when we no longer have it, they tell us that we do have it and if we don’t believe them just ask everyone else. Independence is their nemesis.

They guard against action by promoting passivity. The key to shucking the elite is our view of what we should do. The true power of humans is what we can do. The thing is we don’t until we’re forced to, but by then it’s usually playing into their hands. They know this and it’s their job to keep us busy, distracted and stultified so we can’t see who’s bidding is being done. The truth is in the act of goal setting. When we set goals, remain focused and believe in them then the world will push and guide you towards that goal. That is what synchronicity is about and that should explain my disdain for passivity when confronted with the agenda of the corporate community. They operate in this realm of goals, synchronicity and focused attention; the invisible world of the occult. We need to see their world like they see it and set goals in accordance to their schedule on their level, none of this “and the meek shall inherit the earth” crap. That is their line. Take control of your world by guarding against passivity.

There is another invisible world to talk about here and that is that of mind control. One of their terms is ‘slide’ referring to the avalanche that happens when certain words or phrases are mentioned. We all perceive it all the time. It even makes some peoples faces go red. Take invisible world for instance. Most peoples internal argument lasts about a trillionth of a second and they know at the end of it beyond a shadow of doubt that there is no such thing as an invisible world. Even if the next topic is about radar or atomic bombs or math. You would be surprised to know just how many of these words carry so much extra weight. That is extra weight that the global elite has to use in pushing us around and for controlling their control arms like the CIA. Anyways, there’s way too many invisible worlds to get all upset over this one or that one.

Magic is just another form of religion that is based in part on using ritual to focus goals and goal setting. The definition of Magick according to Aleister Crowley, self proclaimed – Antichrist, is “to cause change in accordance with the will” and that secret should not be free for all if you ask me. Hitler was big into magic too and it should be noted that he knew about the collective will. This war of good and evil is the war about control of our willpower, especially our collective willpower. Setting goals is only a part of the process, the force pushes everyone to the end good or evil and the only way to recognize your own path is your synchronicities. I’m banking on the idea that the goal will be met. This is what the Awakening or Archaic Revival is all about. We are perpetually becoming more aware of the “Great Work” and as such proportionally enabled to deal with it.

Unfortunately everyone is subjected to conditioning from the moment of birth.

“…the scientist makes use of a whole arsenal of concepts which he imbibed practically with his mother’s milk; and seldom if ever is he aware of the eternally problematic character of his concepts. He uses this conceptual material, or, speaking more exactly, these conceptual tools of thought, as something obviously, immutably given; something having an objective value of truth which is hardly even, and in any case not seriously, to be doubted.
…in the interests of science it is necessary over and over again to engage in the critique of these fundamental concepts, in order that we may not unconsciously be ruled by them.”
— Einstein 1969

This “arsenal of concepts” includes our language which I suspect may be a more important diversion than money or religion. In fact if you consider the world of the DMT experiencer as revealed by Rick Strassman the concepts of the Logos and Kabbalism carry much more weight than any words I can imagine. Noam Chomsky has proven that humans have language hardwired in their brains. Hans Jenny showed that, spoken correctly through his tonograph, the ancient hebrew letter number Aleph vibrates itself into exsistance. Not virgin territory this where language is reality. Magic and sound become. Waves and vibes interfere resonantly in harmonic convergences of creation and entropy through time and manifest in space. The hippies were right! This is where the actual creation of modern languages has become a limitation to our developement. We were once able to speak the language of the Logos but now we’re barely able to speak our own languages. This Logos thing is seriously four dimensional and you can get to it via DMT. I’ve seen it myself. It’s the subject of The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. To support my claim the man painted it during his stay at the Saint-Rémy asylum. This is what happens to people who drink Absinthe and try to get through the DMT-door.

And this is where I can tell you about the idea that those who can see the big picture are the sorriest souls around, because to us, I mean some of you, they look insane. Anyone who learns the truth is bound to try to tell someone – this is what modern psychology is really all about. The more one sees the truth the more alarmist he looks consequently appearing proportionally madder to the people that just aren’t ready to see it themselves yet. The louder you are the more they get to muck you up. Many mental illnesses are figments of mad psychiatrists delusions. The lesson of conspiracy theory – get on to the next subject. Terence Mckenna says, “Conspiracy theory is kindergarden for the amateur historian.” The importance of moving on is paramount to attaining the next level of enlightenment, because everything is a conspiracy and while you’re looking at them you’ll miss the fact that they have a GOAL! They are goals. If you have no goal then everything would look like a conspiracy, wouldn’t it?

But the deeper you dig the deeper the conspiracy gets there is just no way around that. Researchers like Father Malachi Martin have shown that satanism has infiltrated the Vatican. David Icke links satanism to the big money and Fritz Springmier links names to the big money. Then this big money gets linked to the abortion clinics and eugenics programs. You make the next link if you like, but hurry up they might be eating your family.

To take this to another level after hearing Icke describing the actions involved in satanic ritual abuse cases and the involvment of higher ups in the authority areas I began to wonder if there was more to sacrifice than is on the surface. I had an idea that perhaps they were getting something from consuming the flesh of their victims and drinking their blood. I thought maybe adrenaline. Yeah, adrenaline would give them a rush, hey? God awful thinking about this cesspool of evilness.

Anyways, further on I find out about DMT from Terence Mckenna. I read Strassman’s book and suddenly it dawns on me. This is what they are after in the blood of their victims – DMT. And it just so happens that there is an abundance of this chemical released during both of these critical moments of our lives – birth and death. So now I got to find out if they are eating other specific foods before dining on these people because dimethyltryptamine needs a monoamine oxidase inhibitor to be orally active. Chocolate is the link there. And there’s alot of big money in chocolate too so is it that far of a stretch? This theory is much more valid than my adrenaline idea because if it were just adrenaline then the act of sacrifice would be just for kicks. (Chilled monkey brains is a supporting anomaly). DMT is much more serious than that. I wonder if we showed them how to make it with plants if it would help. Can you say ayahuasca?

“We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or men of science.”
–Rockefeller’s General Education Board (1906)

We are the ultimate ends of our own will-power but for one thing…they are still doing everything in their powers to control us. They’ve always had this knowledge and through their control arms were able to suppress anyone that knew about it initially by destroying them and later by complicating the simplest of issues and controlling any impertinant clues. In other words they needed an inquisition or two, a policy of hoarding arcane occult knowledge and the power to destroy any and all who opposed their views. They formed the church and created the scientific peer review, money and usary to control any and all who could be bought. They invented the Nobel prize system to steal credit for their members in a legitimate way. Then it contorted and eventually fabricated our history. Later still it spawned the media and with it mind manipulation for the masses. The suppression of knowledge from the three attempts at destroying the infamous Library of Alexandria through the Papal, Spanish, Roman and Mexican Inquisitions to the present Modern Inquisition is evidence of an unending search for a certain type of individual. See if you’re IT

And if you are perhaps you need a big dose of expensive pharmaceuticals:

Drugs and Doctors May be the Leading Cause of Death in U.S. by Joseph Mercola, D.O. It only just begins there. They have us Eating Our Own Life Force Away unwittingly. I’d rather see “Diets of the Rich and Famous” on television. You can be sure they don’t eat the same crap they feed us. Aspartame, Monosodium Glutamate, and Fluoride affect neurotransmitters in our brains specifically dopamine and acetylcholine that are known to be involved with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Carageenan, nitrates and the growth hormones in milk are legal additives that are seriously killing us. Heavy metals like lead and mercury and aluminum are part of our standard diets. But it’s the sugars that are doing us the most harm because of our dietary schedule. Potatoes and noodles and breads are converted to glutens very quickly. The glutens are like neurotransmitters themselves but tend to kill the nerve endings by overstimulation. We’ve been eating these safe foods for years trusting our government and they lied. They are trying to cover their butts just now too admitting that they were wrong but expecting the public to swallow the next one.

From controlling the additives in the food we eat to poisoning us from birth they will stop at nothing in their pursuit because they too are the ultimate ends of some kind of willpower, collective or otherwise. One of their goals is to suppress, oppress or repress any or all of us. I don’t suppose that this could be the reason you were unhappy as a teenager, or that your kids are?

“The understandings of the greater part of men are necessarily formed by their ordinary employments. The man whose life is spent in performing a few simple operations . . . has no occasion to exert his understanding . . . He generally becomes as stupid and ignorant as it is possible for a human creature to become.” Adam Smith

This agenda is thousands of years old. The strength of the goal is somehow stronger than you can imagine. Seething synergy controlling our collective mind to focus our own willpower against our perception of their machinations – this is their art, science and magic.

Do they have unimaginable levels of control over us that we cannot comprehend? Is the inability to comprehend this the direct result of their manipulation of our education system? Or the result of years and years of dietary controls and influences? Is our blindness to do with the monetary system? Or our cultural belief system? Are we in a eugenics program right now? Are our average lifespans actually shorter now than they would be naturally? Do we have to be spiritually suppressed like this for civilization to evolve?

Or is civilization itself the bane of mankind?


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  1. Woah. Dude. This is even better than I thought it would be. Now I want to shape up, get balanced and get off meds if I can someday. What a mindfuck this world is!!! I don’t know how much of this I can read in one sitting. I feel excited but slightly anxious. I feel as if the process of taking this all in is exciting centres of my brain and the meds are scrambling to control it. All that “crazy” shit I was spouting when I first became manic was TRUE. We’re not crazy… the world is crazy!!!

    Rob Bartholomew

    May 22, 2007 at 3:36 pm

  2. Fascinating site. Opens my mind. WOW


    March 29, 2008 at 9:26 pm

  3. EXCELLENT article


    June 11, 2008 at 5:09 pm

  4. QRTheEffluentSocietyPost


    January 8, 2011 at 10:27 am

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