What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

All Your History Are Belong To Us

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They knew water was on Mars. We’ve known it. I knew it.

NASA knew it. Just now they are publicly discovering water on Mars. If that is true then the scientists at NASA all suck. Somehow I doubt that. So that leaves – they must be lying – as the only justifiable reason that they never noticed water on Mars. Because we all knew there was water on Mars. Our whole Science Fiction genre was started by the leaking of that information. Why do they lie?

All the Mystery Locations like Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid and the newly discovered Temple of the Sun under a hill in Bosnia – a replica of the Temple of the Sun in Mexico are connected multidimensionally. The Atlantis Blueprint shows the tip of the iceburg of what I mean. The Piri Reis map as presented by Graham Hancock in the Fingerprints of the Gods is a relic of the Library of Alexandria. John Anthony West is another awesome researcher who knows about Egypt and shows great history and connections in his work. Von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin are also important in this context. As are Jose Arguelles, Thor Heyerdahl and even David Icke. Then there is Hoagland, Bearden and Hutchison. The astrological and calendrical aspects of all the ancient monuments indicate a huge degree of knowledge that goes totally ignored in mainstream science. Crowley, Blavatsky and Gurdjieff all got their knowledge from this singular source. Michael Hoffman has some great articles to fit in here and Etemenanki has an huge archive loaded with information. And this is just my point of view; all these perspectives are bits of the truth.

This is Jose Arguelles:

First important question: Who decided, or who’s deciding, how we relate to time? The biggest answers include Rome, the Vatican, and the government, institutions that I’ve come to be weary of.

Next question: How tied is our perception of time to our perception of everything else? This one is tough. The issue of time has been spinning in my head enough that I intuitively know it’s an important issue. But when I fully try to dissect how my perception of time affects my general perception, I get sucked so far back into my own mind that I arrive in brain seizure territory, which is evidence, to me, that time is very central to my experience of mind. I also know that my perceptions of where I am in my evolution, and where humanity is in its evolution, play a central role in my ability to make decisions on a daily basis. I believe this is also true for our collective social consciousness.

Next question: How much can a calendar affect our perception of time? Theoretically, the Gregorian calendar is imposed over natural cycles, which minimizes our ability to see natural cycles. It is designed for material functionality (following the season’s and the work week), but it keeps us from seeing the full cyclical nature of time, which keeps us… muddled. Basically, if we’re on Rome’s clock, we’re locked into a material way of seeing time, and no amount of activism will keep us from slipping back into materialism until we switch to a calendar that’s designed to promote sustainability.

Final question: Are the people at this conference onto something? Just maybe. Many people, including accomplished activists and artists, have told me that all will clarify once I start following the Mayan calendar. They say it clued them into all kinds of patterns they had missed before. Some said it helped them come into “synch” with life. To paraphrase: This is a high-end meme.

Talking about frequency and how it can affect us. How much of the conspiracy is self reinforcing? Do you know that most of your household electrical devices, especially lights and television are tuned to 60 kHz. In this light only does this ring significant? That the programmers of reality might be tuning us to a false signal is a no longer a question so, I agree with the Arguelles campain to shift the global consciousness through the adoption of the 13 Moon Calendar. Specifically, a change from the 12:60 frequency to 13:20 would cause a shift in perception that in turn would change the zeitgeist and the weltanshauung.

What else do we do about it? Like Mckenna says live as exemplars. Ambassadors of the future. Because this particular change (the Archaic Revival) will never be mandated from above. We are the grassroots. Every little bit counts. And the way I see it we can cause some major league change if we really try. I mean if we can literally converse apart the matrix then local change should be a cakewalk.

“The truth is like a finger pointing away to the moon.
If you can only see the finger you will miss all the heavenly glory,”
Bruce Lee.

They are petrified of our potential. Why else would they be poisoning us from birth with vaccinations and then controlling our education to produce working stiffs and not thinking people and then filling our lives thereafter with business and bureaucracy then mortgaging us and charging interest on the priviledge while pacifying us with fluoride and beer and drugs and sex and rock and roll. Feeding us Vegetables Without Vitamins, IGH(super growth hormone additive to milk), Sodium Nitrate/Nitrite(in packaged meats), Aluminum (cookware, toothpaste, underarm deodorant and cans), Monosodium Glutamate and Aspartame and these are just the poisons that we can see. Poisons designed to limit us but not kill us because a dead consumer can only be taxed once.

It’s also about perception. Control of the media, music and movie industries is obvious, but education is their crown jewel. Peer pressure is the strongest form of mind control and it is the collectiveness of human potential that is so petrifying to them.

“We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or men of science.”
–Rockefeller’s General Education Board (1906)

Imagine a world where human potential is maximized. This is why they are afraid that we might find out the truth. Then they’d be faced with a gazillion pissed off Bruce Lee’s angrier than hornets all coming after them because they tried limiting their potential.

“A good martial artist is not tense but ready.
Not thinking nor dreaming.
Ready for whatever may come.
When my enemy expand, I contract.
When my enemy contract, I expand.
And whenever an opportunity expresses itself,
I do not hit. It hits all by itself.”

This is another contention with all the religions I’m finding is the idea that man is god.

God is everything. And also we humans have godly potential. And not just Luciferian. I think Christ is a mistranslation for the godlike human potential I’m talking about. Not that Jesus didn’t exist but that he was just another guy like any of us who reached his potential; any of us sons and daughters of God could be Christ. The church has limited it’s members potential by telling them that He is not them when the truth is anyone can be Christ. That’s why Jesus loves you – He is you.


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