What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Secret Caves Hidden on Mars Agenda

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It’s in the words. The truth is I mean. The truth is in the words. I mean they tell us the truth all the time but we are so blind and ignorant and stupid that we just don’t get it. It’s precisely because we allow any non-truth to exist that it proliferates.

Biblethumper or not, in the beginning was the WORD. And the Word was good.

And this is the Logos. The best way to describe it is it’s a programming language that runs on the Universe Operating System. But not like any language we know or presume to be able to know. It is indescribable in our languages. We can hint at it and drive towards it but a description will always elude us. The Bible, the Kabbalah, the Torah, the I-Ching, the Tarot come from the Logos which was meant to be used. And in its use is its description. Creativity and Love are articles of energy that affect the way the Logos runs. The Law of Attraction is more David Ickes Biggest Secret than Oprahs. You can apply all of these tools to your own personal freedom. That is if you have made it this far without becoming a total automaton. Then with practice you can become a great Logos shaker like Madonna, Prince or Michael Jackson. Or a great Logos Maker like Aleister Crowley, Albert Pike or Jack Parsons.

Our languages have been separated purposefully – they tell us this in the history of Babylon. God came down, they said, and struck the many languages – Boom! Just like that. I could never get my head around that piece of work – until now. Now I can see a bunch of these THEM sitting around refining-refining-refining their plan. And Babylon was just one of their significant meetings. I also see now why Goro Adachi shows his symbolical connections to real events. They use the Logos. Mystery, Babylon the Great, Labour of the Sun and the Endgame Series are most significant articles.

So on re-reading his stuff I think about how easy it would be for them. If they shuttled us planet to planet time and again with as little as two thousand years between times they could easily make us forget we were ever on the other planet. Now with the news of Caves on Mars so close on the heels of the immense water finds on Mars is like them playing out a carefully scripted plan. The new going to the moon campaign and the new cold war and the new age hippie movement are parts of the age old plan we’ve seen before. Three step plan for easy manipulation. A complicated Problem-Reaction-Solution mind control game. Another triage of deflection.

Here is a movie I found through Michael Tsarions Blog that shows how the corruption works as clearly as an insider could have put it. This movie describes the long running plan. If you subscribe to the conspiracy view of history then you might find this account presents an acceptable version of the immortal hidden agenda. One that most of us can wrap our minds around anyways.

Brotherhood of the Bell: 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11

Very interesting old movie this. Like the Skulls on the same subject. I was a little put off by the sound and that delta drone ticking sound coupled with the sensitivity of the issue and the time of the release made me wary of mind control (wooweeoo) psyops. The movie is a classic in the sense that you just don’t get to see some of these things at all. Not to spoil it but an old man beating the crap out of another old man is just so rare that if it wasn’t so sad it would be hilarious. And the woman with the gun shooting an innocent trespasser was creepy too. But the real kicker I thought was the TV interview with the Bellsman (what was his name? Art? Articulus) and the guests in the red box. The Delphi Technique in action. It looks a lot like Revelation of the Method to me too.

1984 Starring William Hurt (who is also in Altered States) has a CBE acting in it. Richard Burton later becomes an outspoken critic of the establishment and, oops, dies of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Mythology, Symbology and the occult are Michael Tsarions specialty.
Hyperdimensional Physics is Richard Hoaglands specialty.
Mystical Toponomy and Twilight Language are Michael Hoffmans specialty.
Want to know what Michael Hoffman is about? Watch this 6 min video to see some of what he researches revisionistly. If he is in a group it’s amongst these men Noam Chomsky, Henry Makow and Michel Chossudovsky.

Here is a critical review of They Live and the infamous They Live Fight Scene but I can’t seem to find that mashup I just saw…but I did find this haha! Bush Lives Too. Audio: Glasses from They Live let you see them.

George Carlin: Owners of this Country Give Us the Suicide Channel
Bill Hicks: Last Interview Counts of the Netherworld


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