What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Get Your Bullshit Detector Repaired

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Just because a source is full of shit does not mean that they are lying. Most of us are unwitting dupes, scapegoats and patsies that haven’t a clue about what is really going on and still don’t know who the sucker is. Well, it’s still you. Our incoming information is from people that are connected to other people. Who are these people? Who do they know? Who is paying them? Who are they associated with? What are they saying? And why are they saying it? Are the basic questions to ask of every source of information. You have to know it’s war. There are no prisoners.

The techniques of mind manipulation are numerous. The Delphi Method is pretty mainstream for organizational behavior. It’s recently occurred to me that the game of Monopoly may be a psychological foundation stone for the money/debt reality we have now. It came at us around the same time as the Federal Reserve did. The main ways for them to control the population is to have talking heads.

Michael – hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, OMG! He isn’t even funny. I’m still laughing though. And so is he. A sucker born every millisecond, hey Michael? His next movie supposedly about the pharmaceutical industry will surely toe the party line as well.

The party line here is that of American Imperialism. When these people say anything about any one person being responsible for 911 – or even any one government – are lying. All of them either don’t know they are touting misinformation or are doing it knowingly. Even so, Aaron Russo seems pretty legit to me. The interview he gives Alex Jones is pretty clear. Historic Interview with Aaron Russo, Fighting Cancer and the New World Order. There are some things he mentions that needs to be questioned. He assumes everyone gets God given rights. He isn’t the only one to assume that. And that is a party line on one level.

I agree with him when he says democracy is a scam. Fifty one percent ruling the other 49 is not freedom, it’s mob rule. Going a gigantic leap forward, made possible by realizing the satanic nature of the conspiracy, I can see the root of democracy as being demonic. Noam Chomsky is the leading expert in the field of linguistics and also a leader of the American Imperialism party line. I wonder what he would say about this – Demonic Technocracy.

We assume the need for government. So do the elite. I wonder about this. Another thing Russo mentions. I like his focus on the banksters and how he limits his discussion to his perspective, but if the Americans rise up to the problem while the rest of the world is fighting them what do you think is going to happen. America is destined to collapse and you and me and everyone else are going to play right into it. The Real Face of The European Union (EU) shows indirectly the Amero and the American Union is one end result we are all playing into now.

Nine-eleven is a small percentage of the truth. The man hours wasted on this little slice are unrecoverable. How many truthers equate 911-77-bali-311-OKC? How many truthers know that the world expert anti-terrorist was killed there? How many truthers know it’s right across the street from a statue of Prometheus in front of the UN HQ? How many truthers know how far the only statue of Satan in the world was from 311? Or that Jack Parsons designed the Pentagon and the groundbreaking date? What about the dead microbiologists since 911? Is Frank Olsen on that list too and is it retroactive?

Alex Jones, of Infowars and Prison Planet, is so outspoken and well known is stirring the anti-American Imperialist pot. Does he know he is playing into their hands? Alex says these nasty aids givers are running around doing evil. The message I get from him is uprise. That is what they want us to do. At least think about it first.

Radio Hosts like Jeff Rense, Art Bell and Alex Jones are easy to peg. But others like David Icke, Henry Makow and Noam Chomsky are much harder to place. Bush, Ahmadinejad and even Spiderman are giving the horned goat hand signal. Chavez, who has moved his whole country to socialism overnight a few days ago, holds up Noam Chomsky as a heroic anti-American Imperialist. Which side are these guys on, good or evil? You ought to know before you follow them anywhere.

Thanks to Henry for this Dutch Documentary on US Foreign Policy and The Real Face of The European Union (EU) and this latest article which appeared as I was writing this entry – Mightier than the nuclear bomb, the most powerful weapon on earth is the Lie.

SRI and the Manufacturing of the New Age: Part One don’t forget to read part 2 and three and also download this pdf book from Stanford which could be a real prize. He shows some scary connections on this blog, but is he full of shit? I hope so. Alone this seems like a too far reaching plan but this is only a tentacle of the real plan. It is just another arm of the establishment.

He doesn’t mention either Terence Mckenna or Carlos Castaneda even though they were the biggest players in the new age movement and they were both connected to this SRI thing. Maybe it’s coming up or he’s having as hard of a time pegging them as I am.

Well, it’s easy to detect the bullshit now. You’re in a sea of it. So, what is it then that they are showing, our gullibility?


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