What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Who is Killing Our Bees?

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The bees are dying from the same thing the birds are dying of. All we see in the news is what they want us to see and they don’t want us to see the chemtrails killing the bees or the birds. Because would we let them kill Us if we knew?

Colony Collapse Disorder

Europe: Do you know how long we can live without bees?

US: Mysterious disappearance of bees CBS News Story on Bees

UK: Flowers and fruit crops facing disaster as disease kills off bees.

For causes, so far all I’m seeing is smoke. A blow-op. Smoke up our asses.

The school books are now telling our kids about chemtrails as if it’s common knowledge. Seems a bit direct to me. A bit rude even. How did we miss that?

The Register says it could be cell phones. CTV says it too obviously someone is suggesting that to them. I believe it. But that is not the end of it. Perhaps the beginning of the end though. Beginning of our end.

The latest scary rumor I heard was that Putin is behind it. Well that just muddies it, but it could be. It could be the result of scalar electromagnetic weaponry like Bearden says. He was always wary of the Russians. But the way I figure it now with the revelations of that Christian Rakovsky the elite are the same throughout the world and it is them that are responsible for the reduction of bees, and by extension the coming reduction of the human population. See the Georgia Guidestones for the plan and know some nasty royal quotes especially the reincarnation one. It is HAARP and chemtrails and the New World Order and scalar war.

I don’t need Einstein to tell me that the bees are a requirement for our survival. I seen an attack on the food supply coming but not like this. This is worse than anything I can imagine. How can it be passing under the radar? Under our noses. What a setup. All of western civilization is possessed of a fear that some terrorists are going to blow up the whole planet. But they didn’t notice that all of the worlds top experts in biological and germ warfare have died mysteriously since 911.

    Dead Microbiologist Collection

  1. Dr. David Kelly (weapons expert named on TV as the whistleblower of no WMD in Iraq was
    found suicided the next day!)
  2. Dr. Benito Que nov12/01 (heart attack caused by four bullies and a baseball bat)
  3. Dr. Don Wiley nov16/01 (one of worlds most prominent microbiologists falls off a bridge)
  4. Dr. Vladimir Paschnek nov23/01 (MI6 pathologist concluded he died of a stroke)
  5. Dr. Robert Schwartz dec10/01 (daughters satanic ritual involvement 3 arrests)
  6. Dr. Set Van Nguyen dec11/01 (Scientist dies in airlock breathing Nitrogen by accident)
  7. Vladimir Korshunov feb8/02 [09](Bludgeon murder in Moscow)
  8. Ian Langford feb11/02 [14](at home naked from the waist down and wedged under a chair)
  9. Tanya Holzmayer (feb 28/02 she was killed by fellow microbiologist…)
  10. Guyang (Matthew) Huang (…shot her seven times after she opened the door for pizza then suicided himself)
  11. David Wynn-Williams (mar24/02…astrobiologist with the British Antarctic Survey hit by a car while jogging)
  12. Steven Mostow (mar25/02 flu and bioterrorism expert, died near Denver in a plane crash)
  13. 5 Russian Microbiologists shot down on a commercial airliner over Ukraine oct4/01 Air Sibir flight 1812
  14. Swissair flight crashed at Tel Aviv 2 Isreali microbiologists killed nov24/01
  15. Robert Ellis Shope
  16. Michael Patrick Kiley- Jan. 24, 2004)
  17. Michael Perich
  18. Robert Leslie Burghoff -nov20 2003)

A Career In Microbiology Can Be Harmful To Your Health – Michael Ruppert Defected to Venezuela – kudos.

The rumors around Feb 1 2004 are 44 in total.

I am considering joining the them in the suppression and oppression of the rest of the humans. In fact I agree with a lot of the UN new world order policies. I wonder if it is even worth it to try to beat them? I can see why Rockefeller has no respect for serfs. I am very quickly losing respect for them too because they are stupid. Ignorance is acceptable to my mind, stupidity is not. Anyone who celebrates stupidity deserves enslavement and should be first on the population reduction bandwagon – before eugenics.

Where can I go to get away from the stupids? I don’t want to commit suicide for the main reason that re-incarnation just might exist. If it does then it makes no sense to do it now. If re-incarnation is real, as I suspect, then how can I be so sure that it will be better. I mean the act of suicide would be to escape the bad, right? The path of humanity ensures that the next iteration will be worse. Until I know for sure, it is not a legitimate solution, for me. I can help to change it somehow for the better. That is the reason for my existence.

I would like to point out the futility of suicide now, too. I would like to think that if a suicide is dramatic enough that people would take notice, but no. People light themselves on fire. Why don’t other people heed that message?

The fact that the population base of suicide bombers is going up is anomalous but are their statements heard? NO! What about school shooting type suicides? There is a message – but not one the shooter is likely to agree with unless he was in compliance like the Dunblaine or the Australian events. The message here is entirely different – all your guns are belong to us.

Did you hear what a fuckup in VA Tech this morning? The school recently banned the right to carry a concealed weapon which was legal in the state. So the shooter killed someone at 730 in the morning. Then while they are checking into that the guy saunters over to another building and chain locks the back doors and shoots everyone. The cops cowering behind the trees make me want to be one. They are true HEROES. HE-men even. According to Alex Jones, of the 13 victims of the Columbine Massacre six were found to have SWAT bullets in them. It’s another fix. A black op.

You people cannot afford to be stupid when faced with this kind of enemy. YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO BE STUPID.

I’ll be the first volunteer to go to Mars, though. I would rather die out there because, maybe, just maybe, escape could be had that way.


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  1. “The bees are dying from the same thing the birds are dying of.”

    Is Light Pollution Killing Our Birds?

    This has been updated into –
    Is The 24 Hour Day Killing Life on Earth?

    Graham Cliff

    January 9, 2008 at 4:19 pm

  2. They killing all bees by spraing chemtrails in US and Europe to wipe out 4 billion people in near future.


    May 25, 2008 at 10:16 am

  3. You correctly state that “all truth is free!”
    Not only is this paradigm true, as and of itself, but but the truth does not have a sell by date.
    The mistakes that we make today will pay us back in our future, with compound interest, as Jon Travolta was told by his boss in the movie “Saturday Night Fever”.
    Screw up today and kiss goodbye to your long term future?

    Graham Cliff

    July 6, 2010 at 10:00 am

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