What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Black SALAMI XI Ops Ben Dover

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He added: “Because of whats transpiring, my phone cannot connect to the network, it’s constantly busy.” – Bulloney! The phones were jammed. He fired three times into each victim because he was a trained professional. He never chained the back doors – someone else did. I bet the guy they arrested and took away was the real killer and they need him to finish. However, this basic, standard response was not followed that morning. Alex Jones Runs Through The VA Tech Massacre Black-Op Evidence. DINARDO: MID APRIL MIND-CONTROLLED MASS SHOOTINGS CONNECTED TO ELITE’S BLOOD SACRIFICES TO SATAN.

Anger of ancient God ‘ISMAIL AX’ shown in US school massacre – I don’t like this article but it shows a meaning of ismail ax that the american mainstream won’t – ‘ISMAIL AX’, is an anagram for SALAMI XI – The meaning of SALAMI comes from the Italian verb salare, meaning ‘to salt’, and is a reference to salting the earth, and which refers to the practice of spreading salt on fields to make them incapable of being used for crop-growing. This was done in ancient times at the end of some wars as an extremely punitive scorched earth tactic.
The Latin symbol for the number 11 (XI).

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has been funding research in the following areas:

* Mind-machine interfaces (“neural prosthetics”) that will enable pilots and soldiers to control high-tech weapons by thought alone.
* “Living robots” whose movements could be controlled via brain implants. This technology has already been tested successfully on “roborats” and could lead to animals remotely directed for mine clearance, or even to remotely controlled soldiers.
* “Cognitive feedback helmets” that allow remote monitoring of soldiers’ mental state.
* MRI technologies (“brain fingerprinting”) for use in interrogation or airport screening for terrorists. Quite apart from questions about their error rate, such technologies would raise the issue of whether involuntary brain scans violate the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.
* Pulse weapons or other neurodisruptors that play havoc with enemy soldiers’ thought processes.
* “Neuroweapons” that use biological agents to excite the release of neurotoxins. (The Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention bans the stockpiling of such weapons for offensive purposes, but not “defensive” research into their mechanisms of action.)
* New drugs that would enable soldiers to go without sleep for days, to excise traumatic memories, to suppress fear, or to repress psychological inhibitions against killing.

Where? Some is at VA Tech. How you like them apples?

When the Wind Blows: Symbolism of Virginia Tech Massacre

April 21 – Queen’s birthday
April 20 – Hitler’s birthday
April 19 – popes birthday and election day

Ken Adachi: The Blackburg Executions Here is a winner quote – “But, I feel Mr. Adachi’s column nothing more than sensationalist chatter.” – Sensationalist chatter – where is your proof?!? Your feelings are more important than our feelings? Feel this; append an L to your name so we know who you really are.

The Home Office Minister, Tony McNulty, was a student at Virginia Tech in the 1980s and returned to visit the university around two weeks ago. Setting the plan in motion?

Seems about right. I’m seriously hoping St. Michael (Mikhail Arhangel) comes around on the 5th of May to meet the Reptilians when they get to Lexington.

All the money is in the hands of these few rich people and none of them give any money away. It’s dangerous for them and the country. We may have another French Revolution and there’ll be another madame Defarge knitting and watching them come in little oxcarts down to the town square and BOOM! Off with their heads! – Ted Turner

One thing I know for sure – the Brotherhood of the Snake cannot be trusted. Now You Can Read What Doctors See: Open Medicine. TLAXCALA: The Translators’ Network for Linguistic Diversity.

Is Michael Moore Manufacturing Dissent?


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