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Media Complicitly Calling Killers

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I have yet to read the book The Copycat Effect but after reading a bit I decide Loren Coleman needs to know about the Valentines Day pentagram that I just found out about. The effect he describes is about how the media is complicit in spreading crime. Whether Loren knows about memetics and memes is besides the point. Whether or not he knows about the Satanic elite doesn’t matter either. He does know about the killers, their motives and their patterns. An expert; he is seeing patterns too.

The fact that they have been showing this dirty brown idiot mentally ill pedophile day in and day out after the Va Tech shootings and the NASA standoff amid the blue angels crash and the other stupid media entertainment is entirely anomalous. Why are they still showing that? It took the Globe 3 days to notice he got caught. They showed the same headline indicating he was at large. And still post his offensive face all day all night. Why?

It just dawned on me. They are calling to some manchurian killer to trigger off.

Here is a likely candidate: Pregnant mom, children stabbed.

That is just sour expletives! Obviously not The Candidate though because they are still showing that dirty bastad!

But, I, like Loren, figure the big one is coming on Monday or later this week. He figures The Copycat Effect. I figure the date is more important to the them. The Valentines Pentagram allows them to concentrate their willpowers – the invisible control that passes though the media to the candidates.

Manson memes – aren’t being transmitted through video games – the players are too pumped to get hypnotized – the candidates need to be in front of the TV – relaxed and in the hypnotic state – preferably depressed and on SSRI’s like Prozac or Zoloft – then the suggestions can be more effective.

It is also geomancy. Look at Goro Adachi’s site Etemenanki – it’s a lot of reading but do it. The fact that a volcano erupted in Columbia at near the same time seems not too relevant until you learn the meaning of Columbia in the context that Goro shows. Columbia means peace and columbia disasters mean … well you get the picture. 16 protesters, arrested for trespassing, were to report to jail on that exact date in Columbia, Georgia.

The Blue Angel crash, also not far, happened on Saturday the 21st of April. The plane “just lost power,” an eyewitness said. The number 6 obviously playing into this somehow. Just recently another fighter plane crashed into the side of a mountain in Germany – when I saw that the first thing I thought was about that huge Thunderbirds(I thought Blue Angels until I looked it up) disaster where the whole squadron flew into the side of a mountain. September 14, 2003: 31-year-old Captain Chris Stricklin, flying Thunderbird #6 (opposing solo) failed to pull out of a dive but safely ejected…0.8 seconds before impact. Operation Bluebird has absolutely nothing to do with this post, so don’t look. Bluebird Thunderangel?

The weirdness is getting weirder.

Loren Coleman speaks of twilight language and ley-lines means to me that he is on to it (or he knows Michael Hoffman). I get the impression these two are good guys and time will tell.

I’m watching the indigenous economic attacks in Canada because of where that line (from the volcano through Va Tech) goes. They might pull a Canadian Waco right there. They’ll need a lot of fire to make it a proper sacrifice (to Set – Satan – Pan) because there was no fire at Va Tech. So I am expecting some action there especially with the Mohawks getting into mild terrorism – for a laughable reason I might add considering that the war of good vs evil has little to do with land disputes.

Flood threatens more Saskatchewan communities – the town of Watson! of all places – “The town of Watson, and the rural municipalities of Lakeside, Porcupine and Torch River are among the latest communities to declare states of emergency”. This place doesn’t fit on that line maybe it’s a different line?

Well what do you make of all this then? They all happened on the 21st and they are all on a line.

Fire: Columbia volcano

Earth: Well there was an Earthquake in Chile

Water: Changcheng coal mine in Huangfengqiao town of Zhuzhou city, central China’s Hunan Province, home of Falun Gong – nope, no Black Op psychological mind control cult there, nope!

Air: Blue Angels Number 6 Crashes (very close to the 33rd parallel)


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