What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

The Cost of Stupidity

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Weapons of Mass Destruction Found (An Address to the Dead) by Michael Tsarion

Americans are NOT stupid but George Bush Really Is

20/20 Stupid in America – they mean ignorant I think.

September 1845: The Irish Potato Famine

Meanwhile, the people of Ireland formulated their own unscientific theories on the cause of the blight. Perhaps, it was thought, static electricity in the air resulting from the newly arrived locomotive trains caused it. Others reasoned that ‘mortiferous vapors’ from volcanoes emanating from the center of the earth might have done it. Some Catholics viewed the crisis in religious terms as Divine punishment for the “sins of the people” while others saw it as Judgment against abusive landlords and middlemen.

Do not imagine for a moment that they thought the evils did it. It is so obvious. I mean when I heard that British armored car open fire on the crowd of unarmed Irishmen it occurred to me that they are capable of anything. The Blight is obvious germ warfare – does anyone talk about this? Duh, where does terrorism come from? They might not have noticed it then, but we ought to notice it now.

The chemtrails we see now in our skies are not dropping nasty germ warfare on us – it’s just not possible – our government is protecting us – we can trust them – and God too – because history shows God made government.

There is no way in the world that we aren’t more smarter than them old peasants. Our science is advancing very quick. We don’t need no education, we are already more inteligenter than them there historical figures. Even Leornardo DaVinci is not as smart as we are. And Enstein, he’s old hat already – nothing to lern there. Everything has been invented, nothing has been unthought of. There is nothing new under the sun. Except my new TV. And my new truck. And my new house.

The 11th is hour from the end of World War I

List of WW II conferences – are your armed forces aware of this?

Nov 22 1943: Cairo Conference
Tehran Conference

D-day 6/6/44

1945 –

The Yalta Conference

Feb 14: Bombing of Dresden

Apr 20: Russian troops enter Berlin – US captures Nuremberg

July 16: First atomic bomb blast at Trinity
Jul 17: Potsdam Conference

Sep 11: Ground broken at Pentagon

Nov 20: Nuremberg Trials

These are five points of the 1945 Valentines Pentagram. If you surround the thing with the days of the year it becomes a pentacle. Pentacles, pentagrams and pentagons have very little in common. There is no magick there. Don’t even look. You might upset the status quo or G-d forbid, rock the boat. In this world you do not want to fall out of the boat; the sea of bullshit has no life preservers.

If you think that this is the Devil’s business then God will smite you. If you think it is God at work then Satan wins again. If you notice that they are both constructs of the same ruling elite off with your head. Fomenting revolution is child’s play to them.

When the meek inherit the earth the evils will get the gold.

Sanskrit : Lesson 1 The most effective tool for the good in the war against good is knowledge. The evils know it – the internet is their preemptive plan against any new Library of Alexandria. The only person who in modern times that was really concerned about this was – L. Ron Hubbard. His entire religious doctrine has been printed on stainless steel and buried in the desert, a time capsule for future generations who will need to be saved from of all things – corruption. Better to wait for that better future like Walt Disney? Or wait for God to save us? Yeahy, Jesus is coming – he’ll be here any minute, don’t do anything because he loves you.

The revolution is gearing up. The talking heads are pointing out how nasty America is for being Imperialist. Putrid pundits peer pressuring peasants. The fact that the evils are using America is obvious to anyone who looks a bit deeper than generally acceptable. I assure you, acting out against the government is exactly what they want you to do. Even Kerry, the Bonesman, is spouting dissent now by agreeing that the building 7 was destroyed by planned implosion(though not acknowledging the time – weeks – needed to do it right). Michael Moore has been Manufacturing Dissent since Noam Chomsky wrote Manufacturing Consent. It’s above all that.

God is Good. Nothing more.


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