What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Instructions For My New Mom

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Don’t give me no vaccinations – last time I almost got autism. There is a drug for pinworms that prevents the poison from making me autistic so if I am autistic try that.

Please don’t send me to school. I do want friends but not those kind they are poisoned spirits. I want friends that are like me. Impression and entrainment really affect people. I need to be around smart, creative and happy people anything else is not worthy and detrimental. Dangerous even.

I want an education from you specifically. I want you to teach me all the grade eight level before I get to first grade age. Not their curriculum; this is mine. It is me you will be teaching and I am reincarnated. I already know a lot as do you. You could try to get that info out. Take notes too for the record and to test your belief. Before my human condition sets in I have a lot to say. I can’t speak because it’s a new body. I am really trying to communicate though. And you know me. We have been together for what seven and a half months already before I was even born. Half of me is you. You know what I am trying to say.

I want to be an artist. I want to be a musician. I want to be a scientist, a gardener and a teacher. I am not depressed, ever, so never, ever give me SSRI’s like Prozac, Zoloft or Ritalin. I don’t have attention deficit disorder so please no psychologists. I’m hyperactive because I don’t have channels for my desire to create and be happy and loved. The food is what’s important to body chemistry. All I want is a paint brush crayons paper and love love love. I need you to know that I need you to tell me every waking moment of your life how important I am. If you are not willing to do any of that then don’t have me. Abort now so I can find a proper mom.

I need emotional support more than anything. I whither when you talk behind my back and plan and conspire. I am an intelligent human though retarded by my newness. My spirit is not new. I have been through this many, many times. The future is getting worse. It is these early years where this is all important. People are made in that time. I really, seriously do not want to be a zombie in the matrix like everyone else. I also do not want to be an outcast or an outsider though that may be asking too much.

I don’t have to be bad – the people near me make me them – impressionable is the word – make sure at all times all bad people stay at least 50 feet away from my little person. I want to be good. You have to keep me out of politics before I am six. I mean pedophilia is how they like to traumatize little people. If I am to do good in the world I have to be kept away from the mind control that they use.

Please, please, please try to not have television in the house. It is so bad. Even the radio is dangerous. Make sure I know about the power tv has to make people do things they don’t want to do. The real world has no extra time to be wasted slothing around in front of an entertainer. Make me entertainment. Make with me; make me make. Creation is gods work.

My dad should be an exemplar of good too. Spankings are not evil. Alcohol and drugs are. People are good and bad. Happy people are better for us spiritually. Dad must be happy too – there is a war on happiness, fight that. They will try to break you up from before I am born.

The food selection is all important. You need to study this too. I don’t need three squares – I need nourishment. The babyfood that they are making now is to produce zombies – no minded automatons – that is not in our contract. You can feed me healthy but it is very, very hard to find good food. The only milk I ever need is from your bosom – not a cows – cow milk is for cow babies. Don’t let me eat food for pleasure. For hunger only ever and I am also not interested in waiting for supper or lunch time. Just let’s eat when we need it. The ritual and pattern setting is not good. Avoid that if possible.

Watch out for the many different ways they are trying to slip MSG into the food chain. Also the meat has bad preservatives. Very little is needed and it should be more alive like crabs or sushi not refried beef. The cow food is for cow mentality. Candy is way worse than it was when you were a kid. Aspartame is chemical warfare against us; it is poison from poisoners. No chips or candy ever. Sugar is bad enough – it has no nutritional value – artificial sweeteners are less than zero in nutritional value. I want to reach potential – I want to be human – please don’t let them stop us.

I want you to have total control over our food. The corporations have no ethics or morals or even any value to human beings; they cannot be trusted especially with what we eat. There is no oversight; the FDA should be renamed to reflect it’s inability to protect us. The FIDAC or DFACI. Ferally Incompetent Distributors of Absolute Control.

Don’t make a stink about any of this either because if they know what you are doing they will take me away and put me into a pedophiliac environment orphanage home to break me into a mind control working stiff. They will lock you up too if you question the system. Don’t be too obvious. Give in when the time is right and don’t overtly fight it. They are already looking for this type of deviant.

We have to outsmart them. The only way that is possible is with this outline for my future. I have to slip through the cracks to fight the evil in the world. I can’t fight at all in this state or the state of zombie-hood that they want us all in. I want to stop them and I need you to support me in this decision. The enemy of humanity is not part of humanity.

This is not the half of it. If you can’t do this then why are you making babies?


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  1. This was one of the most creative blogs I have read in a long time! AWESOME job ;)


    April 27, 2007 at 2:47 am

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