What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Suicide by Conspiracy Theory

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It is one thing to talk about conspiracies and another to see them. The people that run the world are conspirators – the red faced truth deniers are all Freemasons. They are not devil worshipers because the devil is not real. The Christians are also not their enemies as they say because Lucifer and Christ are the same. Lucifer is a Fallen Angel but there are no angels. The multidimensional beings are real but they are un-nameable as the real name of god is unpronounceable, and to the uninitiated, un-recognizable. Initiated into what – hidden knowledge – the occult.

HP Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley and others knew these multidimensional beings exist – they are the macrobes John Dee contacted. Carlos Castaneda talked about them. Seth may be an example. They want us to think that if we see one then it must be – labeled. The act of labeling actually dis-empowers us. Language was created by these powerful non-humans and it is used against us in ways beyond our comprehension. It is symbolism and magick and mind control and more.

Look at our historical supermen and great figures, invariably, they all either tap into a greater truth psychically or get information from ancient manuscripts. The macrobeings mysteriously supplying the info through unconventional means. Scrying, channeling, exorcism, remote viewing, divination, tarot card reading – all these things you can’t even wrap your mind around are tools of the elite to control us. They practice and always have this is the serpentine meaning of the brotherhood of the snake.

I’m past paranoid – fear is the first blocker – we all are going to die – don’t let that stop you from making your next life better. Reincarnation is real – they know it – we don’t. They have ceremonies to force the location of the incarnate. They murder ritualistically and have sex orgies(seriously) to release and capture the spirits. Then they put their place men to steer the ones they charge with doing wrong and sacrifice innocent people to the earth-grid and store them in places like limbo which we still don’t know the meaning of.

I am certain that hurting humans and torture and deprivation are evil. I am certain that lying and dishonesty and cruely are not good. I am certain that war is evil on both sides. I am certain that hidden knowledge is causing evil and the hiders of knowledge are perpetrators of evil. Are you doing evil? You ought to know. I urge you to consider Karma because that is real too.

They have a white powder that looks like cocaine or anthrax which they use to undetectably murder their victims. It works better than cyanide. It gives hemorrhages, heart attacks and stroke. Milosevec, Nixon and Bruce Lee are example victims. If it suits them then they get outrageous murders to happen. They want revolution – upheaval – chaos. Ordo Ab Chao. Their order. Their chaos. Their revolution.

They don’t want the truth to come out but they are the losers already. Good trumps evil on every level. Evil requires gigantic effort. The effort required to topple their hierarchy will come in the form of a butterfly flapping its wings – (ie. your whisper). The frater hierarchy is not a brotherhood. Fraternity is a fatherhood. Patriarchy was created way back when Ahknaton was kicked out of Egypt. The origins of secret societies are there; the origins of evil. Hermetic Kabbalism was created at the same time. As writing was. Hermes was Thoth. Magick comes out of mind control. Mind control stems from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Monotheism is evil; they are destroying family values so when you go looking for daddy you’ll find one in the mind control industry, either religion or fraternity. Or, g-D forbid, a macrobe! Corporation, egregore without the added weight of personal morals or ethics, was created by evils to bypass karma. I assure you collective karma exists too. Humans have switches that can be exploited. You are all victims if you don’t know it and evil if you do it and don’t tell. Unwitting co-operation is one of their strongest allies. You can stay a sucker if you want – you don’t impress me any. They can try to prevent the truth but it will come out anyways.

The Cambodian Memory Hole is where they want the truth to go. All the intellectuals were killed then. Some of mankind’s most valuable secrets are there in the ancient architecture and the fossil record. The truth – this truth – they don’t want you to know. They are weak and they need to make us weaker.

It would never have occurred to me that the Church of Satan requires a mental belief of Christianity. Satan only exists for Christians. To worship the devil requires a belief in god first. If you don’t believe in god then the devil doesn’t exist either. So how the hell does the Church of Satan explain this? How does the pope explain this? The Catholic power cannot exist without a belief in the devil. The two are mutually reinforcing and one can’t exist without the other. Muslims too are victims of this crime in the same manner. So what religion was Saddam Hussein? Were the Kurds revealing too much sensitive truth to the world? Is this the same problem the Chinese are having with the Falun Gong?

This is the main reason the the Freemasons require a belief in God before you join. The macrobes – nephilim – fallen angels or whatever they are called want you to think – and make you believe – that they are God – or Satan – or Angels – or demons. People are receptors – vessels – graals for these beings. Possession is their tool of control. People can channel and become them if they want to. The macrobes are neutral and the users of them are powerful. They can’t fear you to death if you don’t believe that they are more powerful than you are.

The hidden vaults of the Vatican Library are proof of occult(hidden) knowledge. Hidden knowledge is evil. Good is incorruptible and real truth cannot be suppressed. The truth is not what you would like. They would not like you to know the truth. Because if you did know the truth the first thing you would do is make them accountable for their actions. The Vatican, as powerful as it is, is only one face of this monster one side of the pyramid. The Arctic Beacon points to them. It is the cult Aton that is the true enemy of humanity.

JD Rockefeller, you fucker, I am only one of a gazillion pissed off Bruce Lee’s. I have potential and I know the cause of my ignorance. Now I know it was you who is responsible for most of the suffering in my life. If I ever get the chance to unleash the Wrath of them(the miseducated) on you – trust me you will wish you never existed.


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  1. Right on friend. As a native american we have our legends as wqell of these beings. I believe but as yet to experience their direct contact,or exposure. There is alot to come to light soon. I’m headed to Cumberland Falls Kentucky for the “nce in a Blue Moon” Moon bow Glow.

    Kentucky G

    May 31, 2007 at 1:19 pm

  2. Ah, I think I’ve never said it better myself, I can only pin-point some recommended literature:
    “The Invisibles” a graphic novel by Grant Morrison

    Jacinto Quesnel

    August 22, 2007 at 6:27 pm

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