What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Get Some Balls You’re Already Dead

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Anti – neocon Gravel shows evils are in the democratic party as well. Gravel knows they are not worthy. Earthpulse is an anti-electronic warfare store run by Dr. Nick Begich who is very concerned with this HAARP stuff. The Philadelphia Experiment opened several multidimensional portals including one on Montauk Point, NY which is also a location for HAARP transmitters. Alfred Bielek claims to have been there and on the Eldridge and that it is a time portal. Is this Nick Begich actually Nick Begich from 1972? The dates don’t match but the names sure do. Montauk Project was for the purpose of developing a powerful psychological war weapon.

Colin Powell never found out until it was too late that he was lied to about the WMD in Iraq. Dr. Kelly who was murdered for revealing the lies was an example terror tactic designed to keep the secrets in house. I am quite sure that Powell was a ‘good’ guy and I was very disappointed when he resigned. He should join the truthers and write a book to vindicate his soul because he knows what is right and good and he still has power to do good – I know it.

George Tenet is also coming out. Holy shit what a smear campaign he is going through – no matter. The fact is there is a worse state and that is the future if we don’t stand up and stop them now. Other CIA directors know/knew too. Whistleblowing is a thriving cottage industry, but most of the time the people have to focus on what they can prove. What is known here for sure is that whatever he is saying is dangerous for them because every news article I can find is biased towards trying to prove that he is a crazy self serving idiot not to be listened to. Reverse psychology?

But, you also need to know the revolution is their plan. Of course there is something wrong with the world but to fall for their ploys time and time again is not what I would like to see. Ordo Ab Chao means order out of chaos – problem reaction solution. The revolution, like Tommy Lee Jones points out in the movie Under Seige, is cyclical where-as movements tend to fizzle and die.

What we need to stop is their plan. Their plan is evil. Their plan is to head off the returning cycle of truth that undermined them so catastrophically in the past. The coming age of enlightenment is being headed off from every angle. They created the new age movement. They also created the revolutions of the past. They created the bible and God and satan and Jesus and Lucifer and also the unrest you feel now. They need to meet their maker.

Creating a ‘sulphur screen’ the evils will stop at nothing to prevent us from knowing. You should see the piles of sulfur that EXXON has in Fort McMurray Alberta. There are two Great Pyramid sized mountains of sulfur there. So that plan is obviously pretty complete. They claim it is to prevent the global warming. They double-crossed us before you know they will doublecross us again. Sulfur is one of the things needed for holographic displays, but the main purpose of filling the sky with crap is to prevent us from tuning to the coming higher frequency.

In the ideal world the evils cannot exist. We are all psychic beings first – light based energy conglomerations. Michael Tsarion pointed out that the Bruce Lee attitude is needed – to attain enough personal power that they cannot destroy us. That is very possible and a hundred times more possible when our environment is causing a higher state. Naturally. Good.

The microchipped population is the number of the beast. Revelations are coming to light. Evil cannot live without shadows. Their entire house of cards is built on our ability to be manipulated. When we are no longer manipulable they will panic and kill us all if they can. That is essentially what they are already doing. The whole idea of countries is from divide and conquer – a script book play. The future is bleak if we don’t stop them. They are already well behind schedule and we can win if we can stall them a little bit longer.

Double check your own plan – make double damn sure that it is not their plan. You need to question your own mind. They can control your thoughts. We are switch activated computers. Our ego is their main tool of subversive control. Know about your spirit and that it is different from your ego; as different as from your body. The three parts of their holy grail; me, myself and I.

You all need to bring what you can to the war, but fight not each other. Know that when the future hits us that it is our decisions now that determine the nature of it. It could go either way – a thousand years of peace and harmony or a thousand year reich. It is your choice.


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  1. I like your article, but remember Colin Powell was involved in the cover up of the My Lai (that may be misspelled) Massacre, and George Tenet is a Papal Knight of Malta; he was integral in the whole 9/11 affair. That man deserves to hang from his neck until he is dead. Anyway, I don’t wanna bust balls, just wantd to input my opinions, based as they are on documential evidence I trust. Check, and the book Vatican Assassins for the Tenet evidence. The Powell thing has been released in mainstream media for the past 30 years; it has just fallen down Orwell’s “memory hole”.


    May 1, 2007 at 8:49 am

  2. Thank you so much for that. I so wish for there to be some hope in government. I really want to believe that they stand between the evils and us. I will continue to hope that the people that are doing the evil will question their own motives. I never saw any evidence of TENET involvement with the outstanding exception of the Dagobert stone that oldest relic of the church I can’t recall the name of it now. But while Powell was in office I thought I was detecting good coming out of him. And this Gravel seems like he might be good but where the hell has he been prior to this sudden disclosure.


    May 1, 2007 at 1:25 pm

  3. R O T A S
    O P E R A
    T E N E T
    A R E P O
    S A T O R


    May 1, 2007 at 9:11 pm

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