What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Why Is the Sky Blue Daddy?

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To my mind there is an alien presence and it is earthbound. I suspect that because people have seen them. They are contactees and the message that comes across loudly and clearly and continuously is stop polluting the planet with nuclear radiation.

This is an anomaly. You see, if they were really interstellar travelers then the radiation would not be a problem because outerspace is riddled with it. The sun, a red dwarf, is one gigantic radiation blast furnace. A billion, billion nuclear bombs going off every second.

Want to know another anomaly? The amount of radiation spread through the middle east through the use of depleted uranium ammunition is unbelievable.

The elite have secret friends. Aliens who may or may not drive UFO’s. The problem is our perception. We are unable to cope with certain types of mind control. MAJESTIC 12 is as real as MKULTRA. These friends are the alien presence. They are the earthbound. John Dee is also the founder of Secret Service; the original 007. The men in black are from the same formula supplied to the same types of people via the same kind of contact. That contact is where most gigantic technological leaps come from. Access to a hidden knowledge used mostly to control us – mostly through fear. The recipe for civilizations, mind control and UFO’s were supplied to a elite few.

The point I am trying to make is that if these Macrobes are the Fallen Angels then are they also the alien presence that is so concerned about our nuclear radiation proliferation? Is continual concentrated dumping of radiation serving the main purpose of preventing the macrobes from helping the people that live there? I think that the macrobes are neutral. The people controlling us by using them against us are the evils.

They are on a timer and the alarm is set to go off. The galactic center is radiating an energy that is blue. The blue of our sky during the day I think. This life force energy, as important to us as the sun, has been kept from us. The alarm is the wavelength change, shift if you will, to a higher frequency. Doppler’s blue shift is what is so dangerous to them.

David Icke has shown that love and fear are frequency and that we are energetic beings. The Electromagnetic Spectrum shows the lower frequency of the visible range to be red and towards the infrared. The higher frequency is blue and purple and upwards towards the ultraviolet. When you are in the Zone you are in the loving area of the higher frequency. The opposite is the fear area. Low frequency. You can see then that blue and purple tend to tune you to the higher and the red will tune you to the lower. Why is satan claus all red? The woman in the red dress is archetypal fear.

Dr Rupert Sheldrake: “I reject the idea that the brain is a warehouse for memories – it is more like a radio receiver for tuning into the past. Memory is not a recording process in which a medium is altered to store records, but a journey that the mind makes into the past via the process of morphic resonance.” We are tuning forks and our bodies are natural receptors. When the sky turns to the higher frequency light we will be catapulted into a natural state of the zone. Unimaginably able Bruce Lee’s and Mother Teresa’s. And good by default. Good is the power of higher frequency. The dirty rats preventing us from our potential will be running from us as hard as they can. Unless they can stop it from happening. How could they do that?

See how the radio and TV spectrum is so low – that is why they are bombarding us with that radiation. Some people are allergic to it; electro sensitivity. Wi-fi lower even than TV. Cellphones. ELECTROMAGNETIC MINDCONTROL.

They have to keep us down at all costs. Microchipped population in a surveillance society(revelation 13) and painting the sky with sunblockers. They have known about this for a long time. They know about reincarnation and they pass information secretly to themselves in the future. The Black Sun – Galactic center – the cyclical nature of time – high end secrets of the infamous exile aton. Some of these secrets have leaked out – by good people stuck in the evil grip of these occult orders. Their next plan is to dump sulfur into the atmosphere. The piles of sulfur – mountains of it – in Northern Alberta are for this purpose. Chemtrails are common knowledge nearly and the purpose they say is to prevent the sun from over heating the planet. Problem, reaction, solution. And they are doing it – OMG! We are doing it.

Today, with the planet Pluto reaching the conjunction with the galactic center, the truth leaks out. The secret societies that worship the black sun are evil. Why are they evil because they are us and no more therefore they have no right to rule. We are all equals on the planet and they know it. They are weak and they are so afraid of us, bloody rightly so I say, that they have to weaken us. I have no respect for that kind of bullshit. Evil is potential prevention.

Bob Lazar was involved and talks about everything from the Philadelphia Experiment to the Manhattan Project. You don’t think the Devil was involved do you? Lazarus was a historical figure that was risen from the dead. Like Jesus. You see when they say risen from the dead what they mean is that they are satisfied that the present body is the reincarnation of a certain spirit that they were previously familiar with. I got no idea if Bob is Lazarus but Vannevar Bush was involved, and so were Aleister Crowley, L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons. I figure if Bob is a reincarnate it is of Jack Parsons somehow.

This is the re-incarnation I am talking about. The elite are aware of this. They know when their people are going to die. They know all about this. They know when they will be born. The holy graal is us. We are vessels for certain spirits. And continuity is their specialty. The blue blood is cold still; the bloodline and the genealogy are still important.

One of the core beliefs that they need us to have is that the devil, the Satan or the anti-christ will burn us alive and eat our souls forever and ever if we don’t co-operate. Well I must be the devil because that is what is in my mind for them. Fuckers.


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