What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

What Is Wrong With This Picture

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So maybe you know why this cup is over there? Maybe it’s all about magic and blood ritual?

Stanley Cup, hockey legends arrive in Afghanistan

That was nearly as startling as seeing Kissinger advising the pope…We are soo in trouble…

I have always hated hockey and now sad to say for all you beer swilling mind controlled zombies hockey is all about satanism…The Valentines Day Pentagram is your proof… 99 is serious valentines pentagram – all of those 11 based numbers are pure purile mind control…You can see it they all know it.

Of course one of the weapons for the good now is to see how colors are used against us to sort of entrain you to certain frequencies. Red is low frequency associated with fear. I think that because all of the main electromagnetic waves that we use for TV and radio are all well below that that it is evidence there of real low frequency entrainment for the masses…It was all in the Tibetan Kang Jur that the Nazi’s rounded up for them through Hitler, their leading evil frontman. The project PAPERCLIP absorbed all that knowledge secretly into the western civilization.

They can’t operate out in the open because no one, not even the nastiest soul on the planet, would agree with their plan. That is the main protection we have now. Everything needs an intricate cover story. Why the hell is that cup in Afganistan? Are they having a bit of a hockey game maybe?

This is pure talisman magic New 100-kilogram Gold Coin otherwise it is a completely useless idea.

Blair is out soon, queen is in Amaruca now, bush olmert and harper are shaking in their boots…they need a false flag operation worse than anytime in history…

E Howard Hunt has blown the whistle on the coverupofcoverups that blows watergate into the stratosphere…But LBJ got his wish there is no rioting youth looking for answers.

FDA hoodwinks public over CAM Guidelines comment period, slams door shut on public comments one month early

Gonzales: The Lawyer Who Lied to the Judge

And Bush can veto the democratic congress bill to exercise his will to stay the course until he steps down…

I can stand on my head; it still doesn’t look right.


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