What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Why They Are Behind Schedule

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I kept a journal of the first days of my own awakening!

[this blog is where it continues because they had put me back to sleep somehow between then and now – some drug that they got into my food time and again – anyone that I trusted. The square brackets I add a few comments on what’s happening now. ]


April 4

On investigating Carlos Castaneda on the net a crow attracted my attention as if telling me something. I stumbled over these ideas
911 = Numerology + Esoteric Symbolism.

April 5

I find the excuse to not work – A Revolution Is Born – Not that I was really looking for it or anything.

April 6

I look into the freemason connection to the 911 stuff. Learn about NASA and freemasonry. Body bags out the night before! Planes flying over Inuvik the night before!

April 7

Etemenanki Biblical prophecies tie in to the 911 stuff. Numerology in freemasonry. I see a numerological connection in my hire date.

April 8

I decide to not go in to work until the next day. I find the important numerological numbers 3,5,7,9,11,13,33,39,72 and I am shown how they relate to all big business. It shows up in all their symbols and organization. My room-mate Melonhead insists that I’m having enlightenment.

April 9

I take a bite of The Real Apple still not really enlightened but curious. Unaware that this is such a scary secret.

The 111 Experience Huh?!? So there is more to it than I can see.

Now I know for sure that something VERY fishy is going on. I figure the masons want to recruit me or kill me not sure which.

April 10

I go to work. The orientation is all day and I’m thinking about how all this really is designed to stupidify us. The number 11 was all over the place from the three flagpoles to the trailer number. I’m pissed off that I have to sit here when I could be learning.

April 11

I go in for the first day and find more sitting around doing absolutely nothing. The whole lunch trailer sits around all day. I’m all freaked out by the things I am seeing. I can see all the things they were talking about. In the paper the stories and numbers were proving that what I have been reading is mostly true. I am sure that the world is a massive conspiracy now. I see the numerological connection in the obituaries of the prominent figures in our past. The numbers in all corporate logos and the greek connection in the NASA objectives. I am nearly in tears while talking with my stepdad about all this. He says, “Oh, you just making justifiable excuse to commit suicide.” Like where the fuck did that come from?

April 12

I try to pick Mr. W’s brain to no avail. I’m busier today and talk about it all. I’m beginning the good vs evil debate with myself and try to determine if the masons are good or bad. I ask Mr. W why his nickname is SKYWALKER when it would be just as easy to call him SLOUGHWALKER. I am determined to solve this puzzle this weekend and begin a plan to present it in a fictional format.

April 13

After a good rest I begin to write the story[never did].
I’ve made several conclusions which I now know are wrong but I left
it like it is. I’m now too busy looking for the truth and give up the

April 14

Emperor Norton shows me his ugly mug and I find an article about the Temple Of Solomon. Now I’m wondering just when their plan is going into action. How to distribute “Beef Tea?!”

April 15

I wake up too early and haven’t adjusted my clock but that is not why I had decided to skip out. I would go in the next day I thought. And after discovering the article on David Hayden I find the Biosphere announcing the last day for entry noting the connections of this project to the UN to the Freemasons to the USA and Royalty. Was the Queen Mum the Grand Poopah too?

April 16

To L with it I quit. There were alot of reasons I didn’t want to work. Mostly that I feared for my life I guess. I was made aware of my own power and not how to use it but how to see and stop the influences as they were acting upon my life and preventing me from seeing it and learning about it. I was seeing my materialist desires and possessions for the first time as parts of the great stupidifying machine. A machine run by the DVL to keep us from the secret that could expose him and free us from the real oppression. [this choice here is the first fuck up in their plan see it? My satanic stepfather who hired me meant for me to die on that job on the 19th, 20th or 21st as in valentines pentagram!]

April 17

Met a guy who said goto church. Was with my mother and actually doing the “synchronicity action” but I imagine that to her it looked quite strange. It was as close to proving it to a layperson that a mystician could get though considering that the guy I met pointed out that the world as we see it is not what we see.

April 18

Asked Evangelist how to destroy the devil. He says that the EV means Eu as in euthanasia and Jesus died for their sins(so there is no need to do anything else). Ooph! Piss me off. I’d say. And to destroy the DVL one has to cast him into a pit of fire and brimstone.

April 19

Told Islam about David Hayden. After seeing how my life was engineered from my first days to to keep me trapped into having to have things I QUIT SMOKING cold turkey. I changed all my habits overnight after realizing that if I die and reincarnation is real then I’m stuck living this miserable fucking life all over again.

April 20

The 3,600 mi ant pile fits in with the temple of solomon thing. The flags were all at half mast today and I hoped it was one of the members that were going to decide on www333 tomorrow. After asking my family not to blow my trust they then call the police and try to get me committed. Imagine that. I now analyze my whole life and see ugliness written all over it. My own mother a devil worshipper.[am I glad I kept this journal I actually forgot half of this stuff – I don’t think I’ll be able to forgive them any more now]

April 21

I rested good finally after melonhead got himself booted. I think the 5.1 earthquake in NE USA was an anticlimax, but 111 days into this year isn’t the end.

April 22

Was I supposed to die stupid? Was I being set up to kill myself? Again? Was the first event for me at new years 2000 supposed to be my last? Was that a setup? Am I that important?

All this time Melonhead gave no quarter.

I can’t believe it all still. What I see is less than pleasant by 666,666,666 miles. I am Mad MAd MAD now. But the only course is to try to understand it all. So awful that my mom has been recruited and I can see why she has been so repressive on me. I still wonder if they are even aware of their own actions. The pearly gates are closed to all of us due to the actions of people like these.

April 23

I decide to keep it all calm and collect some books. I can see the history of Ireland fit into all this now too.

April 25

The Bible needs cracking. There is info in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

April 26

I’m wondering where do the IRA fit in all this when they break the news in Columbia and the leaders name is Sion something. Sion? Hey? You see it there? Of the Priory de Sion?

April 27

I’m overjoyed that I’ve liberated my mind. I bought a plant. My new companion for the quiet times. I still need to know what’s right even though I’m thinking about the fate of the church and freemasons. I read about Edgar Cayce’s views on Atlantis.

April 28

James Burke says it all RIGHT HERE. I can’t believe that we still can’t see it even with people like this trying to tell us.

April 29

Pyramid Pi. I download more of the James Burke Connections stuff and listen to this GREATEST KNOWLEDGE ADVOCATE sing it loudly.

April 30

I discover Fibonacci Numbers and I recreate the Nobel Prize[hehehe as if].

May 1

Find Nietzsche on the net. Here’s me 60 years ago. He has the whole idea already available including a good vs evil argument. Ha! To my chagrin no one believed him either but he speaks the truth. This guy was a member of the French Resistance during WWW-II along with several other prominent thinkers of the time. Nihilism is the complete disregard for all things that cannot be scientifically proven or demonstrated. [I concluded that the French Resistance were already resisting something before the war]

May 2

I’m downloading every learn a language tape I can find. Spanish, German and French first.

May 3

Another connection to other people who are onto what I know. The French Resistance? The Black Panthers? The IRA? You mean Saddam Hussein is on Our Secret Organization’s side? Che Guevara? Yesterday I thought I was at the pinnacle of revelations but still there’s more. Che Guevara was assassinated just DAYS before I was BORN!

My stepdad knows who I am. I must be mad. Well I say if any of this is true then ya I’m dam madmadmad damdamdam mad!

So in any event I’m really mad.

One of the idea’s that I can’t shake is this strange one. When we die we reincarnate as more than one soul, our spirit multiplies along with the population count and our character is mirrored all over the world.

My other thought is that we all get born with the exact same mind but the various influences we get subjected to from the moment we are born are what make us different. The idea that the various influences that we are subjected to are themselves subjected to a script is what is beginning to worry me.

May 4

The most disheartening thing of all this is that even if I were to choose suicide nothing has changed and I would still come back into another life fighting against the restraints of society. Forced to join the anals of stupidity not even aware of there being a choice.

May 5

I figure the window of my prediction should close today or tomorrow. Besides the good/evil argument I’m also faced with more problems like how to stop it and if it should be stopped and what will be the solution in the end.

May 6

My interest in things when I was younger all seem to point to this time and happening in my life. Like my whole life flashing before my eyes everything at once all makes sense. I read Lobsang Rampa’s The Hermit and try to accept the idea that the extraterrestrials created us.

May 7

I picked up some more books that I can’t read all fast enough. My inet connection is all broke still. Everyone wants the same things.

May 8

I took the computer in to get it fixed sure that I was the victim of some nasty hack.

May 9

Decided to goto the cabin and recoup my writings stopping on the way I visited my dad and he says read Frankl. I want to know about the events surrounding my parents separation but never got to it. I visit my cousin and we talked all night before I continued on. I look at him way differently now and can only hope he can forgive my ignorance as I cast him away from me in thinking material stupidity had more value than spiritual well being. But even then I never knew I was choosing between the two. It was simply that he was wrong.

May 10

I met up with my mom and on refusing to let her hug me I’m sure that she got the “I’m mad at you” message. I confronted her about my suspicions that she was really a witch and I pointed out that hers 11/17/44 and my stepdads 04/19/50 birthdays coincided strangely with their wedding day (06/11?)77. I thought the stepdads birthday was on 55 and asked mom to prove it but I never let her know that I was just as dis-satisfied with the 1950 birthdate.

May 18

My allies have all turned on me. The more I stress the wrongness of this situation the more they don’t want to listen. I swear my cuzzin actually got “stupider”. [unaware yet of the masons policy that makes that behavior]

May 19

The NWO wants to kill all the JEWS because they have “EVIL karma” [so they say]. The Kabalah has the secrets to the world and makes them too powerful. The JEWS won’t let the Evil forces join them and look like they won’t let anyone in. I still can’t choose a side on this one. [we are all victims the jews too]

9/11 Coverup report indicates that Bush administration was having a difficult time of stopping people from investigating the disaster so Tom Daschle gets an antrax letter.

May 20

Oya I knew little about Jonestown, but the revelations that I’ve had led me to believe that the cult may have been exterminated not unlike the Branch Davidians and so I began to look into it. They were of a sizable threat and were onto the same thing I am/was. I should like to remain unconnected to the marxist/leninist/maoist or communist factions but I cannot remain outside of the boundaries of the oppressed. My oath to protect my country stands. The government of democracy, it has just occurred to me, is demonism.

Therefore I declare under the protection of God that this country is under siege by an invisible force and has been since its inception.

May 21

The authorities are warning of water vulnerabilities(in Orleans and New York) (like they aren’t vulnerable everywhere). They are also saying that Mad Cow Disease is (and has been) rampant in North America for some time. Also cooking is now becoming suspect as a catalyst for cancerous developement among humans (both burning meat namely beef and burning cereals like wheat, corn and rice).

May 24

All my life no one could understand me. It is such a relief to finally know why. To sum up my entire life problems in one word? BOREDOM!!!!! Life in the anals of boar-dom!

I still can’t tell who is bad in the Jew case. I want to know if my parents were knowingly suppressing my ability to learn. All I know for sure is that there IS alot more going on than we can see.

I need to know if the freemasons objective is bad or good. If the UN’s global community agenda is for the good or bad. Is the New World Order the DVL’s cover story? The clues I have added up so far are saying that these forces are evil and that is what I am looking for: proof that they are acting in our best interest. [well in almost a decade of searching I have yet to find one dammit]

May 25

One of the things that continuously blows me away is how I keep stumbling over related items in this search whilst looking for and at something else seemingly unrelated. For instance yesterday I was looking up soundwave stuff and its relationship to phenomenon when I found a link to the Rosslyn Church. I hadn’t heard of the thing before and on examining it found strong connections to the Freemasons and the Rennes le Chateau mystery.

Or this one (Who is Responsible for the Trouble in Your Life?) while I was looking up the Philadelphia Experiment.

May 27

As the opposite of a consciousness expanding drug the use and dissemination of Fluoride to the public fits quite well.


Noticed Chemtrails nearly everyday while I was working.


Finally come to a conclusion on the Jew case. After hearing about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and how they were used to overthrow the Czarist rule in Russia they were declared a forgery and were the cause of the holocaust. The lie is that the Jews are the Elders of Zion and they have been unjustly punished because of it. The worst part of all that is that the real Elders of Zion are still going without their due.


Built a webpage finally. [Paradimentia]

My 2 bits on the 5 sense prison and the new paradigms.


Jan 15

MSG is in everything. Aspartame is another one. Fluoride is a passivity drug they gave to prisoners before their march to the gas chambers.

Jan 29

I was looking for a virtual reality(VRML2) representation of wave interference that I had seen somewhere earlier when I stumbled over links to Montauk Point right after just learning about it. It just doesn’t get any freakier than that.[o yes it does]

Feb 5

How many witches can be burnt in 1400 years? 390 – 1790 A.D. How much information is lost when a library burns down?

Feb 17

Moonies play a major role in all this. What exactly, but it’s there…Korean Fascists Against Communism support George(don’t call me Dick)Bush’s presidency. Nixon’s and Reagan’s also. The Yakuza connects with rev. Moon too!


The SS’s Ahnenerbe tasked with seeking out arcane knowledge actually went to Tibet and stole their Kang Shur which I suspect may have been the original Book of the Dead and brought it to Germany. At the end of the war there were 1000’s of dead tibetans laying around Germany wearing SS uniforms.


Hitler was a Rothschild. Eichmann was a Zionist. Those are the proofs to my theory that the Jews are not Zionists and that as a race they are not responsible for the atrocities they have been assigned to. The elders of ZION are none other than the members of the Priory of SION.

Aug 14

On immortality I have been speculating alot since I heard about Emperor Norton. Arthur Edward Waite confirmed my suspicion that Comte St. Germain was one and that immortality is part of the secret societies paradigm. Then I stumbled over a photograph of the perpetrator of that crime I had noted earlier headlined: Psycho kills Hitler and his 6 generals

Michael “Mucko” McDermott believed he was on a mission from St. Michael the Archangel! This guy is a dead ringer for ALBERT PIKE the most famous of freemasons.

Aug 15

I found out that Hermes was the one responsible for the erection of the pyramids. The trilogy of basic mind control debility, deprivation and dread can be found in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Aug 16

I recently came to this idea. Love is the opposite of fear and as such is not in opposition to evil, like good is, therefore evil men can use the power of love as well as the power of fear to control other men.

Aug 17

Magic is based on the trilogy of Imagination, Emotion and Feeling according to Benjamin Rowe. Magick, as defined by Aleister Crowley, is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will. He illustrates as follows: “It is my WILL to inform the world of certain facts within my knowledge. I therefore take “Magical Weapons” pen, ink and paper; I write incantations —these sentences — in the “magical language” ie. that which is understood by the people I wish to instruct; I call forth “spirits”, such as printers, publishers, booksellers, and so forth, and constrain them to convey my message to those people. The composition and distribution of this book is thus an act of MAGICK by which I cause changes to take place in conformity with my Will”.


Written by sugamari

May 3, 2007 at 3:15 pm

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  1. Sugamari,

    I just scanned thru this quickly, attempting to help you ASAP. I need to know if you know anything about Wicca according to Spiral Dance by Starhawk. I think this can help you, but because your situation is so intense protecting yourself magically could actually bring everything to a head.

    I wish I was with you right now. Beware the company you keep. If you need to, just drop out, quit your job. I’d say get counseling, but be careful. I admitted myself in a psych ward once, and a young healthy girl mysteriously died in her sleep. Don’t ever let someone commit you involuntarily. This will mean you will never be able to purchase a gun.

    My mother’s best friend and her husband were both in concentration camps. He survived because he was a doctor. She survived because she was beautiful and serviced the Nazis. Much later her husband, a psychiatrist, drugged her to death because she was talking to fast and raving. You should pretend and tell people you feel cured and keep quiet. You see, the fact is they want to shut you up, and they will shut you up if you don’t stop talking.

    Also, if you want, just write to me for a while. I’m afraid they don’t want you writing anything on the internet that is widely viewable, either. This could get you killed.

    This doesn’t mean you can’t pick up your talking and writing a little later. Just go underground for a while.

    I’ll write you more about the Masons, what your parents were putting in your food and many of the other topics in your journal.

    I’ll see if you’ve sent me an email or posted on Magick.


    Lee Lovell Vogt

    May 6, 2007 at 11:43 pm

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