What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

We Are Our Own Guardian Angels

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What if we were able to go back in time to communicate with ourselves somehow?

I am obviously quite obsessed with the work of Terrence Mckenna. So we’ll start there.

The Novelty Wave Theory is time based analysis of historical events that show patterns when analyzed with the quickening of the eschaton in mind.

The Eschaton is what Mckenna calls the singular anomaly at the end of time. The end date of the Mayan calendar, he theorizes, is like a black hole, sucking everything and time itself back into some focal point. Furthermore, he thinks that may be when our scientists are able to crack the time travel problem. The hitch being that the new point is an anchor for the machine that the travellers of the future cannot come past.

The theme is propounded a lot in the movies. Back to the Future and Terminator are exactly this. It has been shown that the controlling elite like to slap our faces with the truth because they know we can’t see it. They laugh all the time about this. Ya, it pisses me off too, ahaha. That movies are all about mind control is that consideration that must be included in this analysis.

The scene with the psychologist in the movie Terminator as he is examining Connor and trying to find the stitch that would allow him to label the problem is what is going through your head right now. Astounded with the solidity and the continuity of his story he is unable to comprehend that it may be true even though he is inclined to believe it. The movie goers all know for certain that the movies are just movies.

Both that movie and Back to the Future are about an idolatric hero (messiah) type that goes back in time to right things. That’s when the paradoxes set in. The movies clearly show that you can’t fix the time flow – everything is bleak. And that is what makes me wonder. They obviously want us to believe something. Nihilism is wrong, period.

The default condition for me – They are lying and they continue to slap our faces with the truth knowing we can’t see it. They control our minds with insidious conspiracies. So everything they do must be analyzed and questioned to the point of asking, “who am I?” to your self. Furthermore, they won’t supply the tools that will hurt them so we have to think those up ourselves.

The very first post I blogged was on this subject:

The Quickening Theory

I got a theory about the time quickening theory. Some people are noticing that time seems to be going faster and faster. Art Bell introduced me to this genre of phenomenon and at first I was reluctant to believe it. Terence McKenna brought it up and showed time spiraling towards a definite point in the future that we’re accelerating toward some singularity which has a date: Dec 21 2012. The end of the Mayan calendar. Alot more people seem to be jumping onto this bandwagon too. I seem to feel that this stuff is true although I still don’t believe it. I do have a thought here that maybe there is a reason for the elite mind controllers to have a need for a disinformation campaign just like this. That need would stem from their myriad of other attacks on us. All this dumbing down would affect our perception would it not? And as our ability to process information gradually diminishes and our other faculties are retarded and stultified would the world not appear to pass by ever quicker? Our ability to take in information is really limited already. A gradual reduction that spans generations involving food additives, pharmaceuticals, environmental poisons, mind control, etc… might not even be noticed by a general population. Especially if it has gone on for centuries. The intelligent seekers in this society are already flirting with the fringe and it is pulp fodder directed at this conspiracy theory click. The truth is all about perception. I see myself becoming less productive and may just be floundering for an excuse; seeking to lay blame for my laziness and denying responsibility for my inactions. Or I could be right.

My personal stance on UFOs is that there is none.

The whole industry is false. I think we were on Mars though and I agree with the exploded planet theory. Aliens is their way of readying us for mad genetic manipulation as in the Island of Dr Moreau. I believe we’ve devolved. Evolution is right, Darwin is wrong; Creationism is wrong, Intelligent Design is right. Dan Brown says Science dwells on answers where religion is concerned with the questions. I think the middle has been USURPED. Somehow misplaced by the human race.

I have been told time and again that I am too smart for my own good. I can see through their memetic suggestions now. I am too smart for their own good. Too smart for their bad. And just crazy enough to talk about it.

I am suspicious of all my sources including my favorite idol scientist. He comes right out of the Stanford Research Institute and since we know their agenda and we know what Mckenna is saying then we can conclude that he may be disinforming us. Or deflecting us from a certain truth. However, certain individuals in our history have been shown to influence the future in certain ways. Perhaps these individuals are incarnated back through time. Angelic beings sent from the future to fight other demonic beings from the same place. We shouldn’t stop thinking.

To continue, there is also an element of immortality invading my thesis. That certain individuals are cultivated from birth for leadership positions and are all contained in certain bloodlines is one part. Certain individuals are anomalous and reincarnation is the word that I think immortality is. Astrology is all about reincarnation; Stonehenge is all about ritual and time based sacrifice. The movie Highlander concludes, there can be only one. The fact is we are all the one.

The character in the Matrix is also the lone idol messiah that no one else could be. Neo is the only one, I beg to differ. Numerology is all about programming; Temple of Horus is all about humans and computer architecture. The kaballah and gematria clearly show that we are all the one. Aleph is the first point in our existence; we are all aleph first, therefore we are all the one. We are all the Jesus first and then we are products of environmental instigations and guidelines. We are all the Holy Grail, all of us are the messiah. You are also the last ONE standing. The one has to wake within you for humanity to survive.


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  1. The quickening theory id somethin that I only thought of, its good to know there are others that think the same


    May 3, 2010 at 4:48 am

  2. There may be a dimensional shift happening. A higher frequency of thought, bringing about not only changes to the way we perceive things – but also changes to our physical state of being.

    Anthony Mead

    August 19, 2011 at 5:01 am

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