What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Legalize Pot – Way of No Way

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One of the things that I figured would come out of this was the legalization of pot. They have to keep us down at all costs. Pot is only for preventing you from seeing the nasty truth – which you already don’t want to see. My last days of pot smoking I noticed exactly that – I couldn’t stand being straight. Now, only now can I see why everyone wants to medicate themselves. This place really does suck. Boy, do I wish I could fix it with one little thought. One tiny projectile cast using their own tools against them – OMG! I was thinking I had a Jesus complex, then my mom says I have an anti-christ complex. I can see that it’s a obviously a David complex. That is just so bizarre.

Well, I might be able to attribute this panic attack to withdrawal from pot but that never happened that last time did it? – hmm I got to think about that now…Anyways, I have thought long and hard about this.

The only reason that we should legalize pot is for

a) the industrialization ends of it including fuel
b) religious and educational uses only
c) there is no entertainment value in marijuana

However, the illegal nature of the underground distribution channels is one of the weak points in the global elites chain of controls. If that can be thwarted or controlled then I can agree but either way they go the fact is the entertainment use of pot is the worst aspect of it.

The controls are apparent through the thorough examination and investigation of my life story. The underground uses Freemasonry to get around the law. The bikers are also constructed of the same exact principals as all of the other secretive orders and organizations that have long been used to control us and their members insidiously. Even the members are mostly unaware of the overall plan – they all invariably have a master to answer to. The fact is, monotheism is crucial to their controls over the insiders – coupled with some other startlingly familiar facts that I cannot explain directly.

These secret societies well being foundation stone is the oil empires which everyone knows is long outdated. The fact that Henry Ford was once going to build an entire car including the fuel to run it from the products of marijuana and hemp needs to be examined very closely.

What really needs to be avoided is the plan that they have going on behind the scenes to destroy the economy to pave the way for the Amero and the North American Union which most people are totally oblivious to.

That plan calls for your demise as well as mine. That is a fact – Georgia Guidestones – failed nuclear false flag operations in Calgary – and the reincarnation wish of one Prince Phillip is all I need for proof. You decide.

If we turn the nation into a great big marijuana party they will steamroller you like the lemmings you are. Or would be if you see what I’m saying. We need the right to produce what is needed for our social circles. By whatever means necessary.

The evils will try to maintain their power at any cost – no member is beyond expendable. They don’t give a crap about us. Why should we hold them in high regard. They hate us. They are afraid – petrified of this truth coming out. Their whole plan is all about weakening and stupidifying us down to their level so it can be a fair fight. They have power but they are weak as hell.


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