What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Vote Ron Paul

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You like Obama? Or Clinton? Come on. I’d rather vote for George Carlin – the only person in the public domain who is thinking about the problem next to Ron Paul. Ron Paul should get all the smart people votes and that pretty much guarantees that Obama or Clinton will win (insult and pun intended). I’m having some second thoughts about Clinton’s presidency next to ‘their’ star OBAMA. I suspect Ron Paul is on the payroll. I like Paul the best, but Obama is their man. I still feel that Hillary is the one they want but with their obama it’s now hard to tell. They control both anyways. We know Clinton and her family and her background well enough to know she is a danger to us all and by that alone I had pegged her as the next one, because that is how the agenda – The New World Order – works. The great work. Placemen to do their bidding.

They have a strong fight ahead and will lose if Ron Paul gets any media coverage. McCain and Huckabee are other placemen waiting in the sidelines. Just like Achmadinejad and Chavez placemen that they control – I thought I liked Chavez. Paul has been governor of Texas for the last ten years – is he corrupt too? Or is he legit?

I can’t really tell about these politicians. I thought I liked Al Gore (until he made that unwatchable BULLSHIT movie). I thought I liked Colin Powell. You see people like Fitzgerald coming out against the grain – but it was all a scam – another coverup and they don’t need to practice they do it all the time. With everything. It’s amazing. And it has forced me to conclude something that I never really considered until recently.

Our civilization was purpose built to fail. It was designed to collapse from the beginning. Doomed to fail from the start. The end of the world is coming and they know it because they are doing it. Have done it.

Look at all of the other civilizations we have had. The mystery of these is only our mystery. They know. Look at Chaco Canyon. The Anasazi and the Hopi’s history reveals many truths about our history. The Mayan, Aztec and other indigenous civilizations of South America. The Indus Valley near the Pakistan – India border. In Egypt alone they had thousands of years of dynasties and hundreds of Kings of which we generally know of only a few. Why? Babylonia, Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu – There are more disappeared civilizations than they can account for. It is only with this evidence and the assumption that there is an immortal plan(*) can we see the current civilization as just another iteration. A repeating cycle. A loop. And we know because we have been through it before?

* See the conspiracy view of history and not the orthodox version.

There is an immortal plan. That doesn’t mean that it is run by immortals, but I suspect that the conspiracy is perpetrated by non-human entities that may be. These non-humans can be communicated with. And they do have things to say.


Aleister Crowley

Jane Roberts

Nikola Tesla

John Dee and Edward Kelley

Joan of Arc

I would like to add Leonardo daVinci and Nostradamus but I’m not too sure yet.

Actually, this is the first time I have focussed on this idea. There are many names to be added to this list. The facts are there. There is evidence of this activity throughout history and they are MAJOR players in the conspiracy.

The people who have made these contacts tended to name them – Lem, Uriel, Seth, Michael. Maybe they are individuals. Maybe they are Allies. What if they are posing as God? Or the Devil? Look up the words Scrying, Seance and Magick. Look up mediums and spiritualism or spiritism. This stuff is real.

This movie I just saw – Frailty – with Bill Paxton and Matthew McConaughey was a spectacular remake of an older movie. Not only a good movie it hit close to home. And scary. I think Bill Paxton is one of Hollywoods exemplars of goodness – as opposed to being a part of the grand conspiracy like Angelina Jolie is. But you can never be too sure.

The other side of this coin reveals the dark side of Western Civilization. In order for them to successfully create ‘Manchurian Candidates’ on demand requires a sleepy society and now that we are asleep their candidates are cropping up all over the place. I am dead certain that most of these school shootings – which can be shown to involve magick and ritual sometimes – are manchurian candidates ie sleeper agents. They laugh, probably, because most of these candidates are so unaware of their complicity that they could be called sleeping agents. I fear that they may be remotely controlled through the same mechanism that I have been trying to describe in this article.

The next leap in this train of thought goes like this. Remote viewing and other psychic experiments reveal indirectly that someone is interested in this holy grail of unaccountability. I think that we as vessel is the idea. Individuals can be prepared to accept these beings to control their bodies. The Holy Graal is us. Possession is another key expression. The idea that an operator can sit back in some underground control facility and possess another human is pretty far fetched I agree but is it true? Can it happen and if it can then does it happen?

I have made a leap from saying that there are angels to saying that there may be human operators remotely controlling homegrown manchurian candidates. The new question is are they one and the same? I never put religion square in the middle of mind control.

So, which candidate are you going to vote for?


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  1. well welcome to my world from waking up to the knowledge of being a real life cia created monarch sex slave and having lived “The Trueman Show” and even with all the physical evidence to prove it, you can’t beat big brother, National Security. Oh I forgot, for being tortured and used in the most inhumane way’s you can’t even imagine, your then threatened, murdered, labeled insane or driven to sucide. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I discovered who gave them the knowledge to contol another human being {without their consent or knowledge}as a slave. Finally, I no longer care to vote now that I know who rules the planet and what the GAME RULES are. I vote for God.

    diana williams

    March 5, 2008 at 5:58 am

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