What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

It Was a Democracy

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So what happened to Ron Paul? It’s over already. There was no fight. He was BS Deflector. Like Kerry – just there to make it look like Democracy. You haven’t voted since before Gerald Ford and LBJ. They don’t mind killing a President to set a lesson to the other members of the Satanic Conspiracy and show of power and untouchability, but they can’t get away with it if they do it all the time. We would notice after a while what they were doing so today they eliminate early.

For instance, JFK Junior was murdered before he had a chance to run. I continue to hold out hope for people like Ron Paul to turn out good but the odds are solidly against that premise. He was there as a last ditch effort to pretend that someone is looking at the real problems. To pretend that maybe there is some politician out there somewhere who hates the system like we do and that maybe there would be change.



O, forget Paul. Change is Obama.

Change. We need change he says. He is not lying either. But he wants your POCKET Change stupid. Things are going to change for sure. Like your autonomy, sovereignty, ability, freedom, rights, livelihood’s. The end of the world as we know it.

O, and the homosexual agenda will change. Their Due Diligence for Diversity.

O, and Nafta will change. The North American Union plan along with the Amero is their plan for us. You thought the great depression was behind us.

And, yes, even the change is going to change because the purposeful collapse of the economy is their change agent. When no one likes the US dollar they will give you the Amero and you will like it. If you don’t then you go to the prison camps that they are building that they say are being built to counteract change that they could have prevented before. Immigration problems. They say the Prison Camps are for potential disasters and FEMA is in charge. The have a good track record. They know disasters are coming because they are the cause. They were the cause. Nothing happens by accident. In politics and in everything else.

Did you know that some of these camps are already operating as prison camps? The people of New Orleans are still out there living in some of these camps and they are not free to leave still. WTF? When the hell was Katrina. GAWD! That is the kind of change we can expect whether you vote Democrat or Republican.

Worse disasters are on the way thanks to HAARP and the secret project to control the weather. They can create earthquakes with this machine by heating the ionosphere in a controlled manner to create giant lenses that can be focussed on the Earth to heat the surface. They can open the protective atmosphere to allow the sun to burn massive areas to a crisp. They could boil off the water or turn the area into a desert.

They can alter the feelings of masses of people on a global scale with this tool. They can put imagery in the sky with it – think about that for a second. They can put audio into your head from a distance – these are the technologies they will use against us that might seem beyond our ability to comprehend. They can pretend that they are god. Or whatever your culture has as it’s religious figurehead. Maybe you are more apt to listen to the devil – they can do that. Have done it.

They are the cause behind most if not all high profile crimes like Columbine and 911, OKC, 7/7 etc. Wherever they need a scapegoat they have mind control set into the culture to allow them to control individuals behavior from a distance. Their modus operandi is to gangstalk their victim (ie the men in black) and they will usually have a van or two parked nearby. They will use microwaves and personal contact to disturb and upset an already weakened psyche. They will use ethereal methods to get you to go somewhere or do something that you wouldn’t normally do. These are para-military operations. The people are soldiers. The act is of WAR. They need stopping by exposure. They cannot withstand any type of public scrutiny. Like the cockroach can’t stand the light.

If Paul Wellstone, Vincent Foster, David Kelly and Princess Dianna were all murdered because they didn’t toe the party line then why is Ron Paul still alive? Is he a part of the Black Magick Satanic Ritual called Revelation of the Method? Or is he a part of the Godhead-religious biblical-prophecy end-times Revelations? Well, those prison camps I mentioned above are in his state.

Either way there will be no one to save your ass but yourself. No one to look out for your family except you. No one to defend your rights, freedoms or anything else. Because they don’t care about us. Just like you don’t care about them.


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