What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Free Tibet and YOUR Ass Will Follow

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The truth is simple. The controlling elite should commit suicide now because what they have coming is not worth waiting for.

Tibet was the guardian of the secrets of mind control. One of those secrets may be that the human body is a vehicle which can be commandeered. Another secret may be the Galactic Sun energy that will put us in a higher state naturally starting at the moment that we cross the threshold of the galactic plane. And another may be the secret of our origins, our age as a species, and the truth about reincarnation. Rapid Perception – Slowing Time Down – this, the Zone, is the most important revelation.

Tibet held these secrets from the controlling elite for as long as it could in the fabled Xanadu, Shangri La and or Shambhala. The controlling elite families have known about these truths for thousands of years. Their biggest problem was that no one had enough physical power to get to the core of the protectorate. Their current problem.

They tried and tried to get it. From Gengis Khan, Adolf Hitler to George Bush. I suspect that they are unable to get to the real truth because it’s multidimensional and possibly timeless. Their intention is to force it. Chinese Security Forces Maintain Calm in Lhasa. Forced calm is like a dam ready to burst. What Tibetans want is what I want – peace and quiet and the right to human potential. Is this also what you want?

The information that is giving the power elite the edge right now was written in the Kang Shur or Kang Jur that was stolen by the NAZI’s during the WWII. The secret shadow government managed to bring most of this information to America through the Vatican engineered ratlines and Project Paperclip. This is why we live in a fear environment by design. This is why they need to keep us down and stop at nothing to stupidify us. This is why the most powerful country in the world has the dumbest population.

The story must be something like this. The cycles of the story so far goes way way back. They knew about the precession of the equinox because they were old (I mean we mostly).

There was a time long long ago when we were living in Atlantis and as we aged we learned a lot. We made free energy and all lived in harmony. Then there came a time when some people decided that other people should be controlled. Say an outcast society perhaps. Then they took control of the world – as far as they could using the technologies that they had.

But we are all rebellious and doubly so having known the paradise of Shambhala we humans regained the power. The different energies effect us humans as our solar system cycles around the Galactic Center. Half the time we are like Gods because the energy is higher on one side of the galactic plane – (check this yourself I’m only 90 percent certain about this). They knew that they had to hide the truth in different places until the solar system gets back into the higher frequency.

Beyond speculation, guessing and otherwise unknowing perhaps it is the other way around. I mean Tibetans seem to have usurped reincarnation and focussed the collective on one man – the Dalai Llama – and I have to wonder if that is/was the right thing to do. Which brings me back to the question, “Is the truth too dangerous for the general population?” Is it our right? The only reason that one group would hide this most sensitive of information is to prevent the eventual destruction of our entire existence, unless they are in on the control the masses scam. Well, I for one would like to know.

Why should any of this information be stored away in the vaults of the Vatican? Who the hell are they to force upon us IDOLATRY?!?

The truth is, IMO, that if everyone had the power then there would be no evil (eventually). Evil exists precisely because we allow secrets. The danger we face now is way more prevalent than it ever was. The best thing for us masses to do is to remain positive. The first step towards that goal is awareness. You have to separate yourself from the lies.

The biggest secret is that we are way too powerful to control and come 2012 and beyond if we can prevent their control mechanisms from being put in place – primarily their number of the beast chip and tracking systems – we will be way, way out of their control and I know beyond a shadow of doubt that this is GOOD. Left to our own devices humans are GOOD. This is not a guess – you know it. We could be FREE but evil is in the way.

You have to live in the now. They (the controlling elite) will stop at nothing to keep you living in the past and preparing for the future. Forget about that as much as you can now. Get happy and stay there. Force yourself to stay positive and in the moment. Stop as much of their electromagnetic negative energy entrainment as you can. Wi-fi is one of the worst things in this regard – seriously – go look at the electromagnetic spectrum. When we stop the multiheaded beast – money, corporations, secret services, secret societies, religion and it’s various support mechanisms fear, greed, laziness etc. – it would be just a matter of time that love, free energy, happiness and harmony will prevail. Good versus evil.

Everything they have ever given us is for the purpose of keeping us in the negative state of mind. Think about that. Looking for someone else to solve the problem? There will be no messiah to save you. At this stage I am uncertain of the proper course of action. All I can say is get this information out there somehow – some way – the truth needs to be out.

On the same token it is absolutely imperative that we channel our anger. They know how pissed off we are. If we play into their hands we are doomed. We absolutely must be aware of the deck they have rigged. They are wanting us to revolt. We need more information, but energy belongs to us.

If you are sitting in the Vatican Library (or other such institution of truth hoarding) and you believe in GOOD then consider the cause of evil and release the truth. Consider the consequences and look at the state of the world now. Mother earth could use a good cleansing. But it’s the system that needs cleansing not the people. The information that you are sitting on is vital to the big picture. We have a right to know – I think.

The 2012 timeline is their goal – we need to break them before they get the lock on.


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