What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Triumvirus of Evil

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The Christian, Muslim and Judaic religions have monopolized reincarnation, time and language to preempt our natural spiritual growth. This triumvirate is the enemy of mankind and fear is their greatest tool. To beat them live in the Now, reduce your dependence on them for your needs, distance yourself from negative people, live in peace with peace and by peace and above all when you do die don’t be steered by fear.

Rick Strassman explains DMT

Reincarnation is real. Here is an article that shows some examples of past lives inroads into science; evidentiary tributaries of the river of truth. i-died-in-jerusalem-in-1276

José Argüelles is the lead frontiersman of the solution to this time problem. This interview at New Dawn is too short but gives a good insight as to where this great man comes from. Visionary of the New Time. Get yourself a 13 moon calendar from the Law of Time Foundation and get in tune with the real reality.

As for language you need to seek the truth from your own angle. My avenue had Terrence Mckenna, Noam Chomsky and Hans Jenny on it. David Bohm, Einstein and Carl Jung; Implicate Order, Relativity and Syncronicity – all science and all religions give way to the truth eventually. Their trick was to separate them all and complicate the matters to confound us – by and large it has worked. Babylon was a committee of these evils and not god.

The truths about time, language and reincarnation are not the end of the lies. This is way out of range of normal perception so I can only claim suspicion. On the other hand these are educated guesses. I’m not jumping to conclusions or substantiating foregone conclusions. I know some things for certain like you can’t trust these institutions, humanity is being guided towards some hellish totalitarian state and truth on every level is being suppressed. I am positive that all people are inherently good and all of their actions are meant with the best intentions. I’m not being naive here either because I believe all mental disorders and other retardation also have external sources – the parents may be sick during copulation, the mother may be irradiated during pregnancy or vaccines may be contaminated before application – this stuff can be taken care of in an ideal society. I am sick of the bullshit effluent society we are living in now. If the truth were out about everything it would still take hundreds of years to right the course and bring about any kind of perfection.

I was browsing for energy efficient cars when I noticed a Canadian company was producing an electric car that cannot be purchased in Canada but is selling like hotcakes in the States. WTF?! The ZENN can’t get approval on a federal or provincial level. How do we force things like this through? We have a right to help reduce greenhouse gasses! The brotherhood doesn’t even know who it’s really working for when they suppress these free energy technologies. The enemy has subverted every organization including the one you work for probably. The enemy of humanity will stop at nothing to ensure a stranglehold on it’s established system of control.

The way to tell whether a source is axis or allied in the war of good vs. evil? First of all it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between any of them. Intuition needs to be cultivated and developed because this is the best method for determining the difference. Our psychic birthright is one of the secrets of the ages that needs to be public knowledge. The faith that good will prevail naturally needs to be readjusted until the war is over and good reestablishes at least an even foothold. Evil is winning because good people like you are oblivious to the fact that everything we do is working towards an hidden agenda. Every waking moment is furthering a cause, their cause. Evil is winning because it has a plan. If I knew that there was enough good in the world to beat the evil I would shut the hell up. The truth is suppressed. Suppression of truth is evil. That is how I can tell. Good needs a focus that has not been usurped. You are that focus. You are the decider and it is what you do in the Now that determines the future.

The people of these religions are all doing what they think is right. I fully believe that all people are good by default. There may be exceptions but the real source of evil people is external from the individual – they are made to be evil. The cultivation of demeanor is depending on the cultivators. Programming of society has been left to these religious cults and their heirarchical systems for thousands of years. The system itself is made to work for these hidden controllers of civilization. Without these myriad layers of protection humanity would lynch them so fast. They are masters of manipulating perception. They are masters of manipulating reality. Even our lifespans have been manipulated. The reason: it now takes the average human longer to realize this scam.


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