What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Hyperdocilated Sheeple and Laycows

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The latest scandal in the US Congress about the forcing of the bailout plan saw the members threatened or blackmailed with martial law. Worse they took it and now the martial law is going to come anyways – if they get their way. The fact they are printing money faster than we can spend it seems to be going under the radar – M3 anyone?

On the anniversary of the great flood they murdered Benazir Bhutto(an avatar of peace) in cold blood – broad daylight – total deniability. You got to look at who benefits – then like Occams Razor the light falls right on the perpetrators. But of course you have to look at all the players and countries of the big picture. The new prez of pakistan – the widower of benazir – tried to position himself at odds with the us and the next day the us had an illegal excursion that went unacknowledged. This is all not that far from Afganistan or Georgia they got their man in, Saaksavili, a known GANGSTER. Eventually he tried to take two breakaway states by a surprise night assault attack on civilians. Dirty bastard was caught off guard though. The club of baddies was extanguinated when they were surprised by an equivalent or greater unknown force out of Russia that had advance knowledge of the surprise attack planned and was able to ambush them. Apparently they captured a lot of us/isreali secrets as the retreating “OUR GUYS” were forced to abandon their equipment, network and plans.

On another related area of incidence we have pirates in Somalia who have managed to involve themselves at the highest levels – without any invitations – when they captured a ship in around 8/8/8 which was destined to start off WWIII by ACCIDENT. The ship was a dirtynuke and the pirates that got near the three containers were serevely radiated. Anyways, they are in the news now because of that otherwise they would be allowed to continue on because THIS IS AFRICA. If you never saw Blood Diamond and Hotel Rawanda you got to now. So now they steal a big oil tanker and suddenly they are a “global problem.” Soon if not already that pirate base will be completely obliterated because they weren’t invited and the stakes were so high. So who are the real baddies here the pirates who stole the ship, the oil tankers owners or the club of baddies themselves?

Also significant and not unrelated is the involvement of the prince in coming to the aid of poor dying suicidal farmer victims of corporate field bio contamination scandal in india – the farmers are dropping off at something like 20 or 100 a day from suicide because monSatan(spellcheck knows) has patented their seeds.

But omg blah blah blah don’t forget about in Iraq when they stormed the palace and saddam wasn’t even there the biggest and most significant news was the looting of the BAGDAD MUSEUM when it occurred to me that this is what the war is really about.

They also had a big ol’ event on a significant date too that is related but i cant recall the details it was their main religious shiite temple and it fell right on one of these dates ie 311 911 77 i mean pattern and schedule make no mistake its the club of baddies and they are in your neighborhood too omfg. the pattern is unmistakable and the results in the end are the real clue as to the owners of responsibility.

Connections. That is what memory and ‘real’ news is about. The televisions main purpose is to bypass our natural defense mechanisms. Just do a little research into mind control, hypnotism and propaganda, consciouness or advertising, memes and memetics, sales techniques including ‘how to pick up women’, self help gurus like Anthony Robbins, stage hypnotists like Derrin Brown, the list goes on…any one of those examples shows how susceptible people are to these things – you know? Mind control, hypnotism and consciouness manipulation at a distance.

Alan Watt on Alex Jones interview about it. 2 3 4 5 6 7. Alan Watt on Rense interview about television brainwashing. Cutting Through The Matrix 2 3 4 5 6.

Digital TV: Mind Control by the Sound of Silence.

Now this is potentially whats dangerous about Jake Kotze and Steve Wilners work. They are both pretty good, but I get the impression that both of these guys are not really old enough to know the connections they are making. Then again they are both into and about syncronicity – mysticism – spirituality – symbolism and the occult and the all inclusive collective unconsciousness. And of course I’m not qualified to judge any of these people. But it has occured to me about the role of Tavistock and SRI in the movement of the new age. And that the whole spiritual awakening just might also be entirely engineered – like the UFO disclosure stuff we got coming up in our near future. And this is the stuff that the club of baddies have kept secret for the ages. And they do have a new campaign going on to freak us out(wood on mars). So I am left with only suspicion and their work to analyze. Oh but I do like their work and subscribe to many of their ideas. But are they agents of disinformation?

In the case of Wilner he advertises a brand of monoatomic gold seen on Rense (i dont promote but i do surf it for news) and he trusts the Brotherhood of the Snake to operate on his JAW – gawd man the risks if you are their enemy. I think I know about monoatomic gold and sense that I came to know about it at close or near the same time that Wilner did. But i would not eat this stuff, man. You can’t trust anything you don’t make yourself especially in that department. Do you get the kicker about it though? It’s one of the secret ingredients to spritual enlightenment and ranks right up there with DMT, the real chocolate (xocoatl is that how you spell it?)and amarita muscaria, which may or may not have been the very anointment of JESUS.

Surprised by looking into the story about Mumbai about the first guy that got it. Turns out to be the lead anti-T guy in India who had found evidence of certain Indian officers involvement in other incidents – even arrested some. An article I read from a Pakistani journalist indicated that it was a bungled inside job that was supposed to look like their 911 – that makes alot of sense because they have been having trouble keeping their plan on track. Remember John O’Neill at WTC. That hotel in Pakistan was also a false flag just like this and maybe all of the other ones.

The Greek riots went off Dec 6 the anniversary of Pearl Harbour..? Does that relate to the French riots that were about the same thing or was it about the same thing? Civil unrest in France 2005 and Youth Protests 2006. Two teens getting it after getting chased by the cops into an electrical station or a teen getting shot point blank directly having been reported as ricochet accident…hmm? The police were involved in both cases they must be the culprits then hay? Shh!! They are like ‘what the hells the matter with you guys see we can get a plan off’. They pulled off 7/7 very well ‘cept for that one guy who spilled the beans that there was an identical drill scenario in operation as it happened. But its not the cops(in general) or the banks fault and the violence is entirely futile – watch and learn people because something benefits from this – WHAT IS IT?

Anyways I got to thinking is there a relationship to the riots in Belarus so I looked at the globe. Sproing!! Theres the pattern. Sigh. Iceland, Belarus, France, Ukraine and Greece would make 5.

Hope you’re not tired of reading. The Rothschild Octopus. Democracy and accountability are an illusion.

Federal Reserve causing crisisSomalia Pirates need serious spankingGeorgia Guidestones VandalizedABC tries smearing David Icke again but this time just gives him exposure…I smell a fish.

You know I actually am coming back around to appreciate these peoples authenticity – David Icke on Alex Jones 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 | Michael Tsarion on Alex Jones 2 3 4.

Chuck Norris on Alex Jones 2 | Ron Paul on Alex Jones

Michael Tsarion video – Architects of Control is pretty good. It’s worth the purchase. It’s gonna be controversial. Just that the ruling underclass hasn’t seen it yet.

Soviet Subversion of the Free World Press – 1984 – 1:21:28 this is the video that made me realize that we are under communist subversion and have been since before the end of the war.

G Edward Griffin More Deadly Than War 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.

Anthony C Sutton June 1980 ‘Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler.


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