What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Humans Into Oil

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Ever wonder why every ancient artifact found gets hidden away in some obscure room most likely never to again see the light of day. Want to see a strange subject? Check out OOPArt in a google search. (OOPART pt2 video) OOPart Archaeological Discoveries – Humanity’s Origins PT1 pt2 pt3 pt4 pt5

If Atlantis did exist then where are the skeletons and bones of what must be gazillions of people? There is archaeological evidence on the Earth(Google Earth Anomalies) of ancient civilizations that cannot be explained by modern science. If ancient technologies really exist how are ‘they’ able to keep it all so secret? ‘They’ are the controllers of humanity and I suspect that they are not human.

They love to terrorize us – some people claim that they somehow feed off our fear, hate and loathing. Like psychic vampires. It is these same beings that spawned the myth of vampires. Some claim they are not physical beings – some claim they are reptilian shapeshifters and/or extraterrestrial aliens. I am not alone in my opinion that these inorganic beings are elves, fairies, angels, demons, leprechauns and just different perspectives of the same thing. My contention is that our most famous people in history all have had experiences with these beings. Channeled, possessed or otherwise interconnected with a realm that is hyperdimensional and timeless these people have brought us technologies. Technologies that further ‘their’ control as opposed to liberating humanity (- see Michael Tsarions videos).

If there is a realm loaded with transmissible information that is timeless then my rational self insists that all knowledge already exists. If that is true now then it must have also been true throughout history. The words templar temple tempest temporal temper tempo are all clues for the laymen but the controlling elite know all about it. All the stuff they pull on us now they were able to pull on us then. For instance the basic recipe for mind control is in the Egyptian Book of the Dead: Debility, Deprivation and Dread. S-Quad technology has been in use against us since before the reign of Saddam Hussein – the self proclaimed reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar – himself the self proclaimed reincarnation of Nimrod the builder of the Tower of Babylon. I have been listening to William Henry – this guy is awesome as a researcher and also as a radio talk show host.

So now they got a new technology that they just can’t seem to tweak right (or so they say) that can turn anything into oil. Warren Buffet built a plant in central North America for this very purpose. He might be a nice guy – but you don’t get where he is by being nice. The club of baddies that he hangs with are responsible for all these FEMA camps and train cars with shackles and creeping socialism and NWO population reduction. This is the most obvious long(est) term solution to me. All the useless eaters are going to end up as crude oil that they can then store in the existing reservoirs for as long as needed. Say 13000 years or so…

We might not even think Stalin was a bag of shit if he had this anything into oil technology. Just think of all those mass graves around all the major cities in Russia. Imagine a 300 mile 4 lane highway made of severed hands in on instance – or 15000 Polish officers in another instance. The numbers of murders are phenomenal, and this is just WWII sans popular victims. I think Henry Makow is spot on with his analysis of WWII and the Satanic cult that rules the world.

This is why we build houses out of wood concrete and steel(it breaks down over long long long periods of time). This is why the ancient castles and pyramids are older than they say. Why the Sphinx has water erosion. This is also why the worlds information is now digital – how easy it will be for them to resuppress everything with one massive EMP blast (like from the sun).

They have been through this before – and so have we. Maybe this is what the pyramids and other monolithic architecture was about. Maybe that’s what motivated the actual builders. Like Nostradamus smart people try to get around this.


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