What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Doppler Shift Paradigm Shift

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Here, read this Henry Makow article entitled the New Paradigm and his new book “The Illuminati” – the cult that highjacked the world. Perspective, points of view and paradigms shape our world individually. The danger is that someone else has adjusted these unbeknownst to us for reasons that I go into in this blog.

Do you know what the doppler effect is? Then do you get the Paradigm Shift idea? I’m not preaching to the choir, I hope, nor am I speaking to stupid people. This post is for intelligent people who might otherwise be considering revolt. Revolution is their plan.

I found nice summary of the problem in a video: Nova Ordem Mundial explicada 1, 2 and 3. Time 30 mins. This has to be the most comprehensive and simplest explanation I have seen to date. I am interested to note that videos like this – people like Alex Jones – and others that have been pointing this stuff out for awhile – seem to be following an agenda. As if some countermeasure has been loosed on society at large in order to preempt something. As if they are anticipating an Awakening and they know whats coming so they are trying to cut us off at the pass.

I believe that they do know.

If you look at the organization of most secret societies then you can see that their main control mechanism(for it’s members) is ascended knowledge. Parts of the system include the truth about reincarnation, karma and time. Their hierarchical structure ensures that only those at the top know the big picture. It is the age of this conspiracy against humanity that is so unbelievable. Their secrets include the power of control that the elites use against us and to further their grip. These secrets belong to all of humanity, in my opinion, and would help us achieve something worth fighting for. A paradise on earth I believe that we once had.

The main point I am trying to make is that our solar system is moving into a higher vibration. This is something that the ancient civilizations were aware of. The new godless version of reality was made to be this way on purpose. The truth about humans is we are millions of years old. Races are genetic manipulation. It’s is all about frequency, cycles and waves: short ones like microwaves, medium ones like years and long ones like kali yuga.

People with real answers like Royal Raymond Rife, Wilhelm Reich and Max Gerson (I just discovered from an interview with his daughter at the Conscious Media Network) have been systematically suppressed. Co-incidentally, Nostradamus was also a healer with the same problem of suppression and he was alive around the end of the dark ages. What was the dark ages? Information suppression, people oppression and spiritual depression. The Inquisition was one of the power mongers last stabs at total control. The bible asserts that the only real evil is spiritual retardation.

The pope stands between us and god. The Vatican Library is exclusive to the Roman Catholic Church and is loaded with information. They now spend most of their time defending themselves, keeping cures secret and controlling populations. They have plenty of mind control secrets. The stuff I am talking about is ancient knowledge. A good example of what I am referring to here is the Piri Reis map as discussed by Charles Hapgood. Another is the Antikytheria Device. Sugar is one of the weapons they use against us. Body chemistry they know all about. The Solfeggio Frequencies is another piece of incriminating evidence that leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Forgotten In Time: The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies. No wonder that bastard drives around in a bulletproof carriage.

I get a kick out of JezebelDecibel and her music – Love signal; music & frequency 528 Hz – that is based on these ancient solfeggio frequencies. I got to remember that this is all about love and not hate. There is order apparent in these numbers, Marko Rodin’s vortex-based mathematics part 7 of 44 – these ideas come from ancient knowledge too. The death of David Carradine – see Loren Coleman’s post on his Twilight Language blog – would be June 3 2009 or 3/6/9. Cycles and magic?

I figure that this coming time is a long cycle of heightened awareness for all because of something emanating from the galactic center. The Swastika symbol – 卐 – is an ancient symbol of this center originating long before the Nazi’s used it. I am sure that this energy is good, enlightening and will cause us to become psychic. Evil, as opposite, will become exposed and extanguinated. The Catholic Church will go down hard unless they get their revelation 13 system in place. They need you to do it for them in oblivious ignorance and cooperative servitude. Do you know what you are doing?

I found William Henry to be another awesome historian/researcher and author/radio show host with some very very interesting points of view.
Audio Archive
Revelations Radio
2012 A Shift in Consciousness 2
The Illuminati and Stargates – 1:53:40
There are more interviews to be found – bring your notebook – there are more nuggets and threads in his interviews than any other. His books must be great.

And for more interviews, radio shows and videos theduderinok has the most interesting youtube channel.

David Wilcock is another guy you need to listen to and I just found a stack of interviews on Myth or Logic radio. There are six or more hour long interviews there that I am still listening through.

Camelot Whistleblower Radio is on live at American Freedom Radio on Tuesdays and Thursdays and they have an archive started as well.

After you have read all of these articles, listened to the radio shows and watched the videos on all these subjects apply your brain to the problem. You just might be the missing link.

Terribilis Est Locus Iste and has been since this cult has taken control of the world.


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