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Nassim Haramein on synchronicity

I discovered Nassim Haramein early 2010. His interviews are very interesting.

Playlist: 1/11 Nassim Haramein – Coast to Coast AM – February 3, 2010

Nassim Haramein on Red Ice Radio 06-15-08

His site The Resonance Project I was astounded to find out this angle of the truth I hadn’t examined before. I had never even heard of the Sun Stargate until recently. Earth Sized Ufo’s Using The Sun As A Stargate. Then I heard his theory about the Spheres coming out of the Stargate of the Sun. The truth is beyond the ordinary and here is another view. The truth is converging again. Nassim Haramein: The Schwarzschild Proton.

If this theory is right then the artificial moon story gets more weight. Something weird in the Whitehouse made Obama change NASA’s mind about going to the moon. Now, why would the evil Bush cabal want to go to the moon but the PTB now says no go? Something fishy there for sure. NASA is going ahead with a different plan along the lines of the latest moon bombing fiasco. They are gonna let another one go as if the last one was successful. WTF goes on there? Obviously can’t go until the BASE IS SECURED? I dreampt long ago of a huge nuke splitting the Moon. What a disaster that could be. Is the moon an alien base? That controls us humans since it’s been here? Was it always here or do the anomalies add up to something stranger than we can imagine?

Pyramids and Sungods: 1/4 , 2/4, 3/4, 4/4

The Veritas Show April 2009 interviews Nassim for 2 and a half hours he starts talking at 11:00 minutes.

I figure that this is plenty of info to swallow in one post so I’ll limit the conversation to Nassim Haramein here. There are so many branches to follow off of this. In the end though I like to think that there is only one truth and we are all just perceiving our own bits of the elephant in our own ways and by extension the story we each tell is going to be limited to that view. The real story is hyperdimensional.

8 more hours of Nassim Haramein :

Updated this post 1/15/11 My post Self Organizing Singularity has this interview as well. Of course, lots has happened since this post and more even since that Dec 23 post. I’m trying to find more about the moon. NASA is up to their necks in the piles of crap built around disclosure. They murdered Gus Grissom and now apparently this congresswoman (no G’s there) was supposedly hooked up with another astronaut. I think NASA really means Nothing Abnormal or Strange Around here! Never A Straight Answer brought us bureaucracy and red tape means REDS under the bed still. Fixed this until the truth nazis get to the uploaders again.

Notes from the topics in these videos:
Torsion Physics, Hyperdimensional Physics – the disclosure stuff going on – Global Warming – High Frequency Active Auroral Project, torque, Coriolis Effect, spin, fibonaci sequence, ancient civilizations, sacred geometry, hollow earth, Schwartzchild paper, crop circles, vedas, vaccuum density, centrifugal force, velocities, angular momentum, entanglement, david serida, OMG what a great explanation of the double slit experiment, I would ask Newton why he was in the bag, atoms are mini black holes, event horizon, white hole, delegate program, emissary program, research papers, GMO foods, neutrino, fractal time, ‘time is a function of the frame dragging of space’, merkaba, Michio Kaku, Vatican owns theSOHO satellite system.

Assyrian temple at Abydos, Flower of Life, 19.47 degrees, Japanese underwater pyramids, Chinese pyramids, archaeology, tetrahedrons, Issac Newton got most of his physics from ancient texts like the Kabala, Saturn hexagon, Spot, Sunspot, double torus, star of david, vortices, pole shift, inner earth theory, ice poles, galactic alignment, sun cycle, cycle of the sun, pole shift, 2012, mayan calendar, ancient civilizations, coral castle, Pythagoras, scientific dictatorship, education as retarder governor mindcontrol, ascension from the BULLSHIT, crossing the event horizon, the galactic equator, crossing the galactic equator, crossing boundaries, previous extinctions, planet x, demanding a relaxation of the concept of time, feedback evolution, Dogon tribe, elongated skulls, giants, sun gods, ufo files, alien intervention theory, missing link, ancient genetic manipulation, this is disclosure, crop circles.

Comet-like object possibly smashed asteroid?


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