What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

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I have been watching videos and paying attention as usual and I am detecting some things that aren’t quite congealed in my thought pool yet. There seems to be a lot of behind the scenes action going on if you follow David Wilcock and/or Benjamin Fulford (Divine Cosmos Exclusive). They are saying Kissinger is missing after having lost five of his own diplomats(this coming just after I got confirmation of the goofy bastards appointment as the popes advisor). Then, following the thread, there are dead top dogs like Herman Rockefeller that the authorities had to dig up out of someones back yard. In the same vein, I am hearing that there are international warrants out (Bush to the Hague) for the Bush cabal. That they have captured some of them and some are still at large. The gist I am observing has it that the dirty dirtbags that control the world through nefarious means as headed up by the evil Bush family are losing their grip on humanity due to another just as powerful cabal. The result of this behind the scenes battle is expressed in the Haiti Earthquake.

That’s just speculating I guess but that’s what I do here. Remember when that Muslim guy got set up at the base in Fort Hood? Well that seemed to start another volley of retarded false flags. While they distracted the world with the obvious black op psy op false flag they named the underwear bomber – they also showed us that they have the power to create massive earthquakes on a pinpoint(anomalous). The plan was made long before the event to send in troops. Now Haiti is OCCUPIED militarily with the approval of the rest of the world. Plausibly deniable?

Then I go to to read the news and found this video about the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Vancouver 2010 Olympics : Preparing for a False Flag Terrorist Attack. The first thing I am reminded of is the Canadian Proroguing of Parliament which I have never even heard of before. The first thought in my head was how in the hell can they even think about a holiday in a time like this? It must be a set-up. So, go on the alert for the false flag stuff. And that was before I saw this video.

Do a research yourself on false flag terrorism, agent provocateurs and get an idea of who benefits from that kind of thing.

Anyways another kick to support that thought is Oboomas budget. It’s as if the Satanist’s go into hiding when the heat is on but the second it is off they just get right back into business as usual. The case in Cornwall Ontario coming to a close is the signal they were waiting for. IMO.

I dunno where I got this thought but I tend to think that someone is evil when I can’t remember their name when I bring them up in conversation – the opposite of synchronicity. I am able to remember Obama’s first name now because of this cheesy saying – Potatoe patatoh whats the dif – extrapolation Irack Barack OMG is it just me? I never liked Obama(because I don’t watch TV) ever since he dressed up his family as Black Widows just to freak us out.

Anyways, some people from Haiti freak me out! A picture of the Haiti born Governor General of Canada Michelle whatsername eating a raw seal heart is exactly what I mean. Like WTF is that about? The Haiti thing is deeper than you can imagine. First of all the Voodoo stuff is nothing other than black magic. Investigating the Voodoo religion and voodoo inspired criminal cults. Obama’s aunt getting busted doing Santeria in the Whitehouse is bizarre , remember that? See the movies Serpent and the Rainbow and the Believers for the atmosphere of what I am saying. That Cristian group that got busted in Haiti trying to get kids safely out of the country is a suspicious story but, not in context. It’s sad that they actually got charged but I was thinking that they were stealing the kids. The truth is there is going to be a lot of that.

The globalists like children.

The main reason we suffer from multiculturalism is because they have been having a really hard time getting white kids in the numbers that they need. Do the research. These kids are going to be terrorized into doing even nastier things than their culture has bred into them. They integrate them into our societies now but the real effects I am talking about won’t start to appear for about six months. Then, North America will be a melting pot of Black Magic, gangsterism, crime and chaos just like they want. Then the solution they offer will be swallowed whole after being introduced on the Friday before the false flag event to the signers of the bill. It will be called something like protecting the interests of globalist’s security and safety triage yearly (PIGSTY) and we will vote yes yes yes please save us. OMFG this makes me mad.

So, back to Vancouver. Remember that Picton serial killer case? That story so reeked of satanism and corruption it should be remembered. I would be willing to be that it has something to do with what’s happening right now. Wasn’t his farm in the lower east side? It should also be noted that the frickin’ Olympics themselves is one huge magick ritual, you know, with the eternal flame, etc, etc…

If my Valentines Day Pentagram theory is anything like for real you should be able to pinpoint a date. Maybe it needs to be overlaid the last year for significance in the points. Anyways, the Olympics start on the 12th which is soon. The dates 13 and 14 I suspect because of the historical significance – especially the Dresden Bombing. 2 – 23 hmm thats the skull and bones number backwards. Maybe we got to wait until the 23rd.

I am expecting Goro Adachi to go crazy about now so I monitor his site minus the subscription.
actually he doesn’t go crazy until after something happens then he goes see see I told you I told you haha. His track record for predictions is better than mine though. I mean Hillary is not president and I was pretty certain.

I figure also that Truthergirls and ravenise‘s youtube channel will be good to monitor as well. Here is his take on this 2010 False Flag Setup. Something seems to be brewing for this period.

So, if you are there, you got to be on the lookout for strange things, get hyperaware if not hypervigilant because these assholes do not play fair! The most likely scenario might be the last thing that happens. The people there have been warned, though. I’d be prepared for anything from power outages to riots in the streets to an earthquake with or without a tsunami.

One thing I know for certain: it ain’t over yet.


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