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BlogInt: Ass on a Platter

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Chossudovsky: US will start WW3 by attacking Iran

Lookout reply to this video on Alex Jones

If the U.S. goes to war with Iran, it will have its ass handed to it on a silver platter! The U.S. can not win a war with China and Russia even if they have Israel and the E.U. on its side. Good God, China has enough people to just give everyone in their country a shovel and send them to Israel. Israel would run out of ammo before the Chinese dug a trench by hand all the way around Israel and shoved it off into the ocean.

CrossTalk: Norman Finkelstein vs. Israel if you can stand the idiot guy talking it’s not a bad video. Of course now I got to find out more about this Finklestein guy. Norman Finkelstein – The truth about Zionism (Part 1) Norman Finkelstein – The truth about Zionism (Part 2). More decent Jews need to stand up for what is right.

The Joe Stack false flag in Austin Texas, the Gonch Bomber, the Fort Hood Patsy, the Whistler Blow Op, and the failed provocateur crap in Vancouver(more) are all staged fear mongering. Airport Security: Welcome to Scannergate Terror Scares A Boon for Security Grifters. After the opening ceremonies never produced the anticipated violent, out of control protests like the establishment wanted, they then decided that Toronto is where it will happen. Feds feel secure with chosen G20 site then I read about Korea hosting a G20 event: Security Is the 1st Priority for G20 Summit. Immediately, there is a problem with passports.

Which brings up the dirty Mossad(How I escaped Mossad’s clutches) and their Not Failed PsyOp Assassination of the Hamas Leader in Dubai. The reason I say not failed is because it was not a failure – they got in, did the job and got out without getting caught. Their leader is even quoted saying the failure was with the media. But was it a failure or a staged event to draw attention to something they would like to focus our attention on? Like how easy it is to counterfeit passports. The hidden Satanic agenda to microchip the population requires us to ask for them.

The truth is obvious to me. State Sanctioned Child Porn Exposed by the State? looks more like Angermongering. ABC is and always has been a CIA tool.

I was kind of freaked out about Hillary going to Saudi Arabia. That’s when this latest salvo of attack Iran started to hit the fan again and I was wondering WTF, who is she taking orders from? Then I later heard some other politician meeting King Juan Carlos in Saudi Arabia a day or two after she was there. Her penchant for red and his title of King of Jerusalem is evidence enough for me. It probably went like this, Juan Carlos met Hillary in Saudi Arabia telling her to step up the assault on Iran or face the consequences – one of the aides that observed the meeting was later killed – then Juan Carlos goes to the Whitehouse to meet Obama. Obama is possibly standing in the way of the Satanist’s and that would explain a lot. Is The MIlitary Threatening To Kill Obama? Barack in the Crosshairs.

If I never saw this video on first I probably would be suspicious anyways; Bill Gates Calls for Population Reduction. Do you know about his involvement with the Norway Doomsday Seed Vault. A joint venture with Monsanto and other nice corporations that have our well being at heart. I was always suspicious that he would donate most of his cash to a ‘philanthropic’ cause that were really population control organizations.

As a long time reader of David Icke I have yet to see an alien or reptilian shapeshifter (that I’m sure was one) but if I had to guess I would say Icke himself looks reptilian (that is just rude, I like David Icke). It’s this look that has me thinking. Why is it that Stanton Friedman and Salmon Rushdie look like twins? And now Gates has this look and Jobs too and are these the aliens that some people are saying walk amongst us? John Lear is another one and Steven Greer and what is it that these people are saying. Greenspan. Is the Thirteenth Tribe what is behind this and the Zionism that some Jews hate? Sensitive positions and big money is exactly where the reptilian race would show up.


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