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They Live and V Are True

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Updated again Jun 2012.
And again on Jan 10 2014
I’m redoing this. It’s 2011 now and I’ve decided to keep this post active since you “people” like it so much. The story is the same almost. I have made several conclusions since but this article is still relevant. It will always be relevant. So, here’s my take on They Live and V then with polished up links and a bit of addition it’s almost an entire new post.


I’m beginning to suspect that these productions are more than just fiction. If there really is an alien agenda wouldn’t it make sense that they would infiltrate their enemies ranks to foment dissent and strife and confusion. Has this really happened?

Scenes from John Carpenters They Live

The preacher We got one that can see The glasses The Game The Sell out

Here is an analysis of They Live in exactly the context I am after for this post.

They Live We Sleep, Deeply [1 of 3] [2 of 3] [3 of 3]

What started my suspicion is this: 80% of Jews aren’t even Jews!
Youtube:80~90% Jews are NOT Semite – They Never Belonged to Israel
Youtube:Khazar and Ashkenazim Jews
Book:The Thirteenth Tribe – Arthur Koestler
Blog:Discovery of Khazar capital unearths more about Ashkenazi Jews.

Then there’s the fact that some are Jews Against Zionism

Is the purpose of Communism just to kill off all of the people that can see the alien presence?
The current Zionist threat to us is very much Communist in nature. The New World Order is “Communism”. I figure that this is why disclosure is not forthcoming. The aliens have experienced plenty of human ‘acceptance’ throughout history. That is why real history is hidden and vaulted away in places like the Vatican. They ‘chose’ the Jews because they could be blamed for everything. Are bluebloods aliens? Are they Khazars or Ashkenazi? Is the Zionist conspiracy to cover up their extraterrestrial origins? Were the Bolsheviks murdering alien whistleblowers?

It’s almost a given that aliens were here.
Here is where I had a set of links to the Ancient Aliens TV show but the assklowns think they will make more money by making people pay for it. Hahahaha, losers!

Ancient Aliens Season 01 Episode 02 The Visitors

Plenty of “credible” people seriously think aliens walk among us.
The ET presence
The Alien Presence On Earth
Aliens Among Us (The Grays)
Who are these whistleblowers anyways? And just whose whistle is being blown?
John Lear
Bob Dean – The Wise Man of UFOlogy
Canada Admits – Alien Technology Operated by the USA – Is Hellyer an alien?
Many disclosure connected people also have roots with some very interesting historical figures.
Yakov Sverdlov, a Bolshevik, was grandfather to Stuart Swerldow – Hyperspace 101. Reptilians and Mind Control – Stuart Swerdlow on Coast. Isn’t it odd that he would be so involved?

Is V the original series and the new V the series more truth revealing or disinformation? Like the Matrix, X-Files and Lost there is so much truth in these shows that it’s hard to tell.

The Arrival

The Arrival (Charlie Sheen) full movie 1080P

The Arrival – Tell them

Altered States, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Forbidden Planet and Day of the Dead, on and on, are they all bits of the same story? [I hadn’t seen Avatar either at the time of writing]

Hulu Superbowl Commercial and live Shapeshifting Caught on CNN (get the topic? I just had to include that) seems a lot like some kind of gradual disclosure. Or is it just long term mind control? Confirmed Reptilian Ex Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.

How to spot a reptilian?
Liverspots, slitted and beady eyes, mind control techniques, royal family connections, overt stupidity, scofflaw, controlling, lying, truth denying, red shaded sunglasses but most of all is the feeling you get from hearing, seeing and being near them. They also have a really intense desire to keep you spiritually depressed, loaded with fear or angry. And boy do they get upset when you rock the boat, think outside the box or expose their machinations. Their activities cannot withstand any level of scrutiny. I recently discovered they are as horny as possible and extremely narcissistic. They have no empathy and very little consideration for others.

Having exploited our emotions for so long is it any wonder they would be afraid of us? Our entire civilization is constructed to prevent society from figuring out the alien presence. It seems pretty clear and obvious to me. Humanity has been infiltrated by an alien race in a Conspiracy that is Too Monstrous to Conceive let alone believe. They are hell-bent on keeping us from escaping their control. This is why they need to reduce the population. They know that we occasionally wake up from their hypnosis. They have the capability to wipe us all out but they need their sex slaves and worker ants and, especially, our DMT.

Satanic Agenda designed long ago to enslave us

This has article has changed from the original again in 2014. Also my opinion has changed. The war of good versus evil is still easy.

It’s the negative aliens vs the positive humans. Even the negative humans will come around to realize the danger they are in. Hopefully there are positive aliens but I wouldn’t count on it. Maybe the Annunaki are good but the Nephilim are definitely bad. The moon conspiracy is part of this too.

They murdered those astronauts, it was not an accident! Gus Grissom even said as much in his last transmission, IMO. And this is the thread to the secret space program as revealled by Gary Mckinnon in 2000 or so.

I put up an About Me post. And if you never read this Acounterpost Now! about Facebook – more relevant now, 2012 after their IPO scam, than ever.

More new additions in 2014

“They Live” Star Rowdy Roddy Piper Speaks w/ Alex Jones

‘Aliens could share more tech with us, if we warmonger less’ – Former Canada Defense Minister

“V” The Original Mini-Series:Part 1 (1984)

V:The Final Battle Part 1

V:The Final Battle Part 2

Kubricks Odyssey Part 1 Truth is Stranger Than Fiction !!!! 2 3 4

Steven Greer – Art Bell – September 17 2013 – 9-17-2013

John Searl Story

Hope the Global Awakening is successful in breaking us free of the Archons

It’s interesting to see now after so many years in this genre of researching, that the awakening is growing exponentially and the truth is coming in droves and all these anecdotes stories and conspiracy theories are tying together in so many ways. I have been able to conclude that there is only one singular all encompassing truth and all the threads lead to it. This is the human condition and I really think we have the capacity to transcend this satanic slave system.

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Art Imitates Life

Space Race and Other Indigenous Species

Secret Space Wars Preventing Disclosure


3 Responses

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  1. you seem to be smart enough to see a little bit, so make an effort and get rid of stupid extra T ideas brought to your mind by mind…control , you re almost alive, just rethink the whole by yourself, and you ll see.
    keep going mate

    3 7 9

    September 5, 2010 at 11:57 pm

  2. I’m just getting started with watching the many vids from this “Waking Up To The Next Level [pt 1]” post, but have to say the movie clip was powerful in and of iteself (They Live, John Carpenter). I’m now prompted to go find the entire movie and view it. Will return again at a later date once I’ve finished with the movie and viewing the many vid selections you’ve offered on your post.

    Some questions comes to mind for me based on your text content, even without my having completed the viewing of your many presented vids:

    what about confirmation bias here?
    I mean – if we gain a particular worldview based on fiction that says “Aliens are here,” then how do we think critically about such topics?

    We have entire generations (2 or 3 most recent generations) caught up in the hype of science fiction (myself included, my generation, in particular – 60’s, 70’s onward), so how do we think critically about all this stuff?

    What guidelines for fact or fiction do we implement here?



    February 27, 2011 at 11:49 pm

    • Wow haha tough tough questions! Very awkward position for me too. I am not 100 percent convinced the “Aliens are here” only 100 percent suspicious. I wasn’t always thinking this way. There is always the possibility that all of it is disinformation. If they are here then I figure they were always here and the world of information is under their control. The only guideline I have to offer is telling people “awareness is key” – “critical thinking is good” and “don’t take my word for any of this!” Thanks for the comment


      February 28, 2011 at 12:57 am

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