What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

BlogInt: Water Smelling Phishy

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The Biggest Scandal in Canadian History is breaking out as you read this. Dead Mans Musings article on the Monopolization of Canada’s Water. Here is the MP3 Download of John the Whistleblower. Listen to Paul Drockton’s Dead Man Musings Radioshow: Here. Mar 2nd he is gonna talk about the Hollie Grieg case in Scotland! David Ickes Headlines Page Hollie Greig international attention

Water Exports and the Water War Crimes

A small group of Canadian political insiders saw the opportunity to earn massive profits for themselves from the export of Canada’s fresh water and set about on a fraudulent and corrupt scheme to capture for themselves an illegal water export monopoly so they could line their pockets with revenues from the sale of Canadian public assests and gouge American consumers.

The water in Canada is free! Why should some crooked bastards make a gazillion off of it for themselves while ripping people off in California. There is no benefit from this for Canadians, Americans or anyone else but that small group of conspirators that are also foisting the NWO on us.

Waterwarcrimes. This is Fascism. It happened in Germany before the WWII. This is a perfect example of what is wrong with this place. The politicians are proving to be crooked enough to kill anyone involved to cover up their involvement. Even if it its their friends who have taken bribes.

Nine dead judges tells me that there will be more whistleblowers soon because the system is beyond broken. The insiders see the lack of loyalty now. You are dead either way. Might as well start repairing your karma now.

When good ideas go bad another suspicious heart attack!

This is organized conspiracy at the highest levels. This is Satanism. Expose the evildoers. Stop the corruption. Trudeau was as communist. Communism is Satanism. Our culture allows this to go on. No one would let it go on if they could help it even if they could see it. Especially if they could see it.

Every one of them fears exposure. They will kill their own friends and family to keep it under wraps. The satanic network cannot stand the light. This case exposes the satanic network like no other story.

This is what I mean when I say that there are only so many thumbs available to plug the holes in their dyke. Their days are numbered if you can stand up to them and expose them for the evil that they represent.

It is your future that is being highlighted here.

The idea that the UN wants total control of all of our water irks me to the max. If this gets buried the larger plan will go on unhindered.

Deregulation is as bad as it can get. Remember Enron. The system needs to change.

These two cases are not the only ones they would like to see disappear. The problem is how far do you take it. If you don’t go all the way it will reinfect like the malignant tumor it is.

Could Rothschild Lawsuit Divide Canada?

Since we’re talking about fish and water and corruption and this is my blog where speculations are running rampant we might as well go the rest of the way.

In Brazil right now thousands of fish are washing up on the shore 90 tonnes some estimate. In Australia, fish have been reported falling from the sky and Something smells fishy in Au. This subject was unexplainable to me until now. Some strange news action in Yemen (Yemen declares state of emergency) causes me to suspect that they are testing the Seagate (Project Camelot whistleblower on Project Seagate). Someone should see if those fish are from Yemen. Wouldn’t surprise me.

The Earthquake in Chile, the flooding in Haiti and the mini hurricane that just ripped through Europe indicates that they are on high damage control mode. Atlantic storm Xynthia kills dozens in Western Europe I get it. It’s like Synthia and they made it, ie. Synthetic. Are we in an Earthquake War?


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