What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Reptilian Makeup Wearing Off

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A troll is a disgusting piece of scum that hangs out in sensitive forums, blogs and video comment areas hell bent on knocking people down and trying to control the direction of the conversation. Soliciting anger from other legitimate viewers and posters by way of ridicule, spam and disrespect for the purpose of keeping truthers in lower energetic states. They are the truth deniers, didactic experts and self declared authority figures only for subjects that are sensitive. In reality they are totally retarded and unable to contribute. Who are these trolls anyways?

When I first started going over the deep end I found a weird relationship between Comte Saint Germain, Grigori Rasputin and Joshua Norton (chronology). Do you see a relationship with these guys or is it just me? Rasputin was killed by poisoning, shot twice and drowned shortly before the Bolsheviks killed the Romanov family. Comte Saint Germain was a very influential alchemist and supposedly immortal. Emperor Norton had the presidency of the U.S. before George Washington. You never even heard of this history? Then the article at Henry Makow’s site about Cristian Rakovsky: Rothschilds Conduct “Red Symphony” will open your eyes to the scam of WWII. Bolshevism is the worst thing that ever happened to the Russians. Communism is the worst thing that ever happened to the world. The truth is in the records.

If the Protocols are a fraud then what was it originally?
Read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
I am not certain of the authenticity or the message. Let the protocols speak for their own authenticity.

I have investigated this problem since I started to wake up almost ten years ago and have kept my opinion about the Jews neutral and gave them the benefit of the doubt. Now, I am polarizing and my opinion about them solidifying towards the Jews and against Zionism. This stance is not anti-semitic. Jews are not Zionists! What is bothersome is the fact that the conspiracy is being tied to the Jews. The media seems to be steering the world to drive the Jews into the sea and I find it odd that the Jews would do that to themselves.

What about the Kaballah, the Zohar and Torah? Who owns the Tree of Life, Flower of Life and Cube of Space? Are they alien in origin? Jews may not be the only group of people that have been infiltrated by these Khazars. I want to clear up this misunderstanding. My goal is to expose the truth for what it really is and not what I think it is. That little task is getting more difficult as time goes on. How can we make a decision on this with so much disinformation? Truth deniers be damned!

We don’t hate Jews. We need them to stand up for the truth now more than anytime in history. Good and decent Jews like Michel Chossudovsky, Norman Finklestein, Barry Chamish, Mordecai Vanunu and Henry Makow are leading by example. Do your part to expose the truth for what it is. Evil cannot withstand any kind of transparency. There is a division I have found.

This is what we humans hate: We hate being lied to, misinformed and propagandized. We hate being poisoned through our food, water and education then sickened, later medicated and finally killed by these seemingly broken systems. We hate being negative, angry and fearful. We hate that our morality, common sense and ideals are being eroded. We hate being controlled and steered in ways we wouldn’t choose. We hate torture, porn, bestiality and violence. We hate war. We hate that our children are being tortured, raped and eaten. We are beginning to hate the media, corporations and the government for their stance on tolerance, diversity and sustainability which is allowing this garbage to proliferate. We hate the Zionist Satanic New World Order Neo-Con Common Purpose network that is making the Jews look guilty of all this BS. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it is the Jews. Either way this has got to stop because it doesn’t have to be like this!

Deep down we all know the truth: this can be a better place. Why are we being prevented from getting there? We know there is someone to blame. They know that we know. Our governments job is to protect us from this. We own the governments now.

These companies are for real. Alien Technology, Iridium, Digital Angel, Blacklight Power, Bloom. Is there a war for control of this technology actually going on behind the scenes? Do the research can you figure out what is going on?

Explore the connected entertainers. Elvis, Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson, Madonna – Wes Penre. Navy, alien technology, mind control, Kaballah – Satanism. Within the industry all these ideas are connected.

I figure that all of these ‘people’ might be the aliens that walk amongst us:

emmanuel, greer, jobs, freidman, lear, kissinger, icke, ratzinger, queen, chertoff, sotomayer, napolitano, laibow, stubblebine, reno, rael, tarpley, pye, blitzer, rivlin, kagan, silverstien, redstone,

The aliens shapeshifting make up is wearing off! And are they ever ugly! These are actual news articles if you don’t believe it search yourself.

Alan Greenspan
Al Gore coming out and relaying the panic
Bill Gates forging ahead with his population reduction plan
Van Rompuy the damp dishrag tries to get Nigel Farage fired Van Rompuy
Tzipi Livni to visit London to test arrest warrant
U.S., China Must Sort Out their Differences, Soros Says
Rupert Murdoch


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  1. Blacklight hasn’t proven themselves real, rather, they are incompetent and corrupt.


    July 22, 2010 at 4:28 pm

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