What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Galactic Seasons of the Great Year

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Red Ice Creations is looking for Chemtrail clips and video from you to include in their upcoming special. Interestingly, so is G. Edward Griffin on his website RealityZone. Here is his unfiltered news.

The elite have been modifying the weather for some time now. The Red Ice article
The Cloud Mystery – Galactic influence on Earth’s multi-million-year climate cycles and the news Laser makes rain on demand are eye opening to say the least. The PTB have far more than just weather modification at their finger tips.

The anomalous 5.5 earthquake in Toronto just before the g20 is a signal from the controllers of the shadow governments indicating their reach, power and untouchability. My how-to article Pwning the Poners is so timely. It’s interesting to see that the one strongest thing that came out of that meeting is the social polarization of the us vs them thing with the police. They are the ones that the elite need to be dumb, docile and servile and corrupt. They aren’t all that worried about us because they are going to kill us. Are killing us. The main reason they need stupid policemen is because they are also expendable TOOLS that they intend on killing as well. Trust me the new world order is not for cops. Finally the protesters in Toronto are protesting something useful. G20 protests continue as 1,200 march, sit-in at Queen and Spadina They’ll be back to march again, protestors vow. The Toronto G20 Riot Fraud: Undercover Police engaged in Purposeful Provocation At Tax Payers’ Expense. To clarify I mean the agents provocateurs (that are really cops) are stupid (worse really, more like fuckin’ retarded). To be sure I always thought cops were good. In fact I chose not to be a cop because I deemed myself corruptible. How retarded is that? I just saw the movie Serpico for the first time.

The queen comes to Canada and stops in of all places Winnipeg (Sinister Sites – The Manitoba Legislative Building ). I’m like oya watch something happen there now. And lo all of a sudden Winnipeg is in the news everyday since. First on the night she left there was several stabbings all random but not fatal. Then cops in shoot outs and today another stabbing and the one guy they caught for some other knife crime escapes and goes on another mini crime spree. You can tell she is a dirty evil person because of all the things that broke while she was lolly-gagging her way around. At first I thought, ‘how embarrassing’, but then it occurred to me that if she was on the up and up then everything would syncronisticly work. Her plane was broken on the flight out of Winnipeg. Then she goes to TO and on to NY to Addresses The General Assembly of the UN. Her own broken puppy.

My contention is that if this were a positive thing the UN would be called the UP. In the same vein I noticed the word Roman is really the reversal of the word Amor in the same way that live is reverse of evil. I’m trying to find out more about their private food source I heard about on Alex Jones. I have been meaning to write the article Diets of the Rich and Famous. That dirty shitbag prince phillip (oya my mum said if I din’t have anything nice to say about someone I shouldn’t say anything at all). So, trace their roots. They change their name so as not to be German during WWII. I’m sure they are the same alien slime that produced zionism. I just heard the House of Saud has roots in the same shitpile. I’m not racist – they aren’t a race or so they say.

Here is an Henry Makow interview I thought is interesting – and I had a listen to the ‘demonic possession’ interview as well. In the earlier stages of my blog I wrote up an article (Azimuth Full Circle) about William S. Burroughs and his views of possession. After listening to those interviews my feeling about the falseness of our ego is solidifying. One of the first steps to spiritual growth is losing the ego. I am now certain that ego is the biggest enemy of all mankind. Now I’m seeing ego as the holy grail. My earlier view was that the human being is the holy graal. Our ego is another global elites weak point; lose it and they lose us.

Here is an interview with the interesting author Steve Taylor: The Fall, History of Humanity, Civilization & The Ego. I found another interview:

The way I see it western – so called – civilization cannot comprehend the truth mainly because it’s built on lies. The perception that you maintain as a member of this culture is a result of the culture itself. If you were a member of some other culture your reality worldview would align with that culture. The controlled media is monodimensional. The news they give us is so shallow and untruthful it’s a wonder they have any weight at all, but that is our collective input stream; our main source of cultural guidance. A mistake they are for they don’t have a clue what the real truth is. In fact they are hell bent on wallowing in untruths, distortions and lies, ie money. The epitome of worthlessness in my opinion. Ahem, Beck. Here is another one.

The real truth is that they are losing their control of us due to forces that are out of their control. It seems to be a cyclical thing because they are aware of it approaching. I do not buy the Niburu/wormwood thing at all. There are plenty of theories involving something emanating from the center of the galaxy and I do believe in this. In fact, I think Galactic Summer is coming, but they are heading us off at the pass with global population reduction, big brother and WWIII.

And by “they” do I mean the very Huns that Patton drove his soldiers to remove from the planet? Possible. The invader aliens that formed the bloodlines of the current elite have evil in their hearts; their primary weakness. Evil cannot directly use the force of good which is COMING FROM the center of the Galaxy. Good people have it by default. Evil people lose it by default. To find out more about what is emanating from the center of the galaxy look into the words “black sun” and the real history of the SWASTIKA 卐 and it’s reversed 卍 meaning.

I really think that this is the driving force of the Global Awakening that YOU are now a part of.


Written by sugamari

July 15, 2010 at 3:59 pm

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