What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

JP Morgan to Die Buy Silver

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How to stop the NWO and defeat the globullish banksters? How in the hell would I know, that’s your department. I’m doing my bit, I think, here. Now.

I listen to Alex Jones ranting lately and find him increasingly angrier. I understand his anger too because people are so thickheaded when it comes to listening to raving lunatics – they tend to wall off and lump dump everything he says. I recently heard him bashing testosterone laden left brain biker types for cowering under the law and not taking the good fight anywhere. It seems to be getting pretty bad – extremist even.

He’s going nuts over Glen Beckk going nuts over state sponsored terrorism. Our state; their terrorism. Later or the next day I hear Heraldo (ya ya the punched nose reporter) maybe changing his mind over 911 via the 1300 architects and engineers as if they are the ones capable of critical thinking. And today Alex is ballistic over irradiated water coming from the added fluoride in the water!

The search engine optimization keyword hacking by Alex Jones and Max Kaiser (youtube) is interesting if not too revealing. It’s Jp Morgan death by Silver . Jp Morgan to die by silver bullet Kill JP Morgan With A Silver Bullet – Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver – Max Kaiser . I love the way Max Kaiser has this all figured out; everyone just buy a couple ounces of silver and take physical delivery the result would be, in Max Kaisers mind, total destruction of JPMorgan! Death by Silver Manipulation is like a fitting end for these dirty-sock-suckers. Is it not?

I believe the underlying mechanics of reality are really dark and nasty; the satanic takeover is almost complete. Here is a vid I found through that I find so interesting. 1 of 30 Kay Griggs Full Interview – It’s almost 8 hours long. If you make it through the first video you will probably be so interested in what she has to say you’ll sit through the whole thing in one sitting like I did. I don’t even know who the interviewers are so I cannot attest to anything about this other than is very interesting.

David Duke posted his video archive. I got to wonder why his video channel blocked me from commenting – was it something I said? I also have to post this link to the article about How Porn is Like Drugs. Before you accuse me of being scatterbrained and drifting off topic I’d like to point out the big story has One Source and all these anecdotes are like tiny little peices making huge wallsized puzzles. And the big picture just keeps getting bigger. And stranger. A singularity all the same.

Time for a new theory of money – Ellen Brown, Zahi Hawass on the Jews, Jesse Ventura Exposes 911, The Secret of Oz (1:50:00) – This is a good video even though I can’t help thinking Bill Still is a Shill. I don’t think i like this guy. He looks too much like, I mean, he looks just like the aliens I refer to in my own articles They Live and V Are True and Reptilian Makeup Wearing Off.

Van Rumpuy says nations no existe. Nation States Are Dead Hmm, nothing suspicious there?

Max Kaiser said on air (is he draco alien?), “without insider trading there would be no economy”. This aligns with my latest conclusion; take away corruption and there would be no civilization at all. What do you think of that?

The best way to hurt “Them” is exposure. When the world finds out, as the Health Ranger(part 2) says, you don’t want to be standing in their way!


Written by sugamari

November 15, 2010 at 9:15 pm

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