What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Ignants and Borgnants

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The elites plan for us includes eliminating the middle class. The Bourgeoisie represent the evil Amenhotep line with their priest class continuously reasserting their position over the most of us. The Roman Catholic Church is all under control of this cult that destroyed peace and is guilty of spiritual suppression – the greatest sin in the bible. When I look at the pope, I can’t help but think “WTF”? Butt frickin’ ugly, there is no way he could represent God. He just looks evil.

In my last post I felt like there is something coming together via the natural revelations. The story of the origins of evil alerted me to a cult of aton through Micheal Tsarion. The solar cult that took control of the world, destroyed atlantis, and the paradise of peace that so many people know was there. But there seems to be a contradiction, I got to go look now to be sure.

The negative power that is in control of the world is this Amen Priesthood. They have wrecked the place you know was better.

I keep thinking about how unbelievable this is – for the Ignants. Trust me the Borgnants already know all about all of this. The spiritual aspect of humanity is being suppressed because the Borgnants know when the Ignants drop their ignorance it might as well be the Borgnants pants. They will have to run and hide because exposure is embarrassing. They know they are wrong. They know we are their salvation – or not! Depending on how much they can control us.

So money is just the tool for their control. They don’t need the money but they need us to not have the money, because we can use money in their system to hurt them back. They know it’s(money) a failure. They know they are failures. It’s just a matter of time before they get routed. That does not mean it is OK to go back to sleep and wait for the messiah?

The real truth can be had. The conspiracy movement has been hijacked from the very beginning like the New Age Movement was started in Tavistock! I want to know who is responsible for limiting me. So, I can Jacob Cruezfeldt his brain. Hmmm?!?! Come on, is it evil to think that? I don’t think so. How do we clean up otherwise?


The Galactic energy – photon belt – or whatever that we are moving into or towards is described in the video. What I gleaned there is that the energy field is stationary and the effects can be felt physically as our planet cycles towards it and away from it during the year as the solar system slowly moves into the field. Half of the precession of the equinox.

My understanding is that center of the Galaxy is located to the SouthEast of the Sun at dawn. Beyond Venus. And you can use it to increase your psychic ability.

The above is the real reason we are seeing this:

Michael Braverman: “Worldwide Water Conspiracy” – Alex Jones Tv 1/22/2

Jesse Ventura and the Great Water Conspiracy

They have discovered that water makes up most of our spirituality. You know see Masaru Emoto

Water is what is going to kill them. The power of water physically and spiritually is beyond their control. Look to Stanley Meyer’s water powered car. Brown’s Gas as I mentioned in the last article.

The Exegesis: The Psychedelic Solution

It is the ocean that will save us because we are the ocean. That is why I chose this to be the official theme song of the anti-elite coalition (basically everyone but them). We are the ocean. We are the God of the Sea. Tangaroa!


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December 5, 2010 at 5:42 pm

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