What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Recordkeeping Enables Timetravel

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If they have the ability to gather information from the future they can use that information to steer the direction of entire civilizations. Who would want that power more? The Democrats or the Republicans? The vote in November marked the Day of the Dead like they mean it this time.

Exposing the plan is a part of the plan

If they have remote viewing capabilities, a big budget and desire then why wouldn’t they do this. If they can view the future why not experiment and see – under controlled conditions – whether there can be a link established. The military surely has this one thought through. Feel free to show me I am wrong.

One day I realized that if you did this(RV) routinely then you could influence the present and immediately observe the results in the distant future. Reminding me of the Monsanto Paper that asked “From world control what steps would need to be taken?” Out of which spawned the evil gradualism we are seeing in the creeping fascist totalitarian police state they are offering us. Big Brother has been with us since WWII.

I figure the mafia was in garbage because of this the crazy idea. If they can get an individuals garbage (this was before digital, they don’t do just garbage anymore) then they got a record of what he ate, where and when he got it and if he ate it all. Not to mention his route and where and when he was. This information can be gleaned from picking through your garbage. Then a super savvy group of control freaks could actually go into the RV realm – either from the past, present or future – and initiate a medication program via someone in that factory who may be running it. Just a slip of say Prozac in some batch number. O yeah, the Manchurian Candidate part, the most crucial part to their plan (it’s a closed loop see).

It’s not like time began when you bought that can. Yet the moment was frozen in linear time through the stamp (which is a result of political will by the way – played out on a standard set by the Vatican(gregorian calendar)). Then you took it home where it sat on your shelf for some time before you ate it. Then you ate it and threw away the can without ever even thinking much about it.

The can had history before you got it. Baggage if you will, not to mention conspiracies, like how in the hell can a can of fruit be cheaper imported from Australia, New Zealand or Greece? Doesn’t matter where it was canned as long as its stamp is hooked to the database(not to be confused with The database I don’t think). The reason behind the push of data collection – is not just to fill the biggest hard drive/data storage device they can build.

Misplaces Valued

People say they don’t trust corporations yet who else would you actually trust to serve you cold food out of a can. Sadly, like Wrigley’s last holdout in the world of chewing gum had no aspartame until like 2002 or 3, Campbells is the last holdout for tomato soup with no MSG yet. (They just suffered a failed experiment with the microwavable soup cans. While only the garden variety flavor tomato soup had no MSG in it they also shipped like 5 or 6 other flavors. Surprise, that was the only one people bought. Now, all the garden variety soup is gone and no one wants the other crap(MSG) that is still on the shelves now for like six months or more (in my microcosm anyways) and the store keepers think it’s a bad seller now so they don’t order anymore. Mars is bringing us GodMonsant chocolate, yay! The reason we can’t trust government is the fascism the corporation brings with it.

You might as well lick the boots of Donald Rumsfeldt for his precious body flakes. I get as angry as Alex Jones about them poisoning us this way. Between 1984 and now almost all junk food is poisoned. They’ve been fluoridating water since, you guessed it, WWII. I’m seeing a lot of this coming to light after the TSA fullbodyscanner scandal; the Bush cabal is being exposed along with their faggy friends from bohemian grove. My friend stumped me the other day when he asked me to substantiate my view that the royal saudi family is askenazi. It seems pretty obvious to me but that was my argument.

Miss Pelt and the Vatican time loop

To be honest I think it’s the Bush cabal that actually has this Nazi timetravel technology at the moment. The Roswell incident to Montok Point to the Philidelphia Experiment and the Manhattan Project – are historical artifacts that point to timetravel more than UFOs. Consciousness is the UFO I suspect through the work of William Henry. Timetravel is probably just an aspect of higher consciousness(assuming devolution which I buy). The group that is running the planet now is on the negative path, obviously, not just because of it’s origins.

The new LHC in Switzerland is rumored to be just this, what I’m saying, a timetravel device that hasn’t gone off yet because it’s sabotaging itself from the future. Or Terrence Mckenna was right and Novelty Theory predicts that it is going to be opened but precisely timed to the end of the Mayan Calendar. That’s novel. That’s epic. Way better than a black hole for everyone concerned. And you should all be concerned, at least curious. Like, come on…wtf?!?!

The missile off the California coast is being talked about and speculation has gone viral, but I wonder how many people actually make the connection between this event and the mysterious gas explosion in California what a month before or just a couple weeks prior. I think it is connected. And if it is is it itis?

Yemen plays into this article too because it is rumored – via project camelot that they have opened an underwater stargate or a seagate there. There are currently swarms of unexplained earthquakes in the area – my first impression seems nothing unusual but look closer – trust me.

Saddam Hussein, a rogue cia agent, was building a Stargate.

OMG is french for GMO

Then the other aspect of the negative hidden hand guys – as weak point in the enemies defenses – is the child abduction and molestation and otherwise paedophilic disposition of the controllers. This aspect of their little group has gotten so out of control that they can’t bottle it up anymore. The pope covering up child abuse, Scotland up in arms, the franklin scandal, nancy sheafer, Archbishop charged with sexual assault people are starting to see the simple truth, everywhere. You already know this is true and the real big picture is even worse. Kissinger is officially implicated as a main figurehead of this group. Clintons may well represent a rogue satanic offspring headed up by Soros that is biting that hand that fed it by trying to take control of the world financially from the established establishment. The bailouts, 911, enron, worldcom, s&l, madoff and now Goldman Sachs all scandals of new money stealing from the old money? That dirty Ratzinger. Senator Byrd held plenty of this together and now that he is gone there is no one to replace him as secret gatekeeper. Maybe this explains why revelations is going exponential ATM?

At the very least if this group does not have timetravel per se (or the way we understand it) they still have some future control based on predictive analysis plus the ability to confirm results by letting time pass (technologically able to create the illusion of timetravel). Even if no information link is actually established from the past to the future – the controlling elite still have these types of advantages over an ignorant populace. My belief is RV works, research into it is real and working knowledge is actually being used. I’m also pretty certain that the Navy has control of one side of it and the Air Force has control of another aspect while the Army has yet another aspect of the same technology. The problem is that the people in charge – for example Stubblebine – are already compromised and have gone rogue.

Come on this guy tried to walk through a wall in front of his peers (holding the title General) and failed and still held the title until retirement. After investing in some secret canadian submarine technology and starting a company with his wife based on frequency medicine with hooks to Homeland security – the guy has a vested interest in misdirecting the public from the real truth. You aren’t hearing anything really delicious from this guy as you should because he knows.

They knew Western Civilization would collapse when they designed it. The collapse of America is part of the design of America. I think maybe the internet was designed to collapse too but that it failed on that level spectacularly. Then again maybe it was just the first step to a global community.

Is the Arc of the Covenant “the” or a yellowbox timetravel device.

A rumor has it the queen gave a tiny chest of seeds to Yeltsin that I somehow connect to the yellow box.

Psychics and self attenuated biological stargates

Don’t forget the Ark of the Covenant

Laurence Gardener and Monoatomic Gold

We Are Our Own Guardian Angels

Who controls the past controls the future.


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December 8, 2010 at 10:46 pm

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