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Assange(L), Assclown or AssUMe

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It is turning out that wikileaks is exposing the great satanic network. WTF is wrong with that?!?!?

What did wikileaks really leak?

How about this nugget….Hashim Thaçi Kosovo PM is head of human organ and arms ring, Council of Europe reports.

I don’t think this is off topic but, you want to see a buttpig? How about princess alba – bloody ringer for john d rockefeller.

I don’t think he was behind this revelation – Swedish royals in nazi scandal – But certainly this one is a Wikileak cia-rendition-flights-stopped-by-swedish-military.

The way I see it, whoever exposed CIA extraordinary rendition is heroic. That is evil as it gets people. Exposing evil is GOOD, gawdammit!

He blew the whistle on the Dyncorp selling little boys to corrupt Afgani police.

People that expose Child Trafficking are GOOD people! Retired FBI Chief-Child Trafficking Epidemic in USA 1 of 6 2 3 4 5 6

I heard there was another leak about Isreal planning to nuke false flag two american cities to be blamed on pakistan – hopefully someone caught it on the breaking news to upload to youtube.

He exposed this Six Kenyans Accused of Crimes Against Humanity.

He exposed the Vatican not cooperating with the Irish pedophilia investigation.

Hillary ordering her minions to collect UN diplomats cc numbers is another one – cable #048489.

Who is Behind Wikileaks? by Michel Chossudovsky.

Stephan Molyneux weighs in on wikileaks:
True News: The Truth About Wikileaks
Hammer Comes Down
True News: Wikileaks – The Rape Charges Against Julian Assange

Ron Paul Remarks About Assange Raise Concern

Alex Jones & Webster Tarpley: The Hidden Agenda Behind WikiLeaks

Watch the wiki rebels documentary on red ice creations.

Wikileaks – Interview With Gordon Duff

Wikileaks is disclosure

Wikileaks is good because it is exposing the evil satanic communist covert cabal and their dirty activities. Anyone who is coming out against Julian Assange publicly is announcing their allegiance to satan. If Julian Assange is an anti satanist then you can count me as one of his gazillions of supporters.

Anyone who exposes this network is a good person including the people involved who don’t think they can do anything. You all have to come out ASAP all at once and there has never been a better time than right now. Use Wikileaks, Openleaks or your own website. You don’t want a girl upstaging you do you? Sibel Edmonds is brave – march 2010 corbett report – she is HEROIC! You can be a hero too!

Push the media for truth. Push the government for accountability. Push the gangstalkers into a corner. That is what wikileaks is doing.

War on whistleblower: CIA spies on WikiLeaks for ‘Pentagon murder cover-up’ exposure? March 26 2010

WikiLeaks editor on Apache combat video: No excuse for US killing civilians – It is totally clear to me that this was a targeted hit.

Some people think he is an angel. I won’t go that far, but I think I’m an ass for assuming he was wrong at first without looking into it. I think you can avoid being an ass too if you look into this for yourself.


Written by sugamari

December 16, 2010 at 9:18 am

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  1. I commented on Henry Makows article on Julian Assange

    Hi Henry

    Don’t you think maybe he is authentic? What if he was bucking the system from his perspective. I am aware that he is exposing the satanic network like no other. What is the satanic system if not mengeles mkultra itself? Look at his track record – actually I don’t think he’s all that important. Look at wikileaks track record. Not in our media – ‘truth is out there’.

    It is dangerous to take a position on this case. Apparently, either way we lose. The internet freedom is at stake. You got to take in mind who is interested in that.

    and why…

    I’m bucking the system my own way. So many people are contributing to the awakening.

    I can see why people hate him. For the same reason they hate me. Some people hate you too, Henry, for the truth is detrimental to the entire system. I don’t really see any reason to help keep this system together. On the other hand the controllers have seen past the coming chaos and the gates are open to their new prison.

    Look at their track record. The people that created our civilization have devolved humanity. If we stay on that path…well, you know whats happening. Wikileaks may well be revelations – ie revelation of the method. A stepping stone to their revolution – they so regret giving us fluoride now. They are going to try to kill 6.5 billion of us – it’s printed on the Georgia Guidestones, in stone.

    The damage Assange has done to the system is undeniable. But is it bad to strike out at the thing that stymies our spiritual developement? I’m for Assange, because I’m for the truth and I don’t care what it costs anymore. The internet represents freedom of thought and freedom of thinking and freedom from tyranny and the dam thing should also be free.

    And don’t forget Assange is a hacker. What is a hacker really?

    One more thing.

    “The truth is like a finger pointing away to the moon.
    If you can only see the finger you will miss all the heavenly glory,”
    Bruce Lee.

    And that’s what I got to say about that!


    December 27, 2010 at 7:19 pm

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