What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Hundredth Retarded Monkey Syndrome

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We are coming to critical mass in enlightenment because of the internet. The entrenched establishment of pedophiles, warmongers and other greedy banksters is coming exposed faster than they would like.

The strategy of restricting the government employees from looking at Wikileaks is retarded. The insiders are pissed and although they may be part of a club that excludes rocking the boat as part of it’s values they all want to say something. Wikileaks wouldn’t exist otherwise.

If the hundredth monkey syndrome is for real it must be true in the reverse by the same mechanism.

We are suffering from the hundredth retarded monkey syndrome.

At the same time the state is suffering from the hundredth whistleblower syndrome.

They can’t possibly plug all the leaks.

The line is being drawn. I know which side I’m on. Do you?

Deliberate dumbing down of society is necessary for the elites survival. The simple truth is our civilization is built on lies. Deception at the highest levels and the lowest. Proponents of truth are enemies of the state. Just ask Julian Assange.

There are plenty of ways to stupidify yourself, but even if you aren’t actively making yourself retardeder, rest assured it’s happening anyways.

This isn’t the world I signed up for. Truthseekers eventually stumble upon the responsibility issue and the current paradigm is: It’s your fault. As if.

As if it’s our fault so much paper is being used that our forests are shrinking.

As if it’s our fault that the air is being contaminated by fossil fuels.

As if it’s our fault that terrorism exists.

As if it’s our fault drugs are all over the streets.

As if it’s our fault that we are depressed about all this.

No man. It’s not your fault.

Advanced truthseekers inevitably find out just who is responsible. You are not going to like the answer. In fact that’s why you don’t already know – and that too is not your fault.

I lay the blame for it all directly on the Brotherhood of the Snake. Other names for this evil cabal include, but are not limited to, Priesthood of amun, solar cult, satanist’s, zionist’s, nazi’s, etc. Other researchers like Dr. Carmen Boulter and Michael Tsarion led me to the roots of this problem. The legends of Atlantis are fragments of true history of the human race. We had a Golden Age – they stole it – and we’ve been pissed off ever since.

The symbol of the caduceus encompasses four elements. First of all the sword down the middle is the government. The winged disc is an ancient egyptian symbol representing the Ruling Priesthood that expelled Nefertiti and murdered King Tut. The two reptiles are the red dragon and the yellow dragon aspects indicating the medical and scientific communities. The clues are plenty.

We are energetic beings. Like tuning forks operating on and tying in with the earth’s vibrations. Colors are vibrations. Emotions are vibrations. Virtues are vibrations. Systems are affected by vibrations. The body is a system. Our society is a system. Energy is systemic vibrations. Money is energy that affects systems. The elites view money in this way – which partly explains the endless greed. They don’t want our money just the energy. Energy equals power.

The electromagnetic spectrum visualization they have given us is a good example that needs to be readjusted. Think of it as a cone or a pyramid instead of a linear construct. They managed to hijack our birthright and make ascension impossible for all but their select few. The pyramid on the dollar is the show of their power. Hierarchies are like a template for the control of society. The ascension is for a select few. It is my belief that this aspect of humanity belongs to all of us ‘humans’ equally.

This is why some people think it must be aliens running the planet because everyone knows good people don’t treat other people bad. Everyone knows higher energy is good – so why in the hell are the controlling elites treating us all so bad?

The fact is earth is moving into a higher energy state and we are going with it. Now, you can see their attempts at heading it off.


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  1. fully agree with your article
    the main problem is enlighten people and not to be accused of ufo believer, conspiracy theorist or other ‘convenient’ created label


    December 23, 2010 at 11:10 am

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