What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

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Is this guy for real?

Bill Schnoebelen-Jezebel Eruptions

Is this just a bizarre coincidence, a synchronicity or a setup. I mean nobody has talked about “egregore” like this before that I know about. Coincidentally, I was watching soundlessdawn’s latest youtube when I found this.

First of all, Bill Schnoebelen is associated with the Prophecy Club. I don’t for sure know if that is bad, but I was turned off them at one point from this guy saying that the anus was something it was not (can’t remember exactly at the moment but people have been wrong and switch camps but disinformers are consistent). Fritz Springmier, also associated is the author another sensitive subject, the thirteen satanic families. He is saying a lot of things I agree with. I got to listen to this intently again to find the disinfo. I’m sure it’s there, ATM. I just noticed Bill Schnoebelen is wearing a yarmulke! Man, this infowar is getting a little confusing, but I know we can see the truth. We just got to root it out and rout the lying suckers while we’re at it. I frickn’ HATE trolls. What do you think, is he?

My belief is that our current control paradigm is monothiesm, pantheism and atheism. The pope is so incorrect to say evil is equal. He is obviously athiest. Good is all powerful in itself. Reincarnation is real. They have highjacked it. I have questions about the pope, especially lately. Is The Pope Catholic? – Truthergirl asks the very questions I was concerned with!

In my post Wizards Lizard Gizzard Blizzard I used a clip from the Conspiracy Conference to show Michael Tsarions bit on the ego, but I left the rest out because it made Dr. Horowitz look kind of bad. There was no point to the rest of it, until now!

The Jesuits are the secret society run by the Vatican. To me the main definition of Satanism is organized pedophilia and the Blizzard post shows the need for them to inject the ego and how. They need athiest narcissists to beat on other children to enforce their ego based system. Most people cannot even conceive of a world without ego. I can. It is paradise. It’s the real definition of heaven. I hate the roman catholic church from being forced to go. It’s awful by design. Athiesm is injected into society exactly as ego is injected into a person. Imagine being labeled religious in this world you might as well don a skeleton mask like the scary sheep. Society in This World is a Joke.
Con Con Panel 2

Con Con Panel 2
Con Con Panel 3

Con Con Panel 3 Con Con Panel 4 Con Con Panel 5.

Now, I know the Jesuit Order is not the same as the Order of the Knights Hospitalier or the Knights of Malta(this one controls all the secret services). I was also unaware of the Constitutions unwelcome for titles of nobility. Majestic 12, as a product of secrecy, would be a good example of their club at work. Project Camelot interviews Dr Len Horowitz, are they behind the whistleblower cottage industry?

I want to make it clear I appreciate Horowitz’s position as a whistleblower of the highest order. Jandy also seems to be trying to illume in essence us. JezebelDecibel I found on Youtube.

Through Henry Makow I found the RealCatholicTV and I really like this guys message, but other people have accused Henry of ignoring the Jesuit thing too. Other than their insistence on monotheism I can find no fault in their authenticity.

I am always leery of disinformation agents. Now, more than ever. You can judge them by their fruits and their affiliations and their outright lying if you are so lucky as to be able to see it. The Jesuits have no interest in anything other than furthering the Vaticans control and they will stop at nothing to maintain it. They probably spawned the Rosicrucians who are credited directly for constructing the Georgia Guidestones.

Meanwhile, I have found yet another a tool that will hurt them legally as provided by Jandy and Len Horowitz: the love frequency 528, Ut queant laxis and the Solfeggio Frequencies. It is very hard to tell who is who, but tune to this and you’ll get it more and more. To be sure we need more people to authenticate these people. I mean these tones are powerful don’t want to be just guessing at what they do. I’m odded out by her youtube channel ignoring my comment about the 60hz frequencies we are surrounded with and what might happen if someone were to wake up to the that fact and that we are surrounded by demons in our everyday lives. She ignored that and just allows short positive love you snippets. “I think I love you JezebelDecibel!”

Maybe the Jesuits are really good and the war against the Nephilim is all we are seeing. I mean all religions and secret societies get their strength from fighting this only to be subverted and steered like the Vatican has been. The value of these frequencies is that they will help awaken your psychic powers. When everyone is awakened evil cannot exist! Everyone is fighting evil as they see it. All the credit is going to go to the ones that are actually doing something about it.

I just emailed the Unisonic Ascension page for permission to use this

from: Unisonic Ascension
Yes, you can post a link for people to click to our website however only under special exceptions do we allow people to use the Solfeggio Musical Toy as seen on our Solfeggio Page. Musician Jandy has not yet decided if we will setup a line of code so that people can display the Solfeggio Musical Toy in a blog or other webpage. I am unable to say if and when such a feature will be made available. If we do in future, it will be documented on our website for people to use so check back regularly.
Unisonic Ascension
Rauli (Technical Staff/Webmaster)

One thing I know for sure. The Nephilim are negative. They are behind all the evil in the world. It is a massive club they got and they have all the technology and money and power and intention to use against the rest of us. It’s the devil’s business to deceive us so we got to employ our entire being to expose it or it will become the next control paradigm. Every human on the planet needs to awaken especially, the people that are working for them. If only to do nothing! Always remember, good is the prevailing wind.


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  1. This comment was to the Bill Schnoebelen-Jezebel Eruptions video above.



    My latest discovery is before you go all the way with her you got to look into the numbers better. I’m working on a post as of jan 19 that is probably going to ruin the (one sided) love affair.


    January 3, 2011 at 1:16 am

  2. I’ve been studying Solfeggio for about six months now and I’m a musician. The reason you never hear “music” and only tones is its is very hard to re-tune the robotic western scale that all media production software uses. I found a way to do it and I’ve created true solfeggio electronic music!! Its amazing!! The perfect circle of sound has liberated me as a musician and now I realize its my mission to bring the music forth to help heal the world. This is a preview of a track coming out on my album Hearts & Minds. We are DigitaFolk. Two friends who decided to create something meaningful and true to inspire the minds of our family, you.


    October 6, 2012 at 11:54 am

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