What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

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A good sign that you have a mouse in your house is if you see a little turd. If you live in an old house get a cat. When you do, the little turds become pretty scarce. But you always got to keep your eyes peeled. And don’t let your imagination go too far. I mean if you think about it everything looks like mouse turds. Especially, nowadays on the news. You know like the little lies you see when surfing. If you start seeing big turds all over the place it means you got really big mice. And you got to call in the exterminator.

When I saw the headlines “Facebook More Popular Than Google In Google Search” and “Facebook passes Google as most visited US site” after I stopped laughing I started wondering about why would those lies be piling on. Then a few days later it’s “Goldman Closes Facebook Fund After Billions in Orders Pour In“. So many rats, so little time. I want to know how many people used to use facebook before this and now. I’m willing to bet a lot. To be sure facebook sucked and now facebook really sucks. How does that clunky piece of shite even rate?

How does facebook and Google even compare besides both having been spawned by the secret services both being designed to spy on you by the NSA. My 18th Post State of the Internet Address is about this. I also wrote this in 2007:

Web 2.0 Revolution

Get a blog up tell everyone what you think they need to know.

Then hook up to the net. The new improved web 2.0 version.

It’s OK. Like cameras everywhere are OK and targeted marketing is OK and blanket spying is OK.

It’s non invasive. What you don’t know won’t hurt you. What do they want to know about you anyways?

As if they could use your microphone and webcam to spy on you or bug your phone or TV. Or watch your computer screen from the privacy of their car.

RFID and massive databases all over are just for marketing. Verichip and Digital Angel are GOOD FOR YOU and your kids. Prison camps are not associated with RFID at all.

I PROMIS Darpa never invented Carnivore to spy on you. Echelon is old news. HAARP is the wave of the future and they’re not spying. So what’s the big deal?

The web 2.0 allows you to share directories, give away vital data and let other people lose it all while enjoying doing it. Who cares about the microsoft’s hidden files.

Whoo wee. It is fun. Look we can control the thing.

And I’m not even playing games yet.

Anyways you got to get the truth out. And trust no one. The game is real.

Get, technorati, wordpress and now newsvine and blogger and and topix working with sugamari to bring the world the truth about paradimentia and why you have it. My wordpress blog is as true as I can tell it. We need solutions and have to look deeper than the conspiracy in seeking the truth. Capitalize on this medium that allows us to correct the mistakes in the mainstream media. Do anything because thats what you are supposed to do.

QR Codes not Just for Marketing
There are many other uses for QR codes than marketing. In fact if it fails as an emerging technology it will be because of mass marketing. Special message for marketing advertisers here: QRMarketingVid

You can link to videos. Advertise your website in moderation. Make a business card. Print stickers of them! But if you have to push it’s probably not good for you. I would like to see mind controlling marketing experts steer clear of this. Maybe we can use this tool against them! I mean for sure we can.

To start with you can make your own. “No legal problems (nobody owns a QR-Codes rights), so use to your hearts content!”

Validate them before you mass produce or publish them though. Print them on cards. It’s almost as good as video in a book. Make a book or magazine article.

Newsvine posts or WordPress blogs or Flickr uploads are not entirely useless because nobody owns the rights. You can copy and paste and print and copy and share all you like. You can share your own creations like never before. Encode your poetry. QRBruceLeeBeLikeWaterQuote

If you know the code generating process you could theoretically make them out of coconuts – just in case you get “Lost” or something.

There are so many uses for this other than mass market advertising. I mean, hay, we already know you have cars for sale and beer and booze and useless crap from “made in china” and thanks, but no thanks to your vaccinations or pharmaceuticals or quit smoking products. Thanks for coming out though. I think the main point behind this tech is bringing the internet closer to physical Real Life. It’s not quite AR and not quite the semantic web, but how cool is opening a book and finding a video in there?

Creativity will die if they have their way. Exposure is the one thing that will hurt them. So, that’s what you can do. The ancient meaning of the word technology has a lot to do with spirituality. There is big reason good, creative and intelligent people need to employ these emerging technologies.

There are two ways to combat evil. The good one is obvious, every little bit counts. But there are people that are doing evil that don’t want to. The best thing for them to do is nothing. We can win this thing. Awareness is the key. Consciousness is the doorway. Show doorkeepers the door?


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