What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Disclosure is Timetravel

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You’ll want to book mark this coolest of tools made by Ben Wallis: the 13 Moon Calendar.

Ian Xel Lungold – Mayan Calendar Comes North: Youtube Playlist
The etymology of the Gregorian problem.

The Gregorian Calendar. Nobody ever liked it. The Gregorian Chants are directly related to the Solfeggio Frequencies. And the word itself freaks me out. Break it down. Is there an Egregore in there? Is it about containing the Ego? Is it to do with Orion? It is black magic. And it was sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church. Dogma = Unquestioned belief. Play it backwards, amgod. That is black magic too. Live. Amor. So, the truth is how important? How important is Astrology? How important is Numerology? How important is self esteem?

They are hellbent on containing our ego in their system as I try to show in the posts You Got Holes in Your Head OMG, Ancient Heartbeat of the Field of Mfkzt and the Self Organizing Singularity through hours of video and interviews. Hope you got the time to see all this.

The Galactic Consciousness Cycle condenses into the Universal Consciousness cycle on Feb 10 2011. That’s like only one month away. Every twenty days the consciousness shifts in the day night cycle. Ian Xel Lungold(Calleman) says Oct 28 2011 is the big end date. Terence Mckenna argued for the winter solstice in 2012 in his Timewave Zero Novelty Theory. The vatican has tuned the big moment to be 11:11 AM on Dec 21 2012. How startling is that? I figure Nov. 23, 2011 is a big day. If you ignore the 0 you got 1123211. I don’t know about you but that seems like a really powerful Fibonacci foci. All dates to watch.

I see Kukulkan as some evil egregore that was instigated by the Nephilim as a magical destroyer of civilizations.

Using a circular “Gregorian” Calendar with the concept of the Valentines Day Pentagram (another 2007 post) and the 11:11 Phenomena to predict important dates. Add to this the Geomancy of Survivalcell(Cort Lindahl) and you can see them engineering our troubles on important locations. It’s all about time-space and they know. They got to keep us in the dark so they can have the golden age to themselves. The question now: are you going to let them just have it at your expense?

We are definitely in the End of Days but, I tend to agree with Dr. Carmen Boulter on this, it’s the end of their days. The end of the Dark Ages. The future is bright. A golden age of higher consciousness. Which belongs to us all. It’s going to be a struggle though. The dipshit elites think they have the rightful ownership to this. The kicker is that higher frequency consciousness is all powerful and they have made the mistake of tuning themselves to the lower frequencies where there is no benefits. Good stands universal, forever.

The Shadow

The tools we have now to fight for what belongs to us include synchronicity and intent. Live in the now. Use your intuition. Get off their clock! Time-space is ours. We just have to intend it. This is the Octagon. Get off the Hexagon and the Pentagon. Get in the fight!


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