What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Global Awakening Warming Seats of Power

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I have recently concluded that the real meaning of global warming is misunderstood. Amongst the elites it seems more like their acknowledgment that the unwashed masses, useless eaters and other goyim are waking up too fast. Due to the internet the global elites seats of power are heating up. Their reactions we are seeing.

I wrote another article called Acounterpost Now! showing how the Banksters that control American Politics are into Facebook(Goldman’s $50 Billion Facebook Valuation Is No Bargain). The latest on that is the El Presidente announcement of internet licenses at the same time as Facebook announcing their interest in being the licensers. If you still like Facebook now, you are definitely an idiot.

Ultimately, the origin of the internet goes back to Vanevar Bush who claims no relationship to the other Bush’s. They themselves claim to be related to Lorraine of France, who happened to cause the Demise of the Templars. This is Bush Windsor Family Connections. Most of the US presidents were related to this “guy”. What is the meaning of the word Templar if not a reference to time? The Cross of Lorraine is the doublecross(where do you hear that term usually?).

This is the emblem of David Rockefeller who was just in Chile obviously setting off the recent problems there. Howard Hughes, a Rockefeller parasite, was exploited by the out of control CIA and the military industrial complex. Do you see a New Money, Old Money war I just don’t know? I think it’s more like the double headed eagle is both the new and old money. And the war is against us as usual! Tsarions Weapons of Mass Deception Found.

NASA is the main cog in the military industrial complex. They were in it up to their necks since the beginning. Top NASA scientist says China is ‘best hope’; Advocates trade war with U.S. – like WTF is that?

Put these pieces together. NASA shuttle astronauts wife is shot in Tucson. I gave Goro Adachi the idea of the Valentines Day Pentagram he has gone on with it making some really good stuff (since he won’t give me credit for the original idea I’ll do it myself and charge you no fee). Google news search NASA brings up very interesting link at the very top. A Valentine’s Day Rendezvous for Stardust and Comet Tempel 1. Is that synchronicity or predictive programming?

I’m working on a free energy post but for now see this video:

Rodin starship coil experiments. (TEST2)
Do the research into the Rodin Coil and the Starship Coil. See the pattern? That’s two pentagrams just like in the Etemenenki link.

Anyways, this is the stuff of disclosure(David Wilcock Disclosure War at Critical Mass: Birds, Fish and Political Deaths ). But wait, there’s more. Ever heard of MJ12. Know who is Stanton Friedman? How about Salmon Rushdie? And Stanley Kubrick? Are these guys identical twins or clones? Does Viktor Orbán, the Prime Minister of Hungary, look like Larry King and Art Bell. Mirror, mirror, on the wall who is the ugliest reptilians of them all? A tie between Princess Alba and John D Rockefeller.

In my post Reptillian Makeup Wearing Off I tried to explain there is a connection between negative controlling elites and some kind of reptilian alien bloodline. They seem to all be in positions of power and influence. Like Alan Greenspan. Does Eric Holder look like Al Gore (O look another gregorian). After Bush was in control of the CIA there was another anomaly connection in Robert Gates. Milton Friedman and Bill Gates and Robert Gates. Vanevar Bush and George Bush I. What I want to show in this article is the connections. (See my posts Questers Wave Theory and II).

What you have to do is take into consideration what you would do with the power yourself if you had it (assuming you are all corrupt or corruptible ). The power I’m talking about is what really came out of the Manhattan Project like the Philadelphia Experiment and MKULTRA and HAARP. I figure that what might have happened is the New Money gained the ability to timetravel (remote viewing at the very least). Here’s some supporting anomalies. George Soros(massed his money from shorting the collapse of the British pound also think George TENET and the “head of dagobert”), Bill Gates(Robert Gates), Paul Allen (Steve Allen of Hollywood and Sterling Allen of PESwiki) , Google, Facebook and Web2.0, Salmon Rushdie( I can’t find reference but I heard he thought of the wiki concept). These puzzle pieces are connecting and I’m certain that plenty of other people are getting it too. It’s like the feeling I get from Rodin; he’s rediscovering it but saturated in an environment that allows no creativity (I could be wrong). My point here is that the information is already in existence, tapped into by the secret societies and then used against us. (I think this is the main theory of the Paradimentia Blog: the elites have us trapped in a socio-psychological timeloop based on exploiting our consciousness using ancient technologies to maintain their illegitimate control civilizations which continuously fail.)

I guess the movie The Boys From Brazil might explain a bit of it. Are you ever going to be ready for GMO People, people? The Vatican also secretly backed Project Paperclip which was the shuffling around of NAZI intellectuals. I doubt they would ever own up to that, but you know they want it.

There is a war going on behind the scenes. Not a cold war either, this one is definitively hot. I heard another Wikileak today; the Vatican secretly likes to support the GMO food scandal. ‘US was advised to start trade war over GM crops’ This is just one aspect of it. Monsanto vs Schmeiser a farmer in Canada who had the wherewithal to stay away from Monsatan that contaminated his crop and now is forcing him to pay them for their “patented” seeds. He needs some rocks for his little slingshot. Is that you?

(Abracadabra!Get ready for time travel January 21, 2011 1:25:04 AM found on January 20, 2011 at 7:40 pm – I just had to put that in OMG I’m not finished this article yet I was just searching the news funny are they messing with my head? – no Khan there – I was looking for this article Great Scott! Scientists Claim Time Travel Is Possible). Of course, they have a vested interest in making this cluttered and incomprehensible. Hopefully, I am undoing that. How do I get this information across without writing ten hour posts?

I just saw the movie the Edge. It’s pretty good. You can learn stuff from the movies, no doubt. Eventually, the knowledge you gain will save your life too.

Everyone has to get this; evil will kill itself because it’s stupid. Don’t die of shame!


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  1. If there is a connection other than name between Larry Page of Google and Jimmy Page then you can see where I’m going with this. Jimmy bought Aliester Crowleys house. Larry just took over Google as CEO. Jimmy played in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in China.



    January 21, 2011 at 4:17 am

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