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Ancient Egyptian Puzzle and Some Modern Pieces

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There is something going on in the Middle East. I just found out that it’s about Wikileaks. I also just found out that the country is run by a dictator that was put in power by the states. Since like 1985 or something. The people there are pissed off now it seems. Not to mention the unrest in Tunisia.

Chasing the Egyptian riot police
Cairo citizen guards protect homes
Fresh video of night unrest, tanks & looters in riot-torn Egypt
Video of Egypt crisis as fierce riots rage in Cairo, Alexandria

I’m pretty sure this happened…
Rioters destroy two mummies in Egyptian Museum in Cairo
…before this did…
EGYPT: Streets grew quiet as President Hosni Mubarak spoke
…which makes this earlier news…
Egypt angry over NYC’s treatment of Cleopatra’s Needle
…looks an awful lot suspicious…
Egypt asks Berlin to return Nefertiti bust
…like foul play or is it Magick?

Egypt protests – live updates 34 members of the Muslim Brotherhood, including seven leaders, have escaped from prison, according to Reuters. Israel is in mad panic alert!

These classic interviews might help you understand just what is going on and what might be at stake.
Gary Vey – The Never Ending, HAARP, Yemen & The Ark of the Covenant
The Revelation of the Magi and the Winged Serpents

theduderinok2 has some great eye opening stuff he has reposted.

January 7, 2010 John Lash Red Ice Radio Interview
Carmen Boulter 12-11- 2010 Host: Lance White
John Anthony West Red Ice Radio, interview by Henrik Palmgren (December 2008)
Joseph P. Farrell on RICR 11-01-2007
04-31-2007 William Henry – Richard C. Hoagland

These interviews are from the 1980’s.
Open Minds with Bill Jenkins. Crystal Skulls Interview with the late Nick Nocerino
Dr. Robert Beck. Psychotronics interview by Bill Jenkins on Open Minds
Open Minds, interview by Bill Jenkins – John Bedini explains Free Energy

This is one of the best channels ever. So many interviews, so little time!
Dreamland 12-17-2005 William Henry + Jim Marrs. Host: Whitley Strieber

Rebuilding Babylon for Nebuchadnezzar. In order to destroy it for the return of the messiah. Gold based artifact fiery furnace. Plain of Dura. Zecharia Sitchen. Siggura helmet miracle garment. Hat, coat and other garment. Nibo son af Marduk had ziggurats built. Libraries of cylinder seals. Archons terror farm fear farm
There is some other reason. It’s all about history. And hiding it. Histories. Raiding Museums. Looking for ancient technologies. Found it they are currently using it. To hide it better. Civilization after civilization. Being rushed up.
He hints at the serpent rope thing. Anointment out of Sub Atomic Particles. Decalcify our pineal gland to ascend to higher being. Frequency and the center of the galaxy. Holy spirit and egregore. Biggest sin. Biggest Demon. The Holy Spirit is the mana. The mana is monatomic gold which helps tune you to higher vibration.
Goddess Mari OMG The philosophers stone is the zone, a state of mind. Haha! He figures DMT is decalcifier for the pineal gland. Haha! I never heard that before.
Creative field carefully conditioned away from the spirit of truth.

I have an answer for that question Whitley. The mutilation imagery in the ancient South American Indian mythology was about dripping DMT onto cloth then smoking it as an hallucinogen. Sure would have been cool to have Terence Mckenna in this conference call.

Terence Mckenna – Complete Program – Hallucinogens & Culture –Thinking Allowed w/ Jeffrey Mishlove
Here is another ancient monument documentary that I was completely unaware of even though I have had a keen interest in the subject since I was very young. When I was watching this I was thinking wow what a beautiful culture they have! I never saw buildings like this before. The theory in this video is pretty sad but the footage of the culture is pretty nice. Raja Raja and his mentor. That’s sure mysterious.

The lost temples of India part 1 of 6 discovery channel documentary

This classic movie you just have to see. It’s so related.

The Man Facing Southeast Subtitles in English

hombre mirando al sudeste 1 de 11 cine argentino

But you know South East has always been the direction of the center of the galaxy. From what I understand.

Well, if you seen Brazil before it still seemed new to me on watching it again.


I would sure hope they don’t put this kind of world on us. Is this the 1984 Brave New World thing?


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January 30, 2011 at 11:50 am

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