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Coverage of Dakar Rally 2011

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Volks wagon race toureg 3 qatar concept I’ve been waiting for this ever since I ever saw a Toureg. Volkswagen Race Touareg 3 Qatar – a street-legal concept. That’s what got me looking into the Dakar race this year. Surprised, you missed it too? I bet it has something to do with the crappy organizers. I hate that saturation with advertising crap. We can live without it you know. So, don’t even bother with the Official Dakar website. It totally sucks and since there was no place to comment about the forced advertising here is a big EFF YOU to the dakar channel. Other than that I found some great OTHER places to get the videos with little or no advertising. SBSONE in Austrailia/dakar has some big lag but an awesome collection if you missed anything. Here is as much as I could find about it in the time allotted.

Short summary of the entire race. Congrats to Nasser Al Attiyah driving the Toureg, Marc Coma on a 450 motorbike, Alejandro Patronelli on a quad, Nasser Al-Attiyah Vladimir Chagin driving a truck. These guys dominated 94 bikes, 14 quads, 55 cars and 41 trucks that finished the Personal Dakar Argentina Chile in Buenos Aires. This has to be the toughest race I ever saw. Can’t imagine being in it. Maybe I can.

Dakar Day 1 1 of 3
Daily coverage of the first six stages were all I could find ATM from Versus. I particularly enjoyed this set. If I find more I’ll definitely post them.

Dakar 2011 – The Mechanical Training

Dakar 2011 – Stage 0 – Part 1/3 – About the Rally 2/3

Here is some personal footage I found to be OK to watch.
Dakar 2011 Etapa 5 Calama iquique
Dakar Rally 2011: Arica-Antofagasta
The stage summary – Stage 9 (Copiapó – Copiapó) – 2011/01/11

Some of the things I noticed. They claim it was the 33 rd race. They did bivouac at the mine where they had that rescue of 33 miners. I have been looking for chemtrails in the footage and seen none so far.

Information about Dakar 2012. It’s going to be finishing in Peru going through Chile.


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